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An introduction in to QUANTUM and how it works. Understanding energy



Good morning everyone, I have popped the FULL AUDIO FILE below and for those that prefer the transcript, it is in its entirety below also. A lengthy old go over haha. It is long winded I will pre-warn you but there is no short way of getting to the explanation without including a fair bit of back tracking and detail. I hope you all find it helpful and with all work I have previously put out there I have always said that if anyone wishes to share input, feedback or follow up with a recorded discussion to put out I am more than happy to discuss. Love to all

The words Microcosm and Ethereal came to me while I was doing my breathwork this morning. Every morning as I first wake up it takes me a while to come round and figure out my thoughts and even my present physical state. I’ve come to learn that while I sleep I do a lot of work elsewhere and use up a huge amount of energy so when I ‘wake up’ in ‘real time’ I often don’t remember the finer details of what yesterday looked like or what the plans are for this day. Before I go to sleep I always do a great deal of reflecing work to ground me in to a good rest and set my intentions to know that when I do wake up the following morning I have as much set out in my mind as I can without too many thoughts or emotions flying around unrecognised or unresolved if you like. I need to have that grounding time as my emotions are highly strung and can get the better of me and if I don’t focus on paying attention to whatever feelings are passing through me, it ends up in unresolved trauma that I later pay for in terms of high level anxiety and panic attacks and even physical pain. It also helps me to ground my energy as it then prevents from energetic attacks from anything negative as grounding helps me to set boundaries around my personal space and identify with whatelse is going on around me. It’s not always only whats working within you and your own energy field. In order to strengthen your own energy field you also hae to have an intuitive ability to see whatelse is going on in the fields around your own and prptect your space from anything that can invade and bring you down so to speak. This can be very much so for anyone that is in any form of toxic relationship. If you focus on your own innerself a little every night and every morning and learn to harness your own energetic force then you can learn to better protect yourself from negative energies coming towards you. In the dimensional reality we have throughout our lifetimes been so used to identifying with, language and physical action are the 2 main forces we use to communicate with others. Once you learn to go deeper within yourself and learn to harness and manage your own energy fields within you, you can set boundaries from negative forces through mental energetic intentions and over time, you could be sat in a room and merely focus your energy on not wanting a person to come near you and your energy will be so cultivated and so strong that they will end up simply walking away without you needing to say a single word.
This is something that is happening in my life right now. I have done so much of my own internal introspective work that I now exist on an energy plane far away from most of my friends and relatives that since starting this work some 2.5 years ago, many have dropped away from me or I from them, and its not because I don’t love them or they me, but it’s because we’re in a different atunement. A different frequency from one another and we can’t hear each other anymore. It’s a really tough and strange pill to swallow because you want to reach out and share experienced, words, conversation, love, laughs and all the rest that for many years maybe you have done but the timelines right now and for good reason that only the universe can truly understand, we are being pulled apart and separated. My view on this is so that everyones journey of discovery must be done alone. You can ‘influence’ people to a degree and you can share information, ingisht and discovery but ultimately you must find your own inner calling and truth and right now on this timeline, everyones version of truth and experience is so so very different. For many, they won’t want to open up and share their thoughts or feelings out of fear they would be cast out or shunned by others, so they conform and go along with the main narrative that the general timeline is on. For others, they can’t even see that anything has changed and are fast asleep to any questioning and then for others again, there is a level of authenticity that needs to be maintained for they can see the bigger picture and whether they can see the future and how it unfolds or not, they know deep down that their version of the truth has no resonance with what is currently being played out in any external form so they are existing in a timeline of higher frequency but are sat waiting for everyone else to catch up. My understanding is that the latter group are the ones that have taken time out to do their innerwork and focus on their own higher self and path forward and are therefore more finer tuned to see what is happening in the world around them because they have not been tainted by anything low vibrational that keeps them trapped in a lower frequency.
