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Bridge Building – The importance of learning to find neutrality. How to transform judgement. Why finding SELF is crucial right now

Reading time approx (20-25 mins)

I am what you call a bridge builder. I work in healthcare as you may already know from my posts on here and on our FORTIS ONE HEALTH site, a project that is dedicated to ONE HEALTH, a triad healthcare principle that interconnects modalities across Human, Animal and Eco sectors combined. This project considers research, practice and development in both conventional and alternative interfaces and looks at how we can progress to merging and blending both principles to form a union that offers suitable healthcare dynamics and options to anyone and everyone in the safest, sustainable and result oriented way possible. This is what bridge building is.

Yesterday, I was made aware of a conversation on LBC yesterday by Shelagh Fogarty, link to a portion of said interview here: The interview proceeded to not so much discuss as entirely disregard the portion of the population that are either adamant or reluctant for whatever blessed reason to vaccinate themselves for this covid situation. Before I continue, I will state clearly, I am neither pro or anti vax. I do not have an enthusiastic stance on either side of the fence with this topic. Much like everything else I partake in I stand centered between both sides in the middle of the proverbial bridge if you like. So, the conversation , labelled a debate was in no way a debate at all as it entirely shut down anyone that choses for, as I say, whatever reason to decline or put haste on vaccine and rather than look at why and consider each and every persons individual reasons behind their choices, these individuals have opened a box labelled ANTI-VAXX and dumped every single person declining or resisting the V in to it. No questions or considerations, just THERE’S YOUR LABEL, LETS THROW YOU IN!

She asks the woman who she is interviewing, presumably someone that works in a care home that is employed alongside vax reluctant individuals, how she copes working along side these people without wanting to POISON THEIR COFFEE. To which the interviewee states that she can’t understand their choices either as they are actually really good carers but claims they ‘can’t be bothered to get it’ as a reason behind their reluctance, which she then states is SELFISH. Fogarty then says to the interviewee ‘Yes but you’re a sane, well-adjusted, compassionate human being’ assuming that those that choose not to take the V are not. So, this is a conversation between 2 people that have just okay-ed poisoning another’s coffee yet in the same breath have declared themselves sane, well adjusted and compassionate. To me that seems more like incitement to murder and is direct hate speech whilst pushing a one sided, misjudged and poorly informed narrative based on fear and mass shaming. Lets dive in¬


First and foremost, your health is and always should be a PRIVATE and PERSONAL matter for you and you alone to be aware of. You should never be forced in to a situation where you need to divulge personal information pertaining to your health to the mass collective of your work colleagues. In companies, HR divisions exist for situations such as these so it could be said that where is is a requisite, that is confidential between that division manager and yourself. NO ONE in your work environment need to know your vaccine history or any other element of your medical history END OF DISCUSSION! It is not open for public debate it is a confidential matter. If you are ever uncomfortable about sharing such information, please know that you have every right to keep it to yourself or decline to answer and no one should be asking if you have or have not had the V for it is none of their business.

I can’t say I understand why everyone is seemingly so obsessed with wanting to know the status of everyone’s V status. It seems psychologically disturbing that we’ve gone from spending a good few years battling away for GDPR, of which I personally have spent painfully long hours going through legal documents and adhering to all compliance regulations for the rights for our personal information protection to then completely disregard it because of a virus that has instilled the living fear in most people. I have had friends on wattsap groups message photos of their certificates and ask HAVE YOU ALL HAD YOURS? Like its a badge of honor and they are so proud to be playing their part so they really cannot get the side of those that don’t want to play the game and have their reservations. I put out questions to friends I know will answer me honestly without wanting to poison my coffee (I may have had the V, I may not, that’s for me to know….) and asked them what they thought of those that are reluctant and they came back with the following common answers:

  • They’re loony conspiracy theorists that have no rational or logical understanding of whats going on
  • They’re selfish
  • They think we’re all getting chipped and it will kill them
  • It’s the fault of those unwilling to Vax as to why this isn’t going away

