THE UNIVERSE – The one verse. Ah, how we have all sang to the ONE TUNE recently haven’t we. And what we have come to realise with the monotone, singular tune we sing whilst walking together down the narrow single path is that actually, the one way approach does not work, because we are all so different. How then, in a UNIverse can we all be so different yet so the same?

Well, its simple really. The universe is itself the only verse. Our only home under this firmament above and the firmament below that hosts us here within in. It is the UNIverse but we are all plentiful magnitudes of the elements within the universe that work together to create the very universe we live in in the wonderous state we experience it to be. The sky, air, the sea, water, the earth, earth and fire, the spark that ignites all of the above and warms the below. The 4 elements, the 4 seasons, the 4 quarters of our clock that determine our cycles and how each element flows in to each other and provides us the functions and experiences and inevitable outcomes that we witness here within the UNIverse. So the universe is the ONE / UNI that holds all of the elements and energies within it but now we know that according to these energies, a one path, one way, one dimensional approach and rule to our multi-dimensional existence is not a sustainable or worthy following because there are many elements at work and many possible routes and outcomes to experience along our journey that it limits us and disempowers us from learning and finding out more.

Take for instance, healthcare. My favourite topic of late. Our current medical system is a one way system. It offers the same one service, treatment and approach for every single human being that uses it. You have heart disease, take this pill, you have cancer, take this treatment. The outcome for each patient will inevitably vary but the treatment itself is the same offering from one patient to another. They might alter dosages based on age, weight, stage of illness etc but the one treatment is still the only one treatment without much variety or consideration for the fact that we are all so different and therefore so too must be our approach to what can be offered.

Jung was a medical doctor before he was a psychologist and he very much favoured the Greek 4 humors approach to healing. The focus being on the word healing which is also another huge difference between these approaches as our current medical system offers nothing at all to do with healing modalities, it only focuses on modern western treatments which often itself requires a good deal of healing from. The 4 bodily humors were based on the Shakespearean cosmology, inherited from the ancient Greek philosophers Aristotle, Hippocrates, and Galen and organized around the four elements of earth, water, air, and fire; the four qualities of cold, hot, moist, and dry; and the four humors, these physical qualities determined the behaviour of all created things including the human body, mind and spirit. It is I suppose the European equivalent of the traditional Chinese medicine protocols and the ayurvedic approaches of doshas but it works very well in the natural cyclical workings of the universal principles. The principles that bind us to the elements and qualities of ALL the energies that operate so uniquely and with such fines that one movement out of kilter could throw the whole game off balance. A flood of water, a spark of fire, a drought so strong it kills the earth can have detrimental effects on how we exist here on earth as earthly beings. We are in sync with the operations and cycles of earth and we are ourselves all unique as are the elements. Our charts withhold our elemental strengths and weaknesses and only when we understand them and find a balance within them can we maintain a healthy equilibrium that sees we do not require the need for medical treatment in the first place.

Hippocrates quotes – “If one wishes for good health, one must first ask himself if he is ready to do away with the very reasons for his illness. Only then is it possible to help him’ – meaning that, the very causes of illness themselves must be addresses and then preventative, restorative and balancing principles can be put in to place. Principles that focus on the elementals, the 4 humors:


  • Humor: Black Bile
  • Element: Earth
  • Season: Winter
  • Age: Old Age
  • Qualities: Cold & Dry
  • Organ: Spleen
  • Planet: Saturn


  • Humor: Phlegm
  • Element: Water
  • Season: Autumn
  • Age: Maturity
  • Qualities: Cold & Moist
  • Organ: Brain
  • Planet: Moon


  • Humor: Yellow Bile
  • Element: Fire
  • Season: Summer
  • Age: Childhood
  • Qualities: Hot & Dry
  • Organ: Gall Bladder
  • Planet: Mars


  • Humor: Blood
  • Element: Air
  • Season: Spring
  • Age: Adolescence
  • Qualities: Hot & Moist
  • Organ: Heart
  • Planet: Jupiter