An example I can think of right now and one of the reasons that I am wanting to share this info and right now, it has nothing to do with anyones opinion about what is happening with the covid agenda or anything related to covid directly that is being played out. What I am talking about is to do with a far bigger universal agenda that has to do with God Source and planetary alignments and energies that understandibly for reasons to do with where we have been placed on a frequency level for millenia we have existed on a specific wavelenght that prohibits to much thought or information to penetrate or be send out from ourselves when questioining our world, earth, planetary understanding, galactic understanding and whatelse is out there.
I only woke up to these very topics myself a few years ago. I remember when I was in my 20’s and living the fast life in barcelona where alcohol was common for breakfast, you could smoke a cigarette in the bank with the guy at the desk and an early night was 3am. I remember having throughts back then where I would freak myself out when questioining the very question of ‘eternal reality’ eternity. What does that even mean? There has to be a start and and end to everything so where is the end point? And whats after the end point? And after that? And after that? So when you looked at this question in a really linnear sense through a 3rd dimensional lens, of course its going to freak you out, because the answers to that question don;t exist in a 3rd dimesnional capacity and certainly not in a linnear sense.
So back to the word Microcosm, that popped up today. I asked my 11 year old who is also very in to studying the galactic fields at the moment if she knew what it meant. She thought it was a biological description of some kinnd of tiny life force in a grander field of force. She would be totally right!
The exact definition of it you can find here: A microcosm is a “little world” – “mikros kosmos” in Greek. The Greek term was modified to “microcosmus” in Medieval Latin. When early medieval scholars referred to humans as miniature embodiments of the natural universe, they either employed the Latin word microcosmus or they used the English translation, “less world.” “Man is callyd the lasse worlde, for he shewyth in hymselfe lyknesse of all the worlde,” wrote John Trevisa when he translated the Latin text of Bartholomaeus Anglicus’ encyclopedia in the 14th century. But by the 15th century scholars had adopted an anglicized version of the Latin word, the word we use today – “microcosm.”
So when thinking of ourselves as a species, we are miniature embodiments of the natural universe. We’re so tiny you could dare to think for a second that our singular little lives could be irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. WRONG! Your little life is everything! You are here for a very BIG reason and once you start realising you are energy and nothing more and that the eternal universe is also energy and nothing more then the game changes. You and your energy play the very part needed to rise and move this game in to the next level.
If it’s easier to see it like that, a computer game if you like. Like, we’re sims and we’re all about to complete level 3 and 4 and move in to level 5. In order to do that, some will die and be reset, some will be waiting on th sidelines reserving energies while sending light out to other players so that the ones that are fighting the hardest, blinded to what is actually going on and using up all their energies can keep going. You see, the ones on the sidelines, the light workers and the grid workers so to speak, they are the ones working the energies the hardest but they do so with a level of consciousness that is aware of the game they are playing. So in a way, they may think that they are playing the hardest role and may criticise the ones out there flapping around asking for help, light, food, energy etc but in actual fact they are aware that, they need to rest more, they need to eat better, they need to drink clean water, stay away from poision, toxins, negative energy. Once you know, half the hard parts done and yes, you can sit and get frustrated with having to hold up the ones that aren’t quite getting it but those ones out there quite unaware and still living life the old way under low frequency rulings, poor diets, lack of qiality rest, alcohol, drugs, loose sex etc, they’re the ones that are fighting the hardest. They just don’t know why yet because they can’t see the universal picture. They only see the old picture that is collapsing around them but keeping them within its framework.
