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DISCLAIMER: This post has personal elements to back up my credible theories on chiropractic. Be warned 🙂

Most of what I write on here and what I practice is varied. I can go between philosophy, psychology and health related topics one to another and I have had people ask me, “Why do you talk about X when you’re a talk therapist?” or “Why do you talk about talk therapies when you’re talking about hormones?” – The thing is, life is varied and we are a WHOLE that is made up of many different compartments. In order to treat the whole, we need to consider the many facets within our wholeness. Many areas that overall paint a picture and allow us to understand, break down, break through and find and restore our balance.

I posted on instastories this morning about how my journey towards ‘self-health’ started in 2010 when I set off on a mission to right the wrongs I knew we’re occurring within me. From 2010 to 2014 I must have frequented the Doctors office approximately 100 times during that time frame, no jokes. The physical pains I was feeling were unreal and were the absolute cause of my anxiety, period. I had just become a mum for the 1st time and my life now became crucial. I had to be my absolute healthiest so that I could look after her so my health issues became a huge concern. What do you suppose the Doctors could tell me about the state of my health?


The monumentally painful physical problems I was suffering with kept coming back as benign, which in Doctors terms means that if there’s nothing to see on a lab test or xray, there’s nothing there. But there for sure was something there and their persistent insisting that it was anxiety and it was all in my head was doing something to me in a hugely negative way. I was becoming so irate and angry because there was absolutely nothing for me to be anxious about other than these pains so for them to tell me otherwise was driving me mad! It also highlighted the fact that they were admitting that the mind can cause physical effects on the body and this made me curious. I asked them, ‘How can the mind cause your legs or arms to feel pain?’ They couldn’t really answer me other than to explain neuropathways and nerve transmissions etc but they never expanded on their scientific analysis on this even after I asked a number of doctors to explain this to me so that I could understand it better myself. One even told me, it wasn’t for me to understand and that’s why he has the medical degree and if I wanted to know answers to these questions best I also go and get one too.

So, I did. Not a medical degree to practice standard general medicine or the rubbish he’s been sold, but a decades worth of the study of functional medicine with a focus on TCM, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, CBT and functional psychology and a number of other holistic courses that aligned with my overall health diplomaS and journey of investigation and discovery. For my self. For my Mind, Body and Spirit. Do you think the Doctors ever once asked me why I was anxious? What my emotional state was like? What my diet involved? How my hormones were? How my sleep was or if I was drinking enough water or getting enough exercise? Yeah, none of what they asked me had anything to do with my health but, they were quick to push anti-depressants and anti-inflammatories whilst telling me my essential oils and supplements we’re all just useless placebos.

So, in 2014, armed with the knowledge I had learned already, I sacked the doctor and employed 1)Myself 2) A farmers market 3)A DoTerra essential oil subscription 4) A dog to take on long walks 5) A yoga package and 6) A chiropractor.

I had heard from a friend that’s husband is a chiropractor that they aren’t just used for at the time of an injury or emergency, they are to be included alongside a lifestyle approach and an ongoing preventative form of healthcare that works as your own health insurance policy rather than taking a policy out for the mainstream sick care option.

So, chiropractors are a practice type that is currently not covered via health insurance policies. People have asked me why this is. The only thing I can say on this is;

Chiropractic heals people, therefore it does the opposite of what insurances want. They want more ways to bill you, so….

If you’re looking for ways out of mainstream healthcare but consider chiropractic to be too expensive, please do just remember that the insurance policy you may pay on standard healthcare is to cover you for sickness. Chiropractic ensures you don’t get sick as it is a preventative treatment that IS your insurance policy.

So what are the benefits of chiropractic?

When I started my formal training, it was with the school of natural health sciences where I began with CBT and talk therapies involving a lot of NLP which later influenced my philosophy and psychology degree, as my 1st and principle focus was on Mental Health and healing Mind therapies. It still is, but I also noticed through practice in this field and with my own personal experience of how physical manifestations of pain can occur in the body via mind triggers in the 1st place there is a deep connection between our mind health, our bodies and our spiritual selves, so, I further studied and moved into herbal medicine, naturopathy and functional nutrition figuring that if we started at the beginning, with what we ate then as Hippocrates stated, ‘Let Food be thy medicine’ is all we would need to heal ourselves.



