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WOW This is a lot! Where to start?

I guess with the fact that today is 18/01/22 in simple format that is the 18th January 2022. The reason I am specifying it in simple terms will follow. But today, the nodes shift. They move out of our challenging and confrontational Gemini Sagitarrius where we have seen a lot of control throughout communication, censorship and we have held a microscope on the written words of the law, the justice system, the media and all of the storylines that have happened over the last 18-20 months during this modal axis. Well thats all about to have a scene change! Thank goodness we could say and we would of course be correct but what follows you may ask?

Well, now that all of that has been highlighted in an utterly dramatic sense. (Sagitarrius does nothing without drama and expansive energy), I guess we need to bring it to justice right? And moving in to Taurus Scorpio nodes, there will be a lot of carrying the last 20 months of energetic baggage in to this new era of holding a microscope under something entirely new to consider. Well, not new as such but a different storyline. A narrative that suggests a focus on our resources. Our food networks, our environment, our homes, resources, available supplies and alternative solutions that must now be considered. How does all of this tie in with where we have just come from? Everything, as it highlights the errors of who runs the show and the injustices, unethical misdemeanors and where things could and should have been different and been about benefiting the people they have not. Highlighting that abuse of power in a time where we are needing to focus on our every day basics means needing to strip that power down or collapse it in order to know our future in terms of our basic supplies and resources can be taken care of by a minimal gov source that has our best interests at heart. Haha sounds too good to be true you say? Don’t be so negative! We can no longer depend on the powers that have been to carry us in to the future when they have created such a mess. This chaos however, as disastrous as it may seem and certainly will do soon for sure, is necessary because you cannot have the golden age without the period of shit show first. We have to dismantle the system at a cellular level to ensure it cannot grow back. GET RID OF THE CANCER so that we can rebuild a habitat that we actually want to live in. One that lives in our dreams only this time we get a chance to truly create it for real. That blank canvas is on its way but in order to have the supplies to paint it with, we need to do some demolition work first.

Taurus – All about our relationship with Earth. Our grounded connection. Our senses, Intuition, creative energy, resources, food, fuel, water, gas, heat, clothing, money, cars, homes….all under the microscope. What needs changing? Because Uranus is also in Taurus and Uranus LOVES a bit of change! Uranus entered Taurus in March 2019 and will stay in Taurus until April 2026. The last few years have not yet seen however the dynamic possibilities of what Uranus in Taurus means because the nodes have been in Gemini Sag but now that the nodes themselves are in Taurus Scorpio this means that anything to do with Taurus will have a magnified impact. So, what can we expect?

7 years transiting the planet of rebellion, revolution, transition and electric energies you can expect that anything connected to these things and paired with a focus on the sign of mother earth will have some things to say. Uranus is the Son of Gaia so there is a huge connection between the 2. Gaia and Uranus however were not just mother and son but it was from the sexual union between the two that Gaia bore the Titans and the Giants, as well as of Pontus, from whose union she bore the primordial sea gods. Lets just say that anything considered between the 2 together is going to cause some uprising and some dynamic shifting and all in the name of our evolutionary transitioning and re-birthing after such a dark period of frustrating constraint and oppression. Now comes the demolition.

As I mentioned back in December, I had my eyes on Jan 5th as being a potential date for something monumental. I had considered the possibility of an all out cyber attack to kick start us in to this new nodal energy. A wipe out that would coincide with the switching on of the global 5G networks. I had a couple of people then say around that time that ‘oh well nothing occurred’ and firstly I would like to point out, I am not a fortune teller. I am merely reading the cosmic messages and allowing my intuition to guide me so things may not work out accordingly to my say so but I still vocalize my intuitive messages in case anything does happen as insighted and it can be useful to anyone at all.

So during Christmas, someone on twitter had posted about how the gregorian calendar had been enforced to take over our authentic Julian calendar and mix up our dates to manipulate and mislead us. Without going too much in to that, although I do think there is a lot of truth in this, it was an interesting twist and perspective on a lot of occultist phenomena relating to our Christmas celebrations and the distortion of events to ‘keep us all dumbed down’ from our true enlightenment etc. I had read this at the beginning of the year and did think about the Jan 5th messages but figured lets see how it all pans out but then the whole 5G roll out got postponed. Why?

I went back and forth over various sites that were journaling this delay and it turns out it was to do with the FAA , signalling that there are concerns that radio altimeters could be disrupted by 5G therefore it has been delayed by 2 weeks (corresponding with the difference in timeframes between the 2 calendars) Not suggesting it has anything to do with the mention of these calendars but I thought it was an interesting coincidence and also correlated a lot with what I had mentioned late December about the Uranus, aviation, GPS systems and magnetic poles. POST HERE..

