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Hormone tea – Support yourself with this super tonic

Last year I made my biggest batch yet of dried nettle from our local nature reserves and once I dry it I always ground to a powder so I can add it in to my tea strainer as a combo with my other teas. This one is a super liver flush tea of Tulsi, Nettle, honey, collagen and cranberry. The perfect combo that helps to combat excess estrogen and flush away toxins and bacteria from the urinary system and kidneys. Nettle is a power house of beneficial nutrients and  vitamins A, C, and K as well as B vitamins. The leaves are rich sources of terpenoids, carotenoids, fatty acids, essential amino acids, chlorophyll and minerals and they also contain polyphenols, which have antioxidant properties.  For women undergoing menopause, stinging nettle has been prescribed as a herbal remedy to smooth the transition, so the hormonal shift isn’t as dramatic in the body. 

Every day I make up a tulsi tea pot. Tulsi, the queen of herbs and is well known to be the best all round medicinal herb to support immunity, stress response, anti-ageing, and the body’s natural detoxification process, so paired with nettle, a scoop of collagen a teaspoon of good quality honey and mixed with some cold pressed unsweetened cranberry juice for a super hit of Vit C it is a winning combo of anti-ageing hormone support and a super flush to help strengthen your body in a well-rounded and delicious way. 

I am a firm believer in getting as much of your hydration as possible from a warm tea solution and I steer away from cold water as much as possible especially during colder months as it causes me to get a build-up of damp chi so warming flush tonics is a definite winner to stay hydrated and benefit from all the Multi-Vits and Minerals from these simple and locally sourced ingredients. 


1 Teaspoon nettle powder

1 Teaspoon Tulsi tea leaves

1 scoop of Collagen powder

1 TBSP of good quality honey (I used a raw honey)

Mix all together in a teapot and when steeped (5-10 mins) pour in to a cup with as much cranberry cordial as you would pour to make a glass of juice.

As simple as that!


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