After 2 years, depending on when you start the clock, I would say from 2014 to 2016, I noticed a HUGE shift in my health. (I will do a separate post about exactly what I did to SELF HEAL so that it doesn’t overwhelm this promotion of Chiropractic )but, all I can say, is that from eating the correct balance of food (correct for me, remember , we are all different bio-genetically) The correct amount of exercise (I could obviously do better but at least I know I am consistently doing the right things) The use of high vibration herbal protocols such as teas, elixirs, essential oils and supplements and then my regular chiropractic visits, my life has totally shifted. It doesn’t even resemble the life I had before, not only because of these protocols but because of my understanding towards health and wellness and my engagement with my own body, my own self that has taken me to a whole new paradigm where life is an entirely different experience now. I am sure those that have experienced similar can resonate. To those that can’t yet, you’re the reason I am writing this post!


When I 1st started these practices, I was still living in the UK and I was referred by my friends husband to a clinic in my home town of Harrogate. I was in a state at the time because of my physical pains and my mental state. Very frantic and chaotic and emotional about absolutely everything so upon my assessment they reccomended weekly sessions until my body had realigned itself back to a natural state of calm. I was holding a lot of tension and was having wide spread body pains, holding a lot of water, having headaches, hormone issues and suffering emotionally mainly because I had been let down by those I thought could help me (The Drs) and I was feeling hopeless. I started having weekly visits. At a cost of £33 per adjustment this was a lot but, it was worth every penny to get me back to a state of good health and a place where I felt comfortable being me. How long did that take? About 18 months, 12 if I really were to push it but I kept it going until I really felt sure I’d made a break through.

From 2016 -2019 I would visit once a month and from the get go, this became enough for me. In 2019 however, I started having another breakdown health wise. You must realize, that it takes a lifetime of dedication to find balance and optimum health. There will be times when you least expect it where you will be up one minute and everything will seem great and then you will suffer a crash again. We are not linear, predictable creatures, we are electric beings that work alongside the sine waves of the universe. If the universe is going through something, as do we. This is something that energy doctors understand. What could possibly have been brewing in 2019 that caused me to backtrack on all my good work? Ah, enter 2020!

Funnily, this year had been the year of recognition to me. Where I truly saw all my hard work and comprehensive understandings of science, philosophy, medicine, mind, body and spirit all come together as one in one great big crescendo of applause like the end of an assignment and I passed with flying colours . For many it has been the year that has provoked the hugest wave of fear and paranoia, scared to exist without a mask, angry that they cant get a doctors appointment, sinking in to decline in their health and no one to save them. For me, it was the year when I breathed the biggest sigh of relief. I finally understood all I had learnt and found a closeness to God because I didn’t just understand healthcare, I understood HEALING!

It was through my lifestyle adustments and my Chiropractic adjustments that I can stand here and say this. I balanced myself because I fought hard to and I never gave up. I healed myself because I learned about natural energy medicine and practices that are not only safe but effective. I invested in myself and rather than putting my faith in those that have failed me I put it in myself and those that have helped heal me.

The 1st thing I noticed, was an improvement in basic wide spread pain. It wasn’t sudden, it was very gradual and eased slowly but it eased. I then noticed a weight loss and an improvement in posture. I then started going to yoga with my mum regularly to a lady called Mags who hosted Hatha classes and offered some restorative flow that definately aided in recovery and rehab. I also then started noticing I was experiencing far fewer headaches (I believe mine to be hormone related so this was a sign that there was a definate improvement in my hormone function but I wasnt testing at the time this was just intuitive.) And not that I have ever struggled with sleep other than a few night panics, but I started sleeping like a dream

I am writing this to those of you that are looking for someone to save you, or those of you that are struggling and you want a way to restore yourself but don’t know where to start. Those of you that are in that breakthrough period that need that push. Its more than just an adjustment, because years later when you look back, you’ll realise it was an entire paradigm shift and it’s changed your WHOLE life!


If anyone is interested in finding out ways to incorporate chiropractic principles in to their own lives outside of practice and as a self care measure, I also wrote a post last year on the vagus nerve and its crucial role in our lives. A lot of chiropractic functions also understand and incorporate this so this post has a lot of ways you can stimulate this yourself eg: gargling, humming, body tapping, sound healing and massage.


Hope you enjoyed this post and found it informative and love to you all


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