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Heart based living – How to activate your Heart Chakra and why it’s important that we do

Episode 2


I wrote a piece yesterday about the difference between feminism and the divine feminine. It was a piece that had been created out of a disagreement I had had with my sister in law based on her beliefs that in order to see a change towards how women are treated in this current era we need to stand and fight. Her views were coming through as being very angry, resentful, hurt and bitter towards the past sufferings laid towards women and the unjust torment we have had to endure throughout so many lifetimes. I get it, as a woman and a mother of daugthers I am horrified about how women have been treated and I wish for nothing more than a fair, balanced and safe world for all our girls but, I wholeheartedly disagree with the pushy manouvers and aggression tactics within the feminist movement that in order to win our place and have our power and respect we need to fight.
This in my view point is male play. It is a masculine energy, using masculine principles but with the gender lable of female in order to put the concept across. This is far from what the divine feminine truly is and I went on to explain this in my post.
My sister in law then came back to say that sbe didn’t believe she was coming from a place of anger throughout the posts she was uploading that got me to put this out there in the first instance but her posts were filled with statements saying she was angry, she’s had enough, we need to take a stand. I did pull her up on a number of comments to indicate to her that she had in fact stated that anger was a leading factor in her following of the feminist movement. Which is fine, I mean , I get it but, you have to acknowledge your emotions and let them move through you right? And if you’re identifying with anger, the most divinely feminine thing you can possibly do if you want to see results, is to learn to transmute that anger in to something softer and more heart based. Something like, forgiveness, empathy, trust, nurture, compassion.
But how can you feel compassion and trust towards anything that has led us through such bitter pain as women? This is such a raw topic and its going to trigger a lot of people what I am about to say and I have to word this so carefully to get the meaning across that right now is busting out of my heart space because I don’t want anyone to misinterpret my words or misunderstand, so here goes.
It must be known that for millenia, we have existed in a Masculine world. Everything about this world we live in and how we conduct our lives has been based on male principles. Money, power, wealth, success, dominance, control, oppression. This system is entirely imbalanced it is only thriving on masculine energy. It is inbalanced because you have to have the feminine principles included and for millenia they have not been. The feminine has been supressed, rejected, belittled and entirely hidden from all of us, men and women, so that the control system can do just that, control us. If any element of feminine arose within the system it would not allow the system as it currently exists to work the way it does and it is in the best interest of those running the show to keep the control as strong as possible so that they can continue to control us and therefore serve themselves. It sounds like a dark joke right when you word it like that but its no consipracy, its complete and utter fact. We are all hanging on surviving but barely existing in a debt controlled society because of masculine control systems that have no element of divine feinine in them whatsoever. FACT. Lets not act surprised.
So, what has happened is, along with debt, control, oppression, inequality etc in all sense of financial and structural inequality, there has also been inequality between genders because the ones controlling the system until very recently, have all been male. And lets be honest, in recent times the females that have come in to enter the game have to play by make rules so they may be in there and they may even on paper be running the show in some high profile bussinesses or top corporate groups and political parties but that really is only to let it seem that there has been somewhat of a tipping point to allow us women to jump on and be included and claim some of our power back all the while they still have to play by the masculine rule book and behave like men in order to stay in the game. Let us not for a moment assume that any female in a position of power is using her divine feminine to get results and make a change. Not in that world.
And in that world, aside from financial, economical, societal power struggles, women have been subected to domestic abuse, social abuse, cultural abuse, hence why I think movements such as the feminist networks et al have become so popular because in theory, they are there to defend and represent the tortured voices of the women fighting for their power and their place in this world. The problems are however, firstly, they are fighting and secondly, they are fighting in a masculine led game. The outcome when you play this way is not one you will ever win and there is never going to be a solution through fighting, period. If you’re really wanting your female rights heard in the way I think women want to be heard and in order to see a significant and long lasting change, a real change and truly reach the pinacle of female empowerment in its divine sense, you have to STOP FIGHTING and learn to operate from a place of feminine empowerment that allows for female principles to play the game instead. So how do we do that?
It seems odd to say, STOP FIGHTING. STOP USING YOUR VOICE. In a way that is what I am saying but when I offer the alternative solution I hope this will make sense. I do not say say stop fighting to mean ‘give up’, or stop using your voice to mean ‘stay quiet.’ Absolutely not. But the state of play when you play by the divine feminine rule book means operating from the higher chakras. Learning to come from a higher place and operating from your heart space. In order to activate and cultivate the divine feminine, you need to be spiritualy attuned. There is no other way to achieve these change because it can and will only happen when there is enough of a spiritual awakening and uprising within the realms of what I am about to touch on. Chakras. What are they?