See the documents from the FAA.GOV

So for the last 2 years, I have seen the numbers 333, 144 and 911 routinely and spontaneously. I get it. Someone interested in the stuff I am interested in understands numerology and symbology etc but I always considered 911 to have more to do with the towers date and the questions surrounding the birth date of Christ. Now I am not so sure if its actually reflecting tomorrows date 19/1. In the USA this is 1/19 which in reverse is 911. This could be a reach but again, it correlates to the dates and times of the 2 calendars and is a current hot topic on twitter right now. I put the 2 together and with the dates of the node shifts and the whole Uranus action right now, nothing would surprise me, so I thought I would share! Also, my daughter bust in to the room when my husband and I were talking about the calendars and started shouting ‘I’M KING JULIANUARY!’ – This strange yet hilarious spat coming from the movie Madagascar and yet another hint at subliminal messaging to do with times, dates etc that could be relevant? 911 1 19? Could be a stretch. Could be something. I guess we’ll see but hey you know its one thing reading in to energies and possibilities but as the end of this post will tell you, a lot is about letting go and riding the wave because otherwise, we’re just looking at controlling the outcome rather than just going with the flow. OBSERVE, DON’T ABSORB!

Has anyone started watching MANIFEST on netflix? Not usually one for tv shows but we started this last friday. Again, uranus, air travel and weather…its ALL THERE! And as my current hot topic of late seems to focus around time travel and loops, if this is of any interest to you also, may be worth a watch. Its very entertaining and is hinting at some great current day topics without waving the freaky flag too much! WE ARE FAR MORE THAN JUST HUMANS AS WE’VE ALWAYS KNOWN HUMANS TO BE…I’m a Sag with a lot of scorpio energy so I am expansive and firey yet magnetically intuitive. Relaying the messages as they come in…This show explains this a lot!


Times are changing. THE FOURTH TURNING – I won’t write too much about this on here for a couple of reasons. 1: I just spent half an hour this am doing an audio on it instead so please see the top of this post for the full details on THE FOURTH TURNING within the podcast but also 2: it’s so cold in here my fingers are going numb so I need to stop writing soon. I will leave a link HERE for info on the fourth turning and please remember, this link was broadcast in 2016 so we are now reaching the crisis point in the middle of the fourth turning according to the dates mentioned in the messages. Please also remember that nothing good comes without efforts and that we need to have a destabilization so that we can have that blank canvas to create the new world we all want with a clearer heart based principle. As mentioned in both my audio and the words of the host in the link above, OUR CHILDREN IN THIS GENERATION NOW will be the ones to reset and re-create our new world. They are the leaders and the empaths with creative vision and heart frequency. They do not operate out of fear.

Until 2026, the pace will pick up and we will make fast and furious efforts now to collapse and shift. This will be both physical, metaphysical and internal. We are changing our bodies to match the frequency of earth as we enter higher, lighter photonic energies. Those that cannot hold this frequency will struggle. There is a lot behind the scenes that we cannot comprehend yet as humans so I advise strongly to not overthink or try to control what is happening right now. A lot must get left to the energies and the universal flow itself. Trust that you are being guided. Trust that whatever comes next will have your back.

When I 1st started reading all about these shifts back in 2018, Dolores Cannon and the convoluted universe, The invisible rainbow, Nostradamus ….all the names of the game changers showed me a world that looks nothing like ours does now. And how do we get there if not without collapses, shifts and high tides? I can remember (as mentioned in the audio and probably the most important piece of information to take from this entire post) I was looking to move house and my family and I were considering where. And it was at this time I was looking at doomsday maps and suggestions of mass flooding and earthquakes and the whole mud flood and Atlantis flooding happening all over again. AKA THE GREAT RESET! And OMG I panicked! Where would be safe? And I told my husband we need to move to higher ground. The highest part of the Yorkshire dales. Back to his families land in Zimbabwe. Anywhere but the low lands of Europe as most of which would soon end up under water again….but then, WHAT ON EARTH was I thinking? WHO KNOWS what is going to happen other than God and the Universe and as I said there is so much that we do not know or understand but we must have faith that it guides us. I have had my apocalyptic dreams of floods but in them I can breath underwater. I have dreamt of a huge tidal wave that when it reaches my feet it stops and the water flows upwards and carries me up with it and I can fly. According to modern science this is not possible but yet the metaphysical, supernatural world works in ways we have not yet seen or experienced so you know what, we packed our bags and moved to Cyprus because I refuse to live in fear over a limited pre-conditioned program in my head about how this realm works. Now I live in a place where cyclones and earthquakes occur and they do not frighten me because I understand the deeper meanings why and I have my trust in the universe. I want to live my life in joy and love and experience the freedom of being able to swim in Venus shores every day and talk to mermaids with my kids and eat fruit off the trees and feel the sun on my face. The price I paid for that was losing all fear of what might be and live in the moment instead. LIVE IN THE NOW and oddly, when you only live in the now your entire reality shifts! (MORE ON THAT IN MY NEXT POST)

But all these shifts are unfolding. Dramatic as they may seem it is for a greater good. A bigger picture that will be written in the book authored by our children. So for now, kick back and go with the flow. Don’t be in such a rush to control things or freak out when things around you change or disappear. There is a far bigger plan at play but it is not to be feared!

My fingers are really cold. If I’ve missed anything out please listen to the audio. I will keep touching on this as we go, resource allowing (tech issues possible as mercury is not retro)

But positive vibes please my peeps!

I started a telegram channel. If you want to join please find me: KathrynAsherMetamorphosis

Don’t be afraid of the unknown. It could be your biggest blessing yet! x


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