Once we realise that everything is energy and we learn to maintain a higher level of frequency, we all raise up to the next level. Right now those light workers and energy grid workers are the ones standing on the level above everyone else with their arms out ready to reach and grab those that are ready to jump up and join them on the next field. It is happening right now and once we’re all on is the only time when we can look at each other and jump aound going yippeeeeee haha we made it and kiss and cuddle and all catch up and say god I tried to call you but you didn’t answer or I had thought about you so often but where’d you go man? Sure, there will be some that don’t make it and that’s fine. That’s their desity and what they agreed to when they signed their soul contract when they arrived here to play the game so from the view point right now that I am on as in, the level of frequency I am currently holding, is that I can no longer TRY to wake people up or get frustrated or insulted or think badly of anyone that doesn’t see things from my point of view because time is not linnear and throughout the course of this journey we all have our own goal posts to reach and our own limitations, experienced and aha moments to live out according to our own means and level of consciousness.
For anyone reading this that is not on the same frequency as me or higher, they will read this and think that I have gone insane. They will not understand a word of this and that is completely understandable to me. Let me explain it like this, throughout my life time. (I am 41) and until I reached 39, if you were to suggest watching Star Wars or for that matter ANY sci-fi movie or tv show, I woud not have resonated with that in any way. Just no! I was a straight up Sex and the City girl that loved a party,havibg said that, I had always been intrigued and in tune with astrology and its workings. Nothing however on a planetary level or beyond. Then in around 2012 I had my own personal awakening and found a deeper space for holistic living, natural living and all things nature, yoga, breathwork, meditation, deeper astrology and so on. During these years between 2012 and 2018 I had chronic anxiety and widepsread body pains and started to become more and more isolated from my friendship circles as my ‘change in usual activities’ was becoming pointed out. I could no longer tolerate alcohol almost in any means. This from the party girl who was always last to bed to not even being able to sniff a glass of wine raised some questions and I was becoming ‘the boring friend’ or ‘the weird one’ that on a one to one basis would be your best friend and offer great advice and recognition, demonstrate sensitivity towards others life achievements and deep, meaningful support and awareness that omst of my friends were really grateful for and held close but in a group scenario, there’s far too much ego now in a group and I started to become the invisible person and at first, this was really hurtful and I oculdn’t understand it and took great offence, but now I see why and I am ok with it as it’s just part of the game and not a reflection on how others view me or how I need to view myself. On that, the couple of times I have clashed with a narcasisctic friend, I have found myself in anger or judgement regarding their behaviour towards me and have been angered about how they have steered others to view me because they may have spoken bad and pointed fingers to castigate me from situations and as hurtful as that has been, I have noticed that it’s not about how they view me, its a reflection of how they view themselves and they are simply projecting it on me out of their own fear and insecruity. So while I have judged them for doing so, this judgement is something I need to work on and realise that it’s ok to acknowledge why they have behaved like this but don’t judge them for its simply a projection. Dont react with anger or resentment towards them for themy;re coming from a place of ego where you no longer are.
So when 2018 hit and I started to experience even deeper anxiety that was starting to take shape in actual hallucinations and night terrors, I wasn’t sure what was happening to me at all and this is when I think I hit my lowest point. It took me through from 2018 to April 2020 to understand what these attacks really were and in April 2020 I was guided by a spiritual medium who explained them to me as energetic attacks from negative force fields. In April, when news of Corona started to get released, I had a sudden urge to disconnect myself from any of the narrative that was playing out. I asked my husband to show me how to disable any news feed from showing up in my homepage and was unaware that there was a drop down that allowed you to select your desired topic highlights. From Health and wellness to architecure, photography, nature, world news, politics, science etc you get the point so out of the maybe 70 sub-categories, I narrowed it down to 3: Nature, Astronomy and Food. I would have loved to include health and wellness given its my primary field of interest but the mainstream only allow their narrative and it was the one I was trying to avoid. My husband said to me, why the planets and solar system? I said, I don’t know it just makes me feel comfortable. It just makes me feel less afraid because as shit as here is, theres got to be more going on out there that resonates with my vision no? It was a blind faith that I didn’t really understand but a year later it feels like home. Like I’ve had a connection with a part of me that I don’t yet remember but I know exists

I had followed an energy forecaster called Elizabeth Peru now for some years and its funny, how all that she had spoken about previuosly I had acknowledged, heard and thought to have understood. I look back at facebook posts where I have liked her post from years before and when I read it again now, in this now moment, it has a whole new meaning that only has that whole new meaning to me. Her output never changed by my perception of it has entirely. What I thought I knew then I know now in a much deeper resonance and sense of truth for I have come to see the truth on a whole different level. So when I speak of truth, that is not to say so to speak that the altervative is a lie, it isn’t. We all have our own reality of the truth and the truth I beliefe is the light frequency that is held throughout the journey. The journey I believe also, much like the universe that I was questioing its limits, has no end. There is no limit. We are limitless and eternal so again, when we view ourselves as energy source then this starts to make sense.
