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Humble Forest Tea – Pine needle tea and why you should be drinking this regularly!

Autumn has begun and we are up in the North of England where we have had an unusually slow start to the season in comparison to recent years. I am not complaining as I think that the slower the season is to start and depending on the summer we have had the trees have a particularly vivid and intense hue about them and this year they are really rusty and vibrant.

After the kids are dropped off and before I sit down to a days work it is my most sacred time of day to get out for a walk with my beautiful Lola lab and soak up some sun and nature while I set intentions and my feel for the rest of the day. We’re incredibly lucky that where we live is surrounded by 3 nature reserves and lakes, of which we work alongside the conservation team for our ONE HEALTH project (details to follow, we are just launching a new website) and this particular time of year is so beautiful over at the lakes because the season is slowing down so the birds are at ease, quietly gliding around though far less frantically and eagerly as before and there is a soft stillness about the energy in the ponds as they either migrate or hunker down for winter approaching.

Where we are is quite far North close to the Scottish boarders so we have a good number of Scots Pines in and around or Forest areas and we’re inundated with berries so we have a good forage when we head out and make up batches of treats to keep us thriving through winter. We already made our elderberry syrup, which the kids have a big spoon of every day when they get home from school to prevent viral bugs and nasties and the blackberry bushes are looking like they’ve met the hands of many greedy kids since they started blooming.

Anyhow today, we found a great collection of cranberries (Guelder Rose to be exact) and we are going to make up a jam that I will post tomorrow once I have steralized all the jars and so on. The star of the show today though and for good reason, is the Scots pine tea that we forage and make about once a week.

This is the simplest tea in the world to make but is a powerhouse of nutrients. Here is a slight summary of the amazing benefits of pine needle tea and why you should be drinking it!

  • So, firstly, it tastes great! Forest tea is like Christmas is a mug! Good start
  • It is PACKED with Vitamin A and C so great for your eyes, skin, hair and immune function and helps regenerate red blood cell production
  • On that, it is a super anti-viral and can speed away bugs and helps sore throats and coughs that already exist
  • It is EXCELLENT for kidney function and helps eliminate kidney stones
  • It’s packed with antioxidants and can reduce free radicals and cellular damage
  • It is superb at soothing shooting pains and rheumatica
  • It helps to aid mental clarity and focus
  • It has been long used by Native Americans and Taoist monks as they understand the fantastic benefits and its ability to promote spirituality and a longer life.

So here’s a little ‘How to’ video to hopefully give you some inspiration to go and forage your own now you know how good it is for you. Nature knows… Please don’t forage more than you need or know you will use.

Forest Tea


We started by crushing and chopping the pine needles to release their essential oils and then steeped them in filtered water for 10-15 mins. At about 10 mins we added 1 teaspoon of Chaga mushroom powder (You can leave this out it is totally optional, we just like the earthiness combo) and then at 15 mins we poured it all in to a strainer pot and added some local honey. As simple as that!


Stay tuned for tomorrows cranberry jam (great for homemade Christmas gifts if you want to get an early start…)

Nature always provides. Back to basics keeps us connected to our roots and helps us heal, thrive and high vibe!

LOVE to you all



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