The importance of remembering the classics – Last week, at a family dinner, we got to discussing the importance of ‘circling back’ through our historical past in order to move forwards. There were comments such as, the past is the past, it should get left there, some things are too painful to remember, the future is forward thinking not backward thinking etc etc

Today is 04/12/21 and it is a new moon in Sagittarius and a solar eclipse, 2 weeks and 1 day post a very heavy and intense lunar eclipse in Taurus. Now, if you understand about the purposes of eclipses, you will know that they conjure up cyclical events in the past and rise them to the surface in order to see the past, acknowledge it and send it to the underworld in order to birth a new cycle. Right now, these 2 eclipses are pretty monumental given the other astrological transits that we are experiencing in our cosmos that are literally shedding our entire old systems in order to bring about a whole new story in the planetary and human evolutionary cycle. I don’t think people realise how enormous this is! Think of it in terms of epochs of time, ages and cycles, rise and falls of empires have long been a part of our history and are symbolic and significant in how we have grown culturally, ethically, socially and so on through the powers and understandings of our past Gods and their historical legacies.

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; William Shakespeare’s sonnet from ‘As you like it’ describes us as the actors of seven ages. We have experienced many epochs so far, each approximately lasting 24,000 years, I cosmic day, just like the clock, striking 12, starts another cycle or day. Each realm / epoch has its creation of root races. Where do the root races originate from? Many say that humans have the exact biomakeup as stars. The human body is made up of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen (the main 4) and then below that is calcium and phosphorous followed by 10+ other elements and space minerals that make us exact ‘carbon copies’ of the universe. As above, so below.

In Greek mythology, the Gods fell from the sky. They became human embodiments of the star Gods and Godesses post battle in the cosmos. Their legacies becoming a part of our historic legacy here in human form having originated above. As stated in the Bible book of genesis, “And God said, let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years: 15 And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so.” (KJV) – Now, whatever your believe in the one God / multi God theories, that’s up to you but, the stars tell their story and their history has been documented and guarded for years. Hidden for the most part, some lost in physical form, some lost in translation but nonetheless its here and its OUR History.

As said, we are currently about to move from one epoch in to another. Why is this a big deal? 24000 years of one cycle ending and marking the beginning of a new cycle, a new age, is a really big deal. Our current systems, structures, beliefs etc all coming to a close and what will come can only depend on 2 things. Our History and God. Again, your interpretation of those 2 things is up to you. That’s the beauty of this game we can life, we all get to chose what it looks like for each of us and how we chose to navigate it as we are all blessedly unique. If you understand the cosmic transits, you will know that at the precise moment of your birth, the planets and stars were aligned in a specific way to make you the unique being that you are. Astrologically, you are made up of various star transit energies. Mine for instance is Sagittarius sun, Aries moon with my ascending ruler inn Scorpio. My signature sign however is Virgo. You can trace your chart and examine it yourself but for each interpretation will lead you to understand your own personal journey here on earth and what your star paths have in line for you. With mine, no surprises, I am a very hot headed, magnetically hearted being, primarily focused on philosophy, psychology and the experience. With Scorpio I am also very intuitive and my Virgo leads me towards a path of health and healing. We ALL have our unique signature. It’s all there to be discovered!

So, I currently live in Cyprus. The journey that lead us to be here is itself a strange and unique one. One that came out of nowhere and with no warning but here we are. As a 14 yr old I was highly uninterested in mainstream school subjects and much to my parents frustration I made little effort in the mundane subjects and following of rules etc. I loved art and music and I would get involved with sports and extra curricular events but mainstream stuff just numbed my mind. For one term and one term only however, we had a class on classics and mythology. Wow how my eyes lit up and my brain switched on…But then puff…Lessons stop! But those lessons stuck with me and 20 years later, I can still remember the teachings of the gods and goddesses, the cosmos and the energies of the classical empires. They set my heart on fire! So to find out that not only the country I now live in but the very town itself is the birth place of Aphrodite is like magic to my heart. How we came to be here so absolutely unusual and spontaneous but I feel now like my journey to this moment in my life was me auditioning for a role I didn’t even know I was about to play. The stage being set for something I didn’t even know was coming. As Shakespeare said, we are the players on the stage and more times than not, the universe has its plans for us without us even realising consciously what they are. Again, the stars leading us and unfolding destiny right in front of our very eyes, revealing magic, powers and potentials we never knew we had!

ON THE NATURE OF THINGS – LUCRETIUS, is possibly one of the most influential books about our classical, historical path. It helped spark the movement of the cultural revolution that we know as THE RENAISSANCE, its goal was to teach people to think for themselves, to leave shame, guilt and fear behind and that in order to conquer our fears, we 1st need to learn and accept that we and all things are transitory and to enjoy the simple pleasures that life offers us in the moment. The embodiment of Aphrodite began to manifest itself everywhere during the Renaissance period and the energies of self empowerment took centre stage and people began to look to the natural world for answers rather than blindly following the dictates of political and religious institutions. Now isn’t that interesting that so much of the energies of that period are also influencing us right now! Here in Cyprus, the morning star, venus, Lucifer shines brightly every day, the light barer, known as the false light in the holy texts and interpreted to now mean Satan by modern standards, but could that just have been a coincidental interpretation written in to the play but those looking to start their own empire at the turn of an age?

The age of enlightenment was what birthed the modern world and all things we know today. Our current era has never been more manipulated by dark, satanic energies and forces of false light. The book of Isaiah 8th century BC states ‘How are thou fallen from heaven, Oh Lucifer, son of the morning, how art thou cut down to the ground’. This reference is made to the King of Babylon, not to the figure of Satan. The 8 pointed star that symbolises the planet venus has long been a symbol of honour to those in positions of high power. It was at the time of the decline of the Roman empire that Christian scholars began to interpret the word Lucifer as an alternate title for Satan. A convenient twist in translation and an easy way to demonise the Babylonian king along with various gods and goddesses, and as the age of enlightenment started and polytheistic religions fell away and Christianity took over, the light of Aphrodite, Venus, Lucifer dimmed. As the dark ages commenced, so much of our classical past was lost or destroyed along with our faith and intuitive understanding of these cosmic symbols of our ancestral past. Ah, but at the birth of a new age, and I write this on the day of the New Moon eclipse, we cast out the old and birth a new, and with it we re-birth all of the powers and understandings of our mythical past and sovereign energies of the Renaissance period as they make their way back in to the western world, bringing with them a love of philosophy, beauty and the desires to look up to the stars for direction and guidance instead of the crumbling path presented to us by our leaders that have twisted our fate and kept us hidden in the dark.

You see now the importance of understanding our Historical past. How without knowing the truth about our past and how it has led us to the very now, we cannot move forwards in to our evolutionary journey and inevitable future. Coincidentally, Lucifer means ‘the light bearer’ representing Venus, and Venus in Greek translates to PHOSPHOROUS. Phosphorous being the 6th most abundant element that makes up the human body.

The birth of new beginnings is now! Let the light shine upon them

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