E;ozabeth Peru has spoken for years about the New Earth and the coming new age of Aquarius. I have spent years listnening to her work, her theories and her forecasts but I didn’t HEAR her words until April 2020. Much like, my father in law who has spoken for years to me about chem trails. The detail he could go in to and his explanations vast and I heard him but I didn’t really HEAR him until some point in mid 2020 when someone posted something about chem trails and I went ‘HOLY SHIT AHA’. You see, we think we know, but then we really awaken. That awakeining is in your heart chakra. That is when your heart starts to hear instead of your head and the resonance takes on a whole new level. And that awakening continues to emerge deeper and back deeper and forth. Its literally a wave of energy that brings you in and out of conscious states. One day I am totally awake and aware, others I slip back in to a denser vibe and experience a lower dark night of the soul sort of expression. And then just when you think you can’t go any deeper, you experience something so profound and enlightening that you feel euphoric and untouchable in a very angelic, non egosensical sense. Like a white light pure christed experience that is life wholy and so deeply universal and perfect. Then all of a sudden, you’re back to having a shit day. How does that work? Well, form one, the collective cloud holds all our collective emotions above us and the entire point of this unniversal law of understanding happens when we all reaslise that WE ARE ONE. You, me, him, her, the dog, the tree, the bus driver, the black guy, the chinese girl etc. We are all one giant collective expression of each other in an energetic sense. When we realise this, something happens. You realise you LOVE eeryone. Even the narcasists, the shit heads, the chavs, the evil doers all of them. For they are all a part of the game and what helps us to ref;ect light to see in the dark and vice versa. If everyone at the same time all stood and thought, we are one and we are love, well actually if we all did that at the same time, wow that would be some enormous shift it might just blow the whole game up with love but for now, this is why global mass meditations around the world are happening because, as riots, violent demostrations and dark forces occur, so to do the light forces as they balance out the energy fields. Right now there is an enormous purging of old, dark energy. So when Elizabeth Peru spoke of the New Eart and y father in law spoke of chem trails and I heard them but I didn’t, when I DI HEAR THEM LOUD AND CLEAR, my frequency raised and I started working the way forward to bring in this New Earth frequency. Agin, if you’re reading this as you are not quite with me yet, this will not make sense to you. YOu will think I am mad. That is ok! So, what then is New Earth?

In 2018, I was inspired by my sister in law to complete my degree online while she was doing hers. I had 180 points to go and where I had previously studied languae, I had a calling to complete the credits with Philosophy. I started the course with a module in SELF and then with various modules on Ethics, knowledge, Religion, Consciousness and Politics. The one I scored the highest marks with and that resonated the most was the module on Consciousness. WOW AND WOW. I had often questioned consiciousness but never looked as deeply in to this field as I had done then and at the point of this module it was the back end of 2019 and we were about to experience the start of the 2020 pandemic. I ended the course in May 2020 with a thesis on Politics where the essay question was: Is Political anarchism defensible. WOW AND WOW again. I mean, could there have been a better timeline to be on to answer this question and after experiencing the modules of consiousness it was just such a clear mind and heart opener for me that helped me shift even higher in to this bew found field of enlightenment. But my tutor on one of the Consciousness forums had suggested I read the works of Dolores Cannon. Her book NEW EARTH was the one thing that triggered my understanding and got me to see a deeper level of the Universal plan. It got me to understand why all of a sudden I was asking my husband to only put on space and planet news feed updates and why I was starting to see things in terms of energy, freuqnecy and vibration, why I was googling Nikola Tesla and watching Youtube videos about frequency healing and quantum healing, quantum systems and light forces. This just connected all the dots for me. My course, Elizabeth Peru, The guy that had helped me understand my night terrors and energy attacks, the chem trails, Dolores Cannon and all the many more links in the chain that I oculd call out and feature on here and thank for my enlightem=nment for there have been many. New Earth wasn’t such a place as it is a frequency. It is the new realm of Earth where we are a species are heading and in order to get there on mass with as many survivors as possible, we need to help each other up and UNITE!

