The difference between feminism and the divine feminine

This is only going to be a short post although, don’t be fooled to think the volume or velocity of the message here is anything short. This is a GAME CHANGER message but, I am actually going to allow someone else to do the talking. Let me explain:

I had a disagreement with my sister in law this morning. Something that she posted on social had wound me up and made me angry. Not at her directly although I felt a call to respond to her because I saw her view on the subject differed to mine (which is fine ) but I couldn’t get to why. It was triggering the heck out of me so I knew that I needed to resolve it and in my meditations and revelations, this is what I conclude:

I would say my S.I.L and I have maybe a 15-20 yr age gap between us and without generalizing too much I am very aware that within differing age groups and generations there is a very varied mindset and belief set on a lot of what we experience and how etc. No one better than another I might add, just different. I have a huge concern with the current movements that are embedding their way in to our societal culture. Movements that, especially the younger 20 something crew seem to be all in to, such as the Feminist movement, the Race agenda, the Green agenda, Veganism etc. I am not against these movements because I think feminism is bollocks or that I am racist or that vegetables are shit but because these movements are in my opinion designed to promote something that on paper may look like a very good, genuine agenda that is elaborating on something that understandably, wholeheartedly triggers a human reaction because of the very subject matter that would then encourage us to follow because its fundamental meaning is so important to us all but, the moving force behind it is steered from a darker, more sinister stronghold that those following it seemingly cannot see. Everything structured and maneuvered by ‘THE SYSTEM’ is, to me the entire root cause of how we negatively interact with each other as humans within society today and this is because for millennia we have been conditioned and programmed by the very system, that we are now so divided from each other and throw blame to each other rather than to the system itself. And the system knows very well that the younger generations are the ones with the strongest heart and fighter force so it pulls them in to drive it forward. And it’s the mid generations such as myself that perhaps need to do the very thing I am doing right now in highlighting this as I can see with older, wiser eyes that the fight is not with each other, it’s with the machine that the younger ones are steering. The machine that has no heart or soul but is using the heart and soul of the younger generation to succeed in their divide and conquer goal. Why? To suppress the divine feminine and continue their masculine rule. The one we’re all fighting against.

My sister in law posted various topics from the feminist UK social page and expressed her anger towards various derogatory male to female abuse related scenarios that for sure, I see her point but I got angry with how as women, we are now attacking men in a bid to have our female rights heard. I wanted to speak up to her and explain it from my point of view that the feminist movement is not a true representation of true femininity and is designed to steer hatred towards men and that it had absolutely nothing to do with the divine feminine whatsoever. The feminist  movement in my opinion is a masculine driven movement with the title of female gender to make it seem like it is representing the feminine. But I couldn’t quite find the words to explain this so I went and looked online and found the most AMAZING 15 minute video that basically word for word was exactly what I was feeling about this whole issue that had triggered me.

You know what sometimes it’s so good to get triggered and it happens for a reason and the reason today wasn’t to have an argument with my sister in law whatsoever, it was to find out from my own inner space what was bothering me based on what she had posted and to come to a conclusion that resulted in inner peace and clarity on the topics discussed. Did I find that?  Thanks to this back and forth differing of opinion, I was lead to watch this video by Coach Twilight, a woman on YouTube that highlights EXACTLY the points I was looking for and more….way more. She hit the nail on the head for all of us with where we are right now as Humanity and its place between us and them (The people V the system ) and the only way to navigate in to the future is together, united with the rise of divine feminine and our higher selves. I urge you to watch it. Times are changing and the young, old, man, woman, black, white and everyone in between needs to stand together. The days of division are done!

Thank you to my sister in law for leading me to this conclusion and to Coach Twilight for your incredible enlightening words! I might also add that by stating all I have this doesn’t mean that I am right and she is wrong. It is clearly just a different perspective. One that I hope will enlighten and raise the vibrations of those reading this or listening to the words of Coach twilight.

Apologies for the poor writing on this one. I might come back at some point and refine this when I have more time but I really wanted to share the message before I got too busy I never get around to it and I’m in the middle of a busy day but, please watch the video by Coach Twilight as it is truly epic and so beautifully put! So much love to you all!

Also, just a thought I had while I was typing the words gender and agenda a lot throughout this post. Could it be that the very words gender and agenda comes from their insistence to push the A-Gender? As in, the gender-less gender. And that is their ‘agenda’? Food for thought…


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