It may help to consider this. We are spiritual beings living out a physical experience. But we are so used to seeing ourselves as physical beings before we consider our spiritual selves. It is sad to say, but most of us have no idea who we really are or have any understanding of our own inner spiritual energy. And where I am moving this conversation in to (The heart chakra) you can only get to your heart chakra by going within and finding an understanding of your conscious, awakened self.
If you consider that you are an energetic soul being walking around in a physical vessel, then your spinal column can be considered your guiding light. Your light column. There is a torus field that flows through your spinal column and carries energy from your base chakra up to your crown chakra and beyond in to your soul chakra and so on and so on.
The lower chakras, your root chakra, sacral chakra and solar plexus are the main activated chakras we are all familiar with which have been the influencial energy points within our physical and spiritual bodies for the entire reign of the masculine driven empire. The lower chakras are what are responsible for lower density emotions such as fear, doubt, uncertainty, resistance and so on and our sexual energy has been kept in a fear based masculine energetic for such a long time we haven’t included the divine feminine within sex which is why there is such a stronghold presence with male dominance, porn, rape and abuse because there is an inbalance within these lower chakras. We have never been able to activate our higher chakras as a collective for any period long enough to sustain the energy and bring in any noticeable divine feminine energy to counterbalance the masculine so the higher chakras have for the large part remained inactive especially in a collective sense. This is not to say we have the inability to use our hearts and show compassion, it just means that for the large part collectively, we have been held in a lower frequency throughout lower dimensional epochs of our existence and we have been existing in fear based energies with no balance. This goes for all of us. Men and women. So we cannot only point the finger at men for how they have behaved towards women when the problem is much more multi-layered and deeper than just a social or behavioral outlook.
And for those among us that have any experience or understanding with past life regression and trauma healing, they will tell you that, throughout our past lives, we have experienced life in different genders and have experienced playing the roles as both the controller and the submissive. The balance is within us all to discover. I will give you an example. There is a female. She is a heterosexual female with a male partner but she can only feel sexually aroused during self pleasure when considering herself playing the male role towards another woman. She is confused by this because she is a woman with a sexual interest in men but in her subconscious sexual self she plays the part of the man giving pleasure to a woman and specifically, being the controller. You see, this to me seems actually quite healthy and understandable because, when you view our own selves as merely energy and take away the physical form, we realise ‘we are one’ and we are versions of our past selves, our higher selves and all the collective in between. It is a healthy balance of male / female sexual energy but it seems confusing because we are so lead to believe that as a woman you must think in stereotypical terms of how a woman would think, feel and act and as a man you would think, feel and act as a male would and vice versa without any cross over, interlinking or blending of both energy forms. Now that’s not to say, be a woman and try and incorporate male parts in terms of transgender factors, no. That’s a different thing altogether but as a woman that is balanced with both her masculine and feminine energies, you should expect there to be elements of both energies activated throughout all of your chakras and the same goes for men. This is balance. A good combination of both energy types within your now self and wherever you can remember your past selves and connect with your higher self at the same time you’re absolutely winning!
So when you find a connection to your higher self, that would generally mean that you have had an awakening of sorts and this can come in many different forms but generally speaking, when you awaken your senses and align your energies with balance, you naturally move up in to your higher chakras and start to activate them. This could be known as a kundalini awakening if you want to look at it in this kind of spiritual sense and this is a form of energetic awakening that helps us to transform mental, emotional and spiritual energies throughout our beings. When we look back at how we have been kept held under a lower frequency masculine energy for all those years, any chance of any energetic awakening has been pretty slim, however, and this is where we can see the impact on the control system and societal reactions to its strong hold because, in the West where we have the majority of the strangle from the system in forms of corporations, obvious material wealth excess and the effects of the rat race, we are in the west are the least spiritual, least intuitive and are so far removed from nature but if you look at the aboriginals, the native Indians and the African cultures that are less driven by western standards, programming and material structures, they are the few of us left as a human race that are still in touch with nature, hold a deeper intuitive knowledge and insight and are much healthier spiritually. They have a much deeper atunement to the divine feminine and therefore their sense of community, family and so much more is structured in a more feminine way. It’s absolute proof that the more spiritual and aligned with your heart self you are the better chances