In as much as a straight forward and factual sense as I can possibly explain, Earth as we know it, and again I stress this is fact this is not some hippy theory and if you wish to do your research on this go ahead but in a basic explanatory sense, our Earth is magnetic. It travels in a magnetic field of currents that pull and push earth in to different placements within our galactic location within the solar system. I am no expert by any means you should know this based on my 39 yrs of chosing sex and the city over star wars however, this I have learnt, that we are travelling through a very different and less denser location within the solar system and that is going to have an inpact as to how we as humans live on Earth. Our planet is changing and whith that in turn so are we. How do we change? We awaken. What does that mean? It means various things. For one, it is an awakening to a new frequency, a new energy field and a lighter less dense matter of light codes and air flow. For many, this will not be tolerated as the forces and stresses this has had onl our bodies for a number of years now will be too great to weather. So, back in 2012 to 2018 when I experienced the mass bulk of my wodespread body pains and anxiety where I was convined I was dying and yet no doctor could ever find a medical reason for there to be anything wrong with me, what I now understand was that these feelings, pains, symptoms and struggles were nothing more than what is otherwise known as ‘ascension sysmptoms.’ What are asciension symptoms? Earth is ascending, therefore so are we. Ascension sypmtoms are the changes in our DNA structure and our physical body form from a 3d carbon body to a cyrstaline struncture, Again I am no expert on this, there are some excellent YouTube channels that can explain this better such as : oureverydaylives and Elizabeth April if you really want to get far out and intergalactic.
But the symptoms felt are widespread body pains, anxiety, head pressure, thirst, extreme tiredness, pains in eyes, throat, chest, legs, dizziness, migraines, abdominal issues, nausea,constipation, diahrrea, loss of appetite etc. These have been all the things I have experienced and more over the years that no doctor could ever quite explain but if you think logically, planet earth enters a new placement of lighter atmospheric pressure and flow at a faster pace, this could be considered to be how it might feel to be put on a roller coaster on a free fall. YOu’re going to experience dizziness, nausea, lightheadedness etc. We aren’t really adept to question or focus our understanding on these planetary issues. As simple little beings, we are programmed, literally, to go to work, come home home, watch the tv and not think so much about the weird and the wonderful. Most of my friends wouldn’t entertain a conversation about it either, they woud much rather the small talk and chit chat so if I were to bring this up to them, I owuld, as has happened of late, get eye rolled and the conversation would quickly change to something less intense and pecuilar. I get it, I’m not judging and thankfully many of my friends know me well enough to eye roll me directly and laugh but give me a hug before chaging the conversation. But chage the conbersation they would indeed. So with Earth moving in to this new field and us moving with it obviously, what about the timing of this linked to the corona virus. Well, as my 11 yr old pointed out, corona borealis is a constellation in our solar system and the crown chakra (Corona chakra) is what receives the light codes in forms of downloads from the Earths sun by means of variuos sloar flares that right now, are highly potent and consistent. They are directly supporting our ascencion and is the very reason for our awakening as a human species. As Earth moved direct in to higher frequencies, so do we. Some will nnont make it as the transition will be too hard, many will leave and the rest will travel in to the new assisting each other as we go. Without wanting to cause too much controversy on the subject and this is simply opinion, could it be, that corona virus has nothing to do with a bat from a chinese market but eberything to do with our receival of certain light frequencies and energies from various planetary magnetic fields and solar flares. As awakening to