There are people that are known as hoarders. Some might laugh in disbelief at their obscene behavior, little understanding the psychology that goes with the obsession of hoarding possessions and yet, even in the mildest form, we are ALL victims of this disorder without even realizing.

There was a woman I had heard of that came from here in Cyprus. Going back 50 yrs her family were involved in an uprising and her father was shot dead. From that instant moment, anything that triggered a memory response to that timeframe was kept as a keep sake. She ended up spending her entire adulthood hoarding all and anything as her obsession took over and what started off as a small, localised thing that gave her comfort quickly turned in to something that she could no longer control and it was controlling her. Every area of her home was piled floor to ceiling with ‘stuff’ to the point that she was needing to climb over furniture to move in to another room. Only when you understand the cause of the triggers and can accept the reasons why your mind works the way it does can you free yourself from it. This acceptance often means releasing yourself from the things you were really holding on to, in her case her actual father but she replaced her father with material items as a way to hold on to him, not realising that the false representations caused a lifetime of pain and trauma. Sometimes, we even do realise but we are just not willing to ‘LET GO’. Our minds are what control us.

At the end of the day, you will never be able to choose, select, think or decide for other people. Another way of looking at our mind houses – Every person has their own narrative about you. Everyone is living in their own house and what people tend to do is go to the house of their neighbour and snoop in their gardens, garages and drive ways to compare their lives to their own and weigh out the differences between material possessions and the physical realities of those around them. We all do it. It’s what manifests our material reality construct. We go and observe our neighbours houses and yet we lock themselves out of our own. We worry about what other people think. Comparisons and assumptions based on the perceptions of others realities that don’t concern us and yet we preoccupy ourselves with the lives and presumed perceptions of others that our own houses crumble. Getting caught up in external things, such as people, possessions, circumstantial trauma and occurrences that may or may not concern us are filling our own houses with boxes of clutter that we don’t need.

Empty the boxes, sweep out the clutter and sit quietly in the emptiness of your own house and go within. The external isn’t real. It is just a manifestation of what your mind creates. When you lose your mind, you find eternal freedom

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