of successful communal living etc. I say this, but please note that even within these communities at this specific time, we are all still vibing on the same collective frequency wave so while they are in a sense higher than us spiritually and scenically, intuitively etc the economic pressures, environmental pressures and all other external factors we are all subject to will have a direct consequence on their level of consciousness as well. It will limit them to a degree is what I am trying to say. If the external factors didn’t pose such a threat for instance, things would be very different for all of us but especially the, as they haven’t been as programmed as us. I’ll give an example: There exists a population of natives where they were happy fishing their own waters and feeding their own people harmoniously getting on with life with no worries at all then all of a sudden, along come the commercial fishermen and they pillaged their waters and now all of a sudden the natives have to go further in to the jungle in search of new food sources, sources that perhaps are not as healthy and threaten their very existence. Sound familiar? For anyone wondering, the documentary seaspiracy discusses exactly this and highlights the apparent cause of the ebola crisis, which, yes, we can all blame on the fishermen not the natives as the natives would never have eaten poisonous meat if it weren’t for industrial greed. So, you see they had to get up and fight for survival very much like we do in the west but minus the 9-5 in a suit. And now this direct impact from other cultures within their small community will steer their energy towards a more fear based field because now they will also be subjected to fight or flight emotions all thanks to negative, masculine external influence. So you see how important it is to maintain a collective high energy field if you want to prevent negative, low vibrational, fear based things from happening. It is all about standing and uniting through manifestation, prayer, hope and a spiritual understanding of unity consciousness that can really only happen once we as individuals have done our inner work enough to raise the collective consciousness and shifted in to a higher frequency timeline.
The good news is, that is coming. Since 2012 in particular, there has been a huge energy shift. An awakening of the masses with more moving away from the deeply rooted corporate structure into the independent, free thinking creative world where people no longer want to be tied down to heavy debt and 9-5 city living and are looking for ways to slow down, re-connect with nature and understand themselves more. Shifting in to this slower, re-wilding and introspective way of living is all it takes in order to establish a deeper understanding of self and you have to start there, with yourself because when you do, you raise your vibration enough to help others to also reach this heart space. In all fairness, this is a path each must walk alone but for the ones that have walked it and reached the higher chakras, we are here to help. Hence why I am writing this post so that I can share it with those that are stuck trying to figure out why the masculine play isn’t getting them results in their search for feminine hope. You won’t find it there, you need to flip the pyramid. It takes a whole new mindset and heart set. One of manifestation and prayer and please don’t underestimate those principles and pass them off as something dreamlike or unsubstantial for the only reason you don’t really understand them is because you have not done your inner work. The work that will allow you to know the powers of the heart mind. In lower frequencies, we are so used to seeing things to believe them. If you go to the doctor and they take an x-ray to identify a mass or breakage, they can see evidence of such things on an x-ray photo. If they cannot see a mass they will say there’s nothing there because there’s nothing to see but you could continue with an illness no one can detect on an x-ray, go to see an energy healer and they will be able to identify the illness based on an energy blockage within your body. They don’t need to see the illness to know its there, instead they feel it. The difference is, when you’re working from your limiting lower based chakras, you can only see things to a certain level. When you increase your vibrations and become aware and attuned to energy, you start to feel things instead of necessarily needing to see them. Seeing is believing becomes believing is seeing. It is a higher energy playing field and this is where the divine feminine can get to work.
So, long story short, once you can operate from your heart space and work with divine feminine energy and more importantly, when we can collectively en masse work from this heart space, there will be no need to fight for our female empowerment and live in fear for the future of our daughters and those to follow, for once we operate from this heart space, full of softness, compassion, love, trust, forgiveness, strength, unity, equality and so on, there will be nothing to fear. We will be free from fear, free from violence, rape, torture, anger. And that, is how you win the rights for female empowerment and take your power back. That is what divine feminine is.
So if you’re really wanting to see a change and make a difference, GO WITHIN. Reach up and be as highly vibrational as possible and encourage all you know to do the same but remember, free will is the law of the universe. We cannot force others, they have to do their own work in their own time but, we will get there! It is not a fight as much as it is a journey of love. Don’t look back, look forward.

If anyone wishes to discuss further of include their input or feedback, I would love to hear from you. Anyone wishing to get in touch to co-host any podcasts, interviews or features please email me at



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