ourselves and a transition in how we evolve as humans? Those that cannot handle the frequencies will leave and one of the biggest symptoms of this shift in frequency change is breathlessness, shortness of breath, chest tightenings and so on because the air is less dense and our bodies in particular those of the eldery cannot adapt? I remember in 2013 standing in our old kitchen having what I thought was a heart attack (I was 33) because I couldn’t fill up my lungs. I couldnt get enough air and the only way to stop this was to lean forwards and breath in to my back as deep as I could. I was told clearly it was not a heart attach it was a panic attack. I was experiencing zero reasons to panic it just came over me and now I wonder if some of us are just more open to receive these lightcodes in the first wave of awakening and the rest will follow on? I seem to have come out of this now and since 2019 I have not had an issues with anxiety or suffered many of the physical symptoms I used to. I do still experience the shift symptoms as the occur as witnessed in sync with the schumman resonance but I seem to be acclimatised to the new feels. I am hearing my friends and family now talk of the same symptoms I experienced back then and I wish I oculd explain this to them without rejection or disbelief but I don’t think they’re ready to see it from this perspective yet. So I can just be there and hold their hand and hope they manage ok through the shifts. On my favourite channels that now I know we all resonate together, when there is a big eartly shift going on and this also by the way can be tracked on the Schumman resonance, we say to each other ‘HOLY SHIFT, BIG THINGS HAPPENING’ One day all wiill see this too but for now, we are gently progressing through earth ascension and the very fact that I am writing this both makes me laugh and gives me comfort that if even I can manage through this strange and unpredictable times of the weird and wonderful, so can we all.

So I will finish this by actually talking about the one thing that I wanted to talk about but, I realise that, in order to grasp the very subject of what I wish to discuss, the ground work needs to be done first. So now that all of the above has been ‘brought to light’ aha, then the topic of QUANTUM HEALING might make a little more sense. In fairness, anything to do with anything QUANTUM goes over the heads of most, myself included though recently, I have started to have a breakthrough with not only the concept of quantum technology but, the very essence and workings of quantum tech itself. If I were to say WE ARE QUANTUM TECH, most would laugh or shrug shoulders but, we are quantum tech. Our bodies are crystaline forms of the same tech that chystals, computer hard drives and the likes are. Our bodies are self healing computers of natural proportions and so moving forward as we dismantle the old structures of healthcare and replace them with the eventual means of quantum tech, what does this mean for the future? Well, the way I understand quantum healing is, that it isn’t for everybody. Yet. This tech is available now and has been for years however, the old human, the one we are peeling ourselves away from is yet to evolve to a point where this tech can be of any use. On paper, this sci-fi ultra modern tech is so incredible its almost too good to be true and for those that have suffered chronic illness, disease and the damages of 3d living to its darkest depth this tech will look like a dream come true. BUT, any quantum system only works with those within its resonance. It will detect your frequency level and determine whether it can assist you and to what level based on that. It is a system of resonance. It identifies intention and will reject anything and anyone that does not operate from an honest, integral and authentic frequency point and it will only be able to heal those that have already done the ground work to heal themselves and raise their frequency enough to respond to the frequency waves it operates from. For instance, You spend all day sat on the couch watching low vibe tv, eating Macdonalds, smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol and then you complain that you’re overweight and you have disease, these high tech 5d healing beds are not going to work on you. You need to work on you.