Our own individual, unique cosmological foundations for a healthy mind, body and spirit lay in the understanding of ourselves as operational universal beings. We all hold unique skill sets and abilities. Someones strength could be in the mind, anothers in feelings, intuition or direct sensation. Jung understood these findings of the 4 humors and connected to the elements how they are interpersonal to each ones individual powers. Someone of air element will be a thinker or the mind, able to connect mental aspects, comparative data and thoughts and like a switch board be able to apply them in to our conscious internal and external surroundings. Someone of water element will be of a more feeling quality, able to work on an emotional bias which can be developed, analysed and sent out in to the world through many channels, such as arts, music, writing, communication, teaching, counselling etc. They take the emotional fragments and concepts of the internal and external world and all of us within it and make sense of our emotional constructs and all the things that make us emotional humans. Experience inn motion = emotion. Someone of earth, will be more susceptible to direct sensory perceptions and things relating to hard facts and purpose. Soild concrete constructs built on material premise come from those that are grounded in their understandings and can use earths rooted principles to form basis and reliable founding to further their enhancements on whatever projects they undergo. They make great architects, scientific researchers, geologists, doctors, builders and farmers. And last but not least someone of fire, they light the sparks for projects and ideas. They are the initiators. The instigators, the ones that hold the intuitive resonance of the future in a sense that is aetheric and perceptive and they take those ideas and set them alight and turn them in to something physical. They are the manifestors and the creators that offer solutions and philosophical constructs that give the reason we are here a purpose that allow the other elements to grow and flow on. Understand however, that we are all combinations of different elements and our charts hold a personalised summary of how our elements marry together to best describe how they make us our unique selves. This is precisely why you cannot expect a human being to only follow one suit when there are so many different avenues to chose and alternatives to use that we simply don’t because we have either been prohibited or we don’t even know they exist. Once we expand our minds and our consciousness however, those options appear to us more and out of them grow new ways of living, experiencing and finding greater purpose, and that is what we call evolution.

“I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together” – Opening line from ‘I am the walrus’ by The Beatles. Suggesting that we are all the same, we are all one BUT we are all unique first. We are one in the one universe but we come with our own set of elements, skills, mindsets, game plans, strengths and weaknesses. Fine tuning these things requires us to understand the cosmological workings of the universe and our own place within it. Charting is easy enough to do. It’s straight forward to a ‘degree’ (literally) and then with those degrees of varying elements you form a bigger picture of the YOU in the UNI and with that understanding you can become a magical cog in the wheel. You can become so empowered and fine tuned within the frequencies and unfoldings of the universe that you will never need to use the illusory systems of sickcare for you will never need it. You will have conquered the very thing Hippocrates was here to teach us and that is to do away with the very things that cause us illness in the first place. To break away from the system and be sovereign to yourself

The one most important thing you can do for yourself right now in this day and age, is to understand the workings of the universe and how to make things work according to your place within it. It’s a change of perspective. It’s a shift in understanding of why we’re here and start to do things differently so that we can make progress and really begin to evolve. On December 21st  2020, we had the grand conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter at 0 degree Aquarius. Marking a new beginning as we make our way in to the age of Aquarius, an entirely new age (There is work to be done first). How the world has been for so long now has created so much imbalance and sickness it has affected us all. The earth as we see now is going through chaos. We’re told its all our fault. To a degree it of course is but not because we’ve harmed her through damage and destruction but through ignorance. We’ve been walking through life asleep and our level of conscious awareness towards many things has been dimmed down and diminished. We gave our power away. We were oblivious to our own innate internal powers given to us by God, creator, universe, that we stopped questioning. We stopped being in control and let the system control us. We got sick so we did as they said and got their treatment. We worked to pay for the very system that broke us in the first place and only now are we circling back to the knowledge that our ancestors shared with us way back when people understood the workings of nature and were connected to it rather than disconnected as we are right now. I think the fear of considering that mother earth is in danger is enough to plant the seed in most of us that there is something that needs to be done here. A change, a shift in order to move away from the old ways that no longer serve us. The one dimensional one sided offerings that have been all we’ve ever known are now breaking away and people are slowly coming back to their intuitive knowing and connection to nature and are starting to look up to the cosmos and ask bigger questions. It sometimes takes that fall into chaos, that hitting of rock bottom to realise you have to have a breakdown in order to break through. This is where we are right now. Total wipeout. The final call. Armageddon. We are finally starting to evolve. But evolution is slow. It takes time. We need to be gentle and patient with the changes but rest assured they’re coming.

I can’t remember who said it so if anyone reading this remembers, in late 2020, someone claimed that the Western woman will be the one to bring back the Eastern principles and flip the script to bring back the times where natural healing modalities were our main focus. I remember hearing this and I could not have agreed more. Considering the grand rise of feminine energies and the great collapse of western structures no longer serving us, it is up to us to rebuild our systems and give power back to the people with systems that work and do so honestly.

The world is changing. The universe is in control. Intuition becomes the leader of our minds and our hearts take centre stage as we move in to an air based construct that literally blows us all our of the water! I hope you can swim….Love to all x

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