I asked them then if for a second, someone thought that something could kill them, how could their reluctance to have that put in their bodies therefore be deemed as selfish? – ‘Because it’s not just about them‘. So, surely isn’t it then selfish of you to expect someone that is uncomfortable putting a potentially harmful substance in their body for the sake of others selfish of you to expect them to? ‘No answer.’ I also asked then that surely, if you have had all your V’s then it shouldn’t make any difference to you whether those around you are vaccinated or not, much like the flu shot or any other so called preventative treatment? ANSWER: ‘No answer’

I asked them why they thought the conspiracy theorists we’re not rational and didn’t understand what was going on – ANSWER: ‘They seem to think they’re all going to get chipped or that the V is the mark of the beast. They don’t seem to see that there is a pandemic where people are dying and are oblivious to whats really going on.’ I then said that, from the other side of the coin, (and there are always 2 sides…Have you ever seen a one sided coin?) there are those that don’t see a mass pandemic and have looked and found that the statistics have been manipulated, distorted and altered to make it seem like the pandemic is worse that in is. Much like the ONE BIG BOX for the ANTI VAX category, there is also a ONE BIG BOX for the CONSPIRACY THEORISTS, because of course we have to have everyone categorized because that’s what humans do! Round each other up and get the labels out…. Those in that category are

  1. Anyone that challenges the mainstream (one and only) narrative
  2. Anyone that is a researcher / thinks outside the box / has seen or heard alternative data, thesis, evidence based on independent information that challenges the mainstream perspective
  3. Anyone that thinks for themselves (My fave)

One of my friends who like me is neutral, was about to go for his vax but then didn’t feel right about it. When I asked him why not, his response was (in text) “Vaccinate the vulnerable, then freedom” has morphed into “we must punish anyone who still hasn’t been vaccinated” and if anything people are getting more enthusiastic about it. Incredibly sinister.’ – I can’t say hes wrong….

Lets call every corporate the mainstream, because they are, right. Corporates cover all sectors and industries of our entire existence. For those unaware, they cover Banking, Pharma, Education, Food, Sports + Entertainment, Travel, Science and Tech, Politics and the one right now that’s really going for it…..MEDIA! You cannot escape them, you might even think you love them but once you get how they work, you might change your mind. (FYI in today’s media, the headline in one of the papers is a photograph of Princess Diana with her 2 boys and the slogun: “BBC LIES DESTROYED OUR MUM” and online there is wildfire being blown about by the latest allegations from Harry regarding the Royals. I can see why this is happening though. There is the other side of the coin where those that only read the MSM lurk and won’t see why this is being put out there, They won’t put 2+2 together and QUESTION why this is being said and will continue to dote on what the BBC and the rest of the media tell them. Having said that, the other side of the coin also have a big box that they throw everyone in that doesn’t align with them. Their box is called SHEEPLE / KAREN’S / NORMIES (they use a few more adjectives as they seem to be more diverse with their opinions and theories)

I have worked as mentioned above, in both Corporate and independent Veterinary and Healthcare since 2014. I have deep dived in to all the hidden corners and nooks and crannies or the corporate world I work in. I know who owns the corproate vet companies and what their agendas are and it is due to this that in 2018/2019 we made a firm, integral choice to start to include and ‘normalize’ the independent and alternative sectors as there was a HUGE imbalance that was desperately toxic, shockingly deceptive and was misinforming people about their own healthcare and the healthcare of their pets. I could talk about this all day long but, let it be said, that for those that are standing there shouting’ I WILL LISTEN TO THE SCIENCE. I WILL LISTEN TO THE DOCTORS‘ please know, the rise in numbers even before this crisis started with professionals coming forward against the corporates for their BLATANT MISINFORMATION and PROVEN historical track record of negligence, especially in animal healthcare has been enormous. There are many many people walking away from the tyranny heartbroken for what has occurred and their inability to change the system and there are many that have set up in alt practice away from the stranglehold of corporate so that they can work with integrity and peace and do what they can to push forwards. Sadly though, there are those that know too well that this damage is occurring and are very handsomely being paid off to stay quiet and push forward the agenda, those that wish they could speak out but risk their positions and then there are those that are so brainwashed and manipulated through mainstream education that they don’t even see there is a problem with the system at all. Yes, these people with degrees in the most high end professions often are sadly, the ones that are the most die hard corporate minions. That is when you know the system did a real good job on them. They can’t for love nor money even see the system is the problem.

