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As women, we are so disconnected from our cycles. We don’t fully understand the workings of our bodies and due to this, we have so many irregular disruptions, out of balance issues showing up in our systems and not enough of an intuitive connection and understanding about the deeper, natural sense of our body’s purpose as females.

It’s not necessarily our faults. We’re sold hormonal contraceptives and replacement treatments and our diets are full of disruptors that cause us to out-sync so we are left with issues such as hormone imbalances, thyroid problems, adrenal fatigue, missed periods, irregularities and other quite serious conditions that could have been prevented if we had a deeper understanding of what should be going on with our bodies.

It’s very much like the cyclical disturbances we see that occur in nature. We have 12 months in a year, 4 seasons during that solar cycle, 12 lunar cycles every 28 days and so we as women are like little moons transiting the Earths solar system very much like the big players do. Within the 28 days of our menstrual cycle (Menses comes from the Latin plural meaning Mensis meaning months) so we are in effect no different to the external greater play of Earth’s natural cycles. We see now that Earth s currently going through a dilemma of her very own. A ‘climate change’ scenario where we see that she is imbalanced. The poles are wobbling, the weather is strange, there’s something in the air and all the while she is shifting, so are we.

The way I see this shift going, is back to a state of natural resonance. An awakening to the knowledge of our body’s capabilities and purpose and a re-wilding back to a deeper intuitive understanding of our rooted connections. We have been out of sync for far too long and its time to get healthy!



The four seasons of our menstrual cycle explains the 4 periods within our period and what that means during the 28 day cycle within the cycle.

You have:

  1. MENSTRUATION – Typically lasting between 1-5 days. Your bleed. LOVE THIS TIME PLEASE LADIES it is a sacred honour to bleed. It is our ancestral DNA passing through you and reconnecting us back to our ancestors via the Mother and allowing us to evolve. This time is MAGICAL! During this PERIOD you will recline into hibernation. This period is known as WINTER. It is where you die back and release the old, shedding it through your blood and putting it back in to the earth to regenerate the Earth. To regenerate YOU. What you eat and how you move during this time is CRUCIAL. You must be slow, thoughtful, rich, deep. This is your journey to the underworld. Your time to die and re-set
  2. FOLLICULAR – This is your post-menses. Your energy now will start to pick up. This is your re-birth. Your energetic re-start where your body starts to re-build layers back in the proverbial forest within and provide you with new vitality and focus. This is known as your SPRING period and from the start of spring leading in to summer, again, what you eat and how you move is crucial to maintaining a sound and balanced system. You must re-balance the blood you lost and rebuild your energies. Blood building now is cruiclal
  3. OVULATION – During ovulation, your body will have warmed up nicely and providing how much blood building emphasis you worked up during Spring coming out of Winter and how much energy your body has to develop in to fruition and fertility, this will be your window of opportunity to pro-create should the conditions be right. This is when your body is most fertile and mature and will have been empowered by the sun as this period is known as your SUMMER period. The period where your body temp will be highest, you will feel more yang and you will be creative, flowing and energized! The sun is out and so are you! The flower opens up so to speak
  4. LUTEAL – “pertaining to the corpus luteum,” 1906, from Latin luteus “yellow,” from lutum, the name of a weed used in dying yellow. This is the AUTUMN / FALL period. The period where you still have that vital energy from the charges of the sun and you have maintained the warmth that you will carry forward throughout this phase, which is the longest of all the phases. If during ovulation fertilisation did not occur, then the corpus luteum fades away.  The dying back in preparation for the coming winter season. This is your PRE-MENSTRUAL CYCLE. Again, carrying enough YANG energy throughout this cycle will enable you to have the reserves to comfortably recline and wither back throughout the death period of winter. It is said in Chinese philosophy that in order to have a good re-birth, you should have a good death. Again, depending on how you eat and move during this period, it will set the tone for the next period

And the next, and the next, and the next…..

So do you see how cyclical we are? How we are nature and we are our own Mother Earths and depending on how we use and enforce the other elements throughout our cycles we can build ourselves strong or we can struggle, falling into imbalance and disharmony. It takes 120 days to regenerate new cells within the body. This doesn’t happen over night so it is crucial to maintain a standard and be consistent in order to see great results

In January I will be launching a super detailed program that has all the information you will need based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles but with a Western spin to be able to make following the program more achievable. There will be calendar downloads, meal planners and recipe ideas, a list of what adaptogenic herbs might be useful, natural supplements and essential oil guides for though-out each phase and a work out guide to follow so you can get your sync on!

But for now, I leave you with this intro in to what the FOUR SEASONS are and how important knowing this information is for the greater good of the female you!



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