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Hello all,

This is my final post for 2021 and I am sending it out to you all with the hugest amount of love and compassion and hope for a fabulous year ahead.

And with that said, I am sending this with consideration for the beginning of the year ahead as I believe that we are in for some stormy weather and from what I have had coming in to my mind and heart about this time, I feel I need to share in case it can help anyone moving forward.

I am absolutely not a doomsdayer and I tend to stay far away from those dark theories about the future of humanity and as this post will hopefully reflect, we are evolving as a human collective in to something far more positive and progressive but in order to reach the destination of ‘love, peace and harmony :)’, we have some demolition to do first so, with that in mind, I have had some recent messages that have come through to me in a very detailed and clear sense that I have been prompted to share as I believe we need to stand united and hopeful in the next coming months.

I will also just say, that astrologically in a western outlook, there is a huge amount of transit line ups that would confirm what I am detailing in this post to possibly be accurate, especially the USA Pluto return and also with consideration of the Chinese astrology moving in to the year of the tiger, this is also confirmed and correlates as it is definitely set to be a fast paced, revolutionary year of change and new directions. So I share this in the hope that any of my friends, colleagues, loved ones or anyone at all that may come across this that has not woken up yet to these new energies and revealings does so quickly enough to get prepared for any eventual chaos that may unfold so that they can be safe. unafraid and comforted in the messages of a hopeful future for us all.

I did say I would time cap the sections of the message so you could jump to relevant points but as I freestyle and as thus message highlights quite a lot of back and forth it really isn’t possible so please listen and take or leave what feels right to you or does not. It is ok if you do not understand what I am saying or if you disagree. The point of this message is to express love, hope and comfort in what are turbulent times. I am not trying to persuade or influence anyone. These are simply messages I get that I feel the need to share as often the universe will talk to me just before something is about to occur. I feel obliged to often share these messages especially if I feel they could be helpful or comforting to anyone that might stumble across them.

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I wish you all a beautiful year ahead. Audio below x

Conclusion to above

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