So thanks to the DOMINANCE of corporate living and it is everywhere, don’t kid yourself, every PROGRAM you watch has been PROGRAMMING you good and proper to not challenge or ask questions and that is why we have this division right now between those that conform without asking why and those that resist because they ask why. While I’m on the topic, one of my favorite things to bring up to get people to see from a creative view point is through music. I grew up in the 80′ and was a teen in the 90’s, which as far as I am concerned is the be all for musical power. We had the most powerful music being pushed from RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE (I mean, come on!) to some serious political protest bands ie, Public Enemy( fight the power), the Cranberries, Manic Street Prachers( IF YOU TOLERATE THIS THEN YOUR CHILDREN WILL BE NEXT), Metallica (ONE) (What is democracy?…, Faithless (WE COME ONE), (Lots of referencing to Oneness and unity….) So, WHEN WILL WE LEARN? The answer to that is, when you recognize that, the enemy is not the devil, but lack of knowledge about SELF! I will leave the musical tangent with my all time favorite power song albeit from 2007 not 90’s, and I urge you to pay close attention to the lyrics: FOO FIGHTERS THE PRETENDER – WHO ARE YOU? SO, WHO ARE YOU? Figure it out….. Again, I stand in the middle and I see from both sides, and neither is at fault or to blame for fault and blame do not exist. They are illusions that trap you in this false sense of duality and unless you have done your inner work and learnt the lessons, you will fall on either side until you realize that there is no such thing as a side, there just is…..ONENESS…..And so it is.

I have also noticed MANY Non vaxxers displaying fear against the vaxxed regarding shedding and where women are concerned, there is discussions about the possibilities of uteral shedding and prolapses and actually high incidents of strange menstruation reports. I can vouch for this I have experienced strange periods myself since March 2020 but I am not about to start blaming the vaxxed for anything that could be the cause of this and I have my suspicions about what is causing it and its not to do with the walking vaxxed at all it’s much more ‘planetary’. The judgement seems to be coming from both sides. Back and forth, back and forth. Gotta blame someone right? Again, please see above…Protest music and creative encouragement towards unity wasn’t put out there for nothing. Step out of your comfort zones and face reality! Learn about yourself. You will be supported. We’re all in this together!

So for the sake of those that cannot see why another would resist the vaccine and want to wait. Rather than call them selfish, insane or incompassionate beings that should have their coffee poisoned, maybe you could realize that that very statement itself is a huge judgement. One only makes a judgement when one is threatened, misinformed or coming from a place of imbalance or all of the above. When you are balanced, you wouldn’t make a judgement. You would just be neutral. I have plenty of friends that are vaxxed that have no problem with the ones that aren’t and vice versa it is a personal choice.

So, my own little story to tie it all together: (Approx A 7 MIN READ of skip to THE FUTURE…)