As a collective, most of us spend a lot of time wishing the world could be free of disease, hate, evil, cruelty and all the dark stuff that we witness and know to exist. But what if it could be? What if we wish it hard enough we manifest it? Sounds too good to be true to most so they give up trying and fall back in to the trap of the old existence that keps them locked down low in all the very things we wish didn’t exist and the we comfort ourselves with low grade food, cheap and easy entertainment, porn and the rest. Glued to the box with a box of fast food is the very thing we need to step away from. I get it, I still have days where sometimes a cheesy movie and a box of cookies seems like the best thing but those days are few and far between now. At the beginning of this whole chat, I spoke about how my friends and I are vibing on 2 very different frequency fields now. They don’t understand why I turn down lines of coke at weddings or say no alcohol and I am not nor ever have been into loose sex with random men or women for that matter. This is a measured and conscious approach to purging trauma in a physical and an emotional sense out of my being so that I may be the best version of myself that I can be and on the highest timeline. When I started to live this way, it wasn;t such a conscious decision I just started to make small changes without really realising why. I have my children to thank for that bevause I have spent their entire lives utterly determined to not do anything foolish or live in any way that could remove me from them when they need me the most. Ie: I don’t want to end up dying of cancer and my children grow up motherless. I know that you could say, well anyone could get cancer even if they live the healthiest lifestyle and I am not saying I am perfect and don’t ever order pizza or bliss out on chocolate but, we all know by now alcohol and cigarettes are the most harmful things and that processed factory foods do you no good. Just don;t go there. So its more the effort to prevent danger than anything else. It’s not hard. If you want a pizza, make your own with wholefoods. If you want french fries, buy an air fryer and some potatoes, if you want a drink, make a mocktail. I stopped using pharmaceutical products a decade ago. That goes for everything pretty much except I will admit that if I get an exceptionally bad migraine, I might take an ibuprofen but itherwise I am entirely med free and powered by flowers, good supplements, fresh air, daily walks, meditation, essential oils, salt baths, clean water and really high vibe foods. Im not preaching when I say this I am just simply stating that there are alternatives to the mainstream offerings that are much better for you and once you start to adopt that appraoch and allow nature back in to your life in a deeper sense so physically, energetically, spiritually etc, then you will naturally rise your vibration and have a better chance of matching the frequencies of any tech or advanced modalities of where we’re going. This is also relative to financial quantum systems and not that I really understand financial set ups at all as I never really did anyway but, my take on this is that, if you have money in your account you will only ever spend what is possible to spend based on your vibrational timeline. Greed, theft, laundering etc will be a thing of the past. This is an equal playing field system where everyone will have what they need and want based on a deeper level of frequency resonance and that matches that of the system and in effect WE ARE THE SYSTEM. So when you think that you’re just an insignificant dot in a far greater universe of matter, that couldn’t be further from the truth, for you are the universe, you are the matter and we’re all in this together as cogs in the wheel. We are all God source energy and the moment we unite and see this as universal truth, the system swicthes and the pyramid flips.
