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MERCURY RETROGRADE: An opportunity to examine and re-evaluate what is coming up and how do we communicate it? How do we look at the scenes that are playing out now, our thoughts and feelings, our inner world and outer world and how the 2 work together to create a BIGGER PICTURE.


We live in a preconcieved world of ideals. We are taught to be scared of the dark. There is darkness in pain, misery, loss, grief, death, destruction, hate, anger, violence, narcissism, war …The list could go on. So because we don’t want to acknowledge these parts of us and the world around us, we never walk in to the darkness, instead we go through life with the lights on bright. Our light, fake light, false light, candle light any light we can get our eyes on so that we don’t have to sit in the dark and we never ever turn that light to the corners in fear of what we might find. But the external energy of the last 18 months has forced many of us to head in to those corners and retreat. The light decided to shine on parts of our lives whether we like it or not. We might have even tried to turn that light out and got furious when it wouldn’t dim. In some aspects it got even brighter and we were forced to see. Forced to witness the ugly truths of the world around us and how shattered we felt when we saw the lies, the pain, the relentless attacks being placed on us from every angle and how powerless we felt when we realized it was all our fault because we never saw it before and because we never saw it, we could never stop it from growing so big it got out of control.

The darkness has been so hidden. Out of sight out of mind. If we cannot see it it doesn’t exist. Except it does, because light and dark are of the same spectrum and you cannot have one without the other. You try to live your life avoiding all the things that cause trauma and pain but by dancing around it you’re feeding the darkness a deeper story. One that you will have to come back to at some point because it isn’t going anywhere and if you don’t come back to it, it will come find you. So we hide all of these parts of ourselves in the ‘back of our minds’ and tuck them neatly in the drawer labelled SUBCONSCIOUS and lock it, lock the door to the door, and the other door to that corridor and so on and so on and so on….but it still lives inside you.

Then one day, the external world shifts. Remember, you are a part of that external world. Like the mountains, rivers, trees you are a player in the game of what exists here and your energy has to match the energy of whatever else exists here on a sine wave frequency decided by our Mother Earth and ultimately decided by her Mother and the Mother of the Mother and so we have this Russian doll effect of massive galactic pieces of a puzzle where everything is one and we must fit in according to its shift. The higher Earth moves in to light photonic energy, the higher we go to. And that light shines brighter than ever before, often on the places we wanted to remain hidden away so that we could continue existing in our slumber, tucked up in the comfortable shadows of the darker lower fields we are now busting out of.

So over the last 18 months since we have really felt a predominant shift in energies, the retrogrades have given us opportunities to go back over and review the lessons learned during each direct aspect. Its almost like a replay where we consider ‘what would we edit? If I had known then, what would I have done differently? Did I really think that through properly? What would my higher self do? And then throughout this reflective period, we get to GO WITHIN and consciously consider our thoughts, feelings and motives ready to put them in to direct action.

The last 12-18 months have been all about shining light on the parts we didn’t want to see. What did it show you? What did you see and what did you learn from that? Uncovering trauma from the dark corners is how you grow. The dark is your greatest teacher. We often think of Saturn as the great teacher. The planet of restrictive traditional overbearing energy that holds us back but remember, the darkness is often only restrictive because so are our senses and we fear that which is ‘out of our control’. We cling tightly on to that which we know to be comfortable and secure without realizing that if we succumb to the darkness it often holds the greatest knowledge, insight and path to enlightenment as it completes the process of duality, that which our mind is in need of it it is to reach its place within the higher realms. The higher we go, the higher our mind must go, our body, our spirit, our soul energy. This is the metamorphosis.


Take a look back over the last 12 months, the last 6, the last 3….How have you changed? What has life taught you? There is a tremendous shift occurring at lightening speed right now and that shift will have given you the opportunity to really pay attention to how you think and feel about so many things regarding the BIGGER PICTURE of life. There may be things you have looked at and really seen in a different light and then all of a sudden you realise that you don’t want it anymore, or that you no longer agree to the rules of how its set, you no longer want to play that game or you’ve outgrown the situation so you decide to step in to your own power and take control of the situation yourself and grab the world by both hands according to your standards and even though that scares you, you need to try right? Because the alternative is too scary now that you’ve seen it for how it really is. The revelations can be so enlightening so you see how you would never have seen them were it not for those dark corners or the hidden boxes. Its all a perspective. Your journey in to the underworld is often the holiday you never wanted to take but ended up having the best time but you don’t realise that until you’re back home unpacking your bags and sorting through your many piles of laundry.


So the ugly, sinister, vicious games at play are seen for all they are. What has that taught you? To trust yourself more? To go within and realise that YOU are all you ever needed? To see the world in a way that makes no sense to you and yet here you are with a vision of a new world but you aren’t quite sure how to set the wheels in motion. You aren’t quite sure who else you could share these thoughts and visions with because we have always been so programmed to not think outside the box. Don’t speak of things too obscure for fear of ridicule. It’s a powerful antidote to free-thought and you know this now but you dare not open your mouth to share your new found views in case others don’t quite yet see it the way you do because you see it was all far more comfortable when everyone was equally comfortably numb and no one ever questioned anything, wasn’t it? Growth isn’t a comfortable place especially when the only way through it is along the path of darkness all alone.

But then you come out the other side, because nothing lasts forever and where there is darkness, fear, pain and torment, there is also light, revelation, release, freedom and peace.


So how will you use this new found POWER you have throughout this reflective period? How will you communicate moving forward knowing that you are more conscious, more aware, in tune, higher minded?

Remember, we are electromagnetic. The shift occurs within us as much as it occurs outside of us. HOLD THAT SPACE and hold your thoughts