When I was 4 yrs old, my brother was born so I must have been around 4.5 / 5 yrs old when we went to our family doctors, Dr Sheard, who’s daughter Anna was in my class at school. I watched Dr Sheard give my brother his boosters. I can remember what the whole room looked like, the waiting room, the chair, the positon we were all sat in and I watched and thought, ‘That does not look fun!’ and he cried and I wanted to go home and I can remember wondering why the hell my mum had brought us to that room and what was happening and then it was my turn and I was beside myself. I was horrified. I remember really resenting my mum for making me go there and I remember questioning what was in it, what it was for, why did we need it etc. This questioning stuck with me. I was no more than 5. I then started questioning E numbers. I was a young child, where had I heard of E numbers? But I had and I remember taking my pocket money to the shop to buy a mint aero and looking at how many e numbers were on the back of the wrapper I didn’t want to eat the thing because I was so sure it was going to kill me. CANCER was a massive thing for me even by aged 10 I was worried about death, illness etc and I had many nervous encounters where I would break down and imagine my family dying because of bad things in our food and I developed various eating disorders because of this. Not going to lie at the same time kids are kids, I ate sweets but the worry was still there. I visited my grandparents more often than not in hospital rather than in their home or so it seemed at least so illness and disease were a common feature and I was not comfortable with it being so. Then I went to boarding school and around twice a yr we’d get the notice that vaccination week was upon us and for the week leading up to that day I would literally crap my pants and each day closer more so until the day came and it was shivering at the back of the queue with a girl called Charlotte who also like me, had a strong disagreement with what was going on. we were known to kick and scream and needed to be pinned down but everyone else would just go in and out like it was nothing to them. I couldn’t get why 28 out of the 30 of us found it a breeze but me and poor Charlotte were dealing with severe trauma around this. The same with meals. I get it, I was in boarding school so they had to ensure I ate something as it was all I got but, I have never eaten meat and the thought of putting greasy, fatty pork with bits of hair in my mouth was beyond horrendous. I couldn’t do it. Every fish Friday I would pull they old ‘choked on a fish bone’ card to be excused from lunch or try to throw it under the table or on to someone else’s plate but 9 times out of 10 my friends would all be let out to play and I would be forced to sit and eat in solitude. This scarred me so much I had major trauma from this and the name calling got pretty bad. I was very thin and pale. A sickly looking child and was nicknamed alien features, 5 head or the anaemic bone by my beloved friends. I have a sense of humor at least but, vibrationally, I never have been OK with eating meat and I don’t really think I ever will be. I have bits and pieces but could very well do without and I have huge guilt around issues with food also because of my developmental years so, when someone tries to push something on you that you do not want, PLEASE DO NOT EVER play the selfish card, or call them non-compassionate or insane without knowing and understanding why they don’t align with your belief. If you do this YOU are the selfish one plain and simple.

My entire life I have been a naturalist. When I had my first child in 2009 and I entered my 30’s even more so and I am now 42. I may have dabbled with rec drugs in my youth but not to any level more than trying and going ok, no that was fun but that’s not for me. It was almost like the toxic, dark demonic stuff like drugs and alcohol needed to be sampled for me to very clearly go NO THANKS that’s not my vibe. I haven’t touched alcohol in any form for years now. My friends think I am weird. I think that they are, but on a personal level, it does nothing for me and the more and more in touch with nature I become the more any of that artificial, toxic stuff has absolutely no place in my life whatsoever.

If you saw my mum’s med cabinet you would be STUNNED! Or maybe not as it seems normies are all pharma clients in a big way… She is literally running a chemist from her little 2 bed house that since my dad died she has lived in alone and her health since 2020 has drastically declined. She takes meds for anything and everything and is one of the biggest druggies going. Her doctors, the biggest dealers in town! I am prone to migraines. It is hard to treat them naturally although I do because I have now got to the point that I feel vibrationally uncomfortable even taking an ibuprofen so I treat with salt baths, peppermint oil, ice therapy on the back of my neck, reflexology, lots of water rest and if I can get in, acupuncture. My mother cannot understand why I wouldn’t just pop pills. Looking over my enitre life history track record, its very easy to see why. All the years I have gone to the doctors with debilitating health related anxiety and I know I say healthcare can and should be kept private I am only sharing this to be clear about my points here, but my doctors could tell you straight up that all the years they have offered me meds, I have rejected in favor of seeking out natural holistic alternatives that work. I had both my babies entirely med free because It didn’t feel right to have any ‘intervention’ and guess what, the human body does what it is born to do and it birthed both my babies with no issues at all. I understand this is not always the case I get that conventional medicine has its place I work in that sector too and I have had 2 surgeries that have been successful because of it but where ever I can chose my lifestyle aligns to exist as naturally as possible. It has taken me 8 years of formal studying, trial and error and an invested lifestyle change to not necessarily see the difference but to ‘feel’ the difference, the difference being UNAFRAID. I have NO FEAR any more. Funny that the year my fear and long term health related anxieties all went away were the same year a global pandemic hit and I am not afraid one bit of dying from this virus. As soon as I let go of the fear surrounding all and any of the health related baggage I have carried ALL MY LIFE since that appointment with my brother at 5 yrs old, I have now entered in to a place of neutrality and peace. 37 years that took. A lot of my life has been spent in counselling, self torment, generally being labelled misunderstood and the obvious black sheep because I dared to question things and see things from a different perspective and now we are living in these times where according to the masses, unless we all walk down the same single road in single file with our sleeves rolled up we’re selfish soulless conspiracy theorists with no compassion for others. Heart breaking that its come to this! I’ve worked so so damn hard to battle my demons that are the very demons everyone is now suggesting I should take for the sake of everyone else’s safety. Who’s thinking of my god damn safety?