One of the things that I have striggled with the most is, seeing this as absolute but, as we’re still in the beginning days of this shift, we are still driven by the forces of the collective consciousness and within that cloud is a lot of misrepresentation, false flags, lies, deception and fear. It’s easy to get dragged down and let fear get the better of you and forget that this and everything that is said above is happening and actually not just happening but CANNOT BE STOPPED! There are so many forces at play. This is so multilayered and you can see the truth all around you but every now and then a vortex of fear sucks you back down. The truth, the universal truths, such as, where Earth is moving to, the planetary alognments and conjunctions that assist in our ascension and the astrological explanations that delve deeper in to the outcomes and events that occur along the way. The sense of knowing and intuitive logic and the energetic forces that expand our awareness and understanding, THIS on a deeper level has also been one of the many far out factors that has given me clues and indications towards a new plan for humanity. In my 41 trips around the sun, only in the last 3 have I had any sort of clairaudient or clairvoyant experiences but more and more so they are becoming a constant enhancement to my human abiloties and ony really this year have I started to understand them more. I remember 4 years ago starting to practice yoga with my mum on a very regular schedule. We were going 4 times a week to classes and more and more so I was tuning in to an energy field where I started having visual downloads of various remote viewing scenarios or places, objects, people, colours and scenes that I wasn’t sure were events that had happened in the past, were happening now in real time or were preminitions of the future or all 3 but, these visions come more and more and now if I focus my energy on a specific focal point, place or time I can see things I have never seen before. Audio wise, this really only happens when I am in that between sleep and awake states or in a deep meditation but I am starting to recieve longer and momre detailed downloads of voice messages, for instance, this morning when the words microcosm and ethereal came in to the forefront of my mind. They may just be words or sometimes songs, sayings or entirely new and whole sequences but they hold a starting place for discovery or are the answers to questions I had asked the guides and this is their way of showing they are with me. These messages and this ability is possible for all of us. It is the result of a finer tuned version of yourself in a higher and more connected reality to nature and the higher realms. This can manifest in many ways and you can all also reach this point of connnection. For me, it started in my ears. A deep inner tuning and when I seek answers or guidance, I get a deep pain or crackling or popping as a way of letting me know I am being heard and received. I am certain that as I write this, I am being guided by a force freater than me or maybe my higher self from a different energy plane that is assisting me in getting my words out so that I can share them in a way that maybe I don’t even fully understand myself. This again helps me to remember that there is a bigger plan at play here. This is not just about planet earth and our little species that we all arrogantly thing is the most advanced intelligent form of being there is. Hahaha I am starting to see its quite the opposite and once you start to walk on a path of deeper spirituality and simplicity and strip back the old egotistical way of the heirachial modern human especally one existing in a western developed sense, we see things from a whole new and englightened perspective. Some say that the galactic forces such as the pleadians, arcturians and so on are here to assist us without even realising it as they are far more advanced than us. I have looked in to this somewhat and I would tend to agree with a lot of what people have to say about this but I have not had any direct involvement or understanding on other seed races other than a feeling that resonates. But moving forward out of the old ways of only being able to believe somehting exists if you can physically see it for being so, I am starting to learn a more intuitive path of believing is seeing. Having faith in something will then manifest its reality and it’s very true that we are the makers of our own reality. It is undeniable that a change is occuring. It isn’t just me that can see this and feel this. There is a huge percentage of the population that have their own stories and these stories are the dots that fit together to create the opening and the grid for new earth and the first wave I am seeing pave the path forward.
I am now no longer afraid or apprehensive about sharing this information. I feel I have to and this morning as I sat pondering my theories on quanntum healing I was desperate to share with someone all the thoughts that were going on in my head about it all. I am not sure who that someone is however so I am just putting it out there and as I say I believe I am being guided to do so because I have no logical or rational explanation in an old way of operational sense of why else this information is coming through me in such a strong way.
In a biblical sense also, and I don’t follow scripture or go to church but I believe that God is the source force that is guiding us and that the consciousness that is returning to us is a christ consciousness, when they say that the meek shall inherit the earth, I truly think they meant this as whatever has held us captive in lower dimensional frequencies for so long before cannot reach the 5th dimensional frequency of where we are going becasue their resonance is too low. They simply get left behind or go elsewhere. If you aren’t sure about what I mean by that you might have to do your own research on this topic as it’s not something I feel comfortable in trying to explain or focus on at this point. My view is that we need to stand united at this time and focus on paving the way of the future rather than pay any energy or focus on the old and what we are leaving behind for they won’t be joining. It is collapsing as we speak. The next decade of our human existance will be an absolute game changer. Anyone that thinks at this stage of the game that there will be a ‘going back to normal’ needs to know that this will not be happening. We are not going back nor shall we ever. We are moving forward in to the future and the future is coming hard and fast and as far as I am concerned, the future is so bright for those of us that make it!
Stand strong, stay united, operate from your heart space and focus on love over fear.
If anyone wants to great movie options to trigger any of what I have mentioned above:




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