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Welcoming Scorpio Season 2021


Where most think of death as the end, Scorpio things of death as the beginning. It is the time when the weight we have carried for the year starts to wilt and fall and we wither and recline in to a slumber until ultimately, the last leaf falls and the last warm breath is inhaled. The perish is unavoidable. It mirrors the turnings of nature. It is a time to remember that we are cyclical beings and that as the sun makes its decent and the darkness casts upon us, even when death seems to be the line that is drawn, Scorpio, as tricky as it can be, shows us that death does not mean the end. It is the decent and the withering of old ways, old systems, old beliefs, old skin. What is old no longer serves us and we all have many things that we have outgrown and overused, even if to us those things are what bring us great comfort and feel like they are what bring us the most attachment to this world, remember, attachment is also dangerous. Attachments do not allow us to grow and after death comes the opportunity for rebirth where you can grow in to new ways, new paths unfolding that we yet cannot see or envision because we are still releasing the old that is soon to perish. Scorpio, as dark and potentially scary as it is, must actually be considered a blessing and an opportunity to know that even once you have reached the rock bottom of the underworld and the lights have gone out, from the surrender and ash of the womb of the dead come the sparks and fire of new creation. Sagittarius soon to ignite whatever lays dormant, thinking, creating and moulding new breath during the Scorpio transit and come the fiery energy of Sagittarius late November, what creation merges throughout scorpio will slowly start to spark and a rebirth will commence. So it is important that during this decent to the underworld, we consider with intent and conscious knowing what it is that we need to release, what is dying around us, what has overstayed its welcome and even those things that we must endure out of our control that create losses and collapse, something on the other side is waiting to be born so, take this time to fall into the sinking arms of death and allow it to fill you with magic and inspiration. Allow yourself to become the darkness and cover yourself within its silence while you just lay there still and peaceful. Don’t resist it, even if it causes worry, concern, panic and fear. Surrender to it and let it carry away all of those fears as they too die with the earth as she enters this very same transition for what follows could be something incredible!


The female womb is now in the waning period. The period which marks the gradual end of the harvest where what is left start to wither and die back to the ground. Whatever seeds remain are what start preparing for germination (Sagittarius to follow) There will always be seeds that remain. What you intend for these seeds comes from the deepest parts within you. This is the time now to surrender and become introspective and reflective on everything around you. When you slow down enough and go within, you deepen your senses and perception and your intuitive nature awakens. This insight is a magical gift that allows you to consider what is to come. Scorpio is the ruler of the genitals. She is the sexual energy creator and the priestess that harnesses sexual creative energy in preparation for the reproduction harvest. Whatever is to birth between now and spring starts with Scorpio as she is the maternal womb and creator of all that follows. She is deeply sensual and in the dark corners of the blanketed underworld she embodies you with all the mystery and magic that ignites within you. Stay home and be still. Practice Yin yoga and move slowly with intention and care for yourself. Eat soft, deep, enriching foods that will nourish you and keep you warm. Sleep as long as you can and breath as deeply as you can. Use warming, sensual oils such as patchouli, jasmine and frankincense.


Can you go too deep? I suppose it depends on how much you have to release and how much you are about to bring forth. With Scorpio, there is always the fear of too much. It is easy and very tempting to get lost in the depths of her watery emotional layers where dark comfort swiftly turns into deceit and twisty bewitching entanglement that’s difficult to release yourself from and when you do, the damage of the sting maybe too much to bounce back from. Maybe the best way to fall in to this season is by setting intentions but not overthinking or questioning. There’s time for that in the season to come. This is the time to just surrender

This year in particular, we see the forward movements of Saturn and Jupiter and with all that we have collectively experienced, this Scorpio season will mark the end of a lot of the trauma that we have endured but, with that ending may come a lot of collective fear, anger, resentment and confusion. All of these fears need to get put in to the proverbial womb of death and must be transmuted in to something positive in order for us to head towards a collective rebirth because otherwise, the periods to follow what collapses this autumn might be too difficult for many to address. With Saturn in forward motion, all that is unfolding throughout Scorpio season will need us to handle the situation with maturity and respect for others otherwise the expansive influence of Jupiter might make the situation spiral in to chaos for those that cannot handle their own emotions and / or end up feeling out of control with negative vices such as jealously, rage, bitterness and blame. It is time to take accountability and simply focus on what you can change which is only ever WITHIN YOU and let the external unfold without adding fuel to the fire. What needs to unfold will unfold, whether you exacerbate it or not. DO NOT fear. Go quietly within


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