We have spoken for years about mental health and how we never know the battles that others are suffering so not to pass judgement. I say this with huge compassion but, those that are aligning with the words of Shelagh Fogarty and who believe that even against our wills those of us that do not wish for a vaccine should be vaxxed for the sake of others YOU REALLY HAVE WORK TO DO! Deep deep inner work. We do not live in a Universe anymore. Did we ever? We live in a multiverse and we are multi dimensional beings where everything exists on a multilayered playing field. There is NO one size fits all or no one pill fixes all. That is where we have gone VERY VERY wrong! That is what THIS is ALL about! Can you not see that? It doesn’t work. It is what we are breaking down! We are in the very early stages of the biggest paradigm shift ever and every one of us has a choice to make. I guess that choice in its simplest terms is which master do you chose to serve, Not really anything simple about it but its something that needs to be questioned and in doing so, you have to look at every angle, past, present and future and all perspectives in between or you won’t find truth. What is truth? GOD. Purity, redemption, forgiveness….EVERY ONE OF US needs to learn however they will learn that judgement, blame, division, hate, fear and all that bullshit is on the way out. We need to release it now or the future will not be fun for those that can not.

So to sign this off, I really want to remind you all, whichever side of the fence you’re on that, firstly, EVERYTHING IS ENERGY Be careful with your energy exchanges, This goes for what you put in your body, food, drugs, alcohol, sex, it all carries a ‘currency’ that either lowers or heightens your vibration. What I am experiencing right now, the point I am at right now due to years of CONSCIOUS CLEANSING and mindful life choices is that I can no longer lie. If you haven’t seen the movie KNIVES OUT its defo worth a watch! The girl in it that’s a suspect AND witness physically vomits when she tells a lie. I get that! I have to live authentically to myself or else I can now literally feel my vibe drop and it is not good! It is no joke when I tell you that thanks to the conscious practice of living this way, seeing is believing becomes believing is seeing and faith gives you visions you could never have seen before. The things I have seen and felt over the last few years has restored my faith in humanity beyond words and that only came when I attempted to leave behind judgement and place myself in a position of neutrality. HAVE FAITH! And also, last but my no means least, recognizing your own power…HUMANS ARE AMAZING. Don’t forget that. You can literally shift yourself out of any state by look at things as lessons. If you’re ever in a position of fear, confusion, pain, hurt, anger, regret etc, stop and think about what is occurring and what lessons need to be learnt in order to transmute the energy from that so it doesn’t leave you unhealed. You’ll only have to come back to it later otherwise. As soon as you can recognize how powerful we are and that we can heal ourselves, we can save ourselves, we evolve. THIS is the entire point! No-one is coming to save us except ourselves. For the last 2 years now I have repeated the phrase GO WITHIN – The only way out is in. I am not joking. Shelagh Fogarty bless her may lose her job due to the backlash of these comments. I do hope she does because anyone in public domains need to measure their words carefully or get out but on the other hand, I feel for her because she is the epitome of a lost soul that is regurgitating trauma and is stuck in a wounded cycle because of what trash she puts out there….its like a karmic boomerang. Send out snarly shit and that shits going to come smack you right back in the face until you learn the lesson….

And so it is…..It’s 11pm now and my sister in law is coming up from London tomorrow for some fresh field air and cuddles…You know, now we’re allowed! haha. Think for yourselves people. Switch off the box and ignore the lunacy in the external world. The inside world is full of magic and wonder, and you can create whatever you so desire without restrictions or limitations. You are the creative master of your reality. How you do that is up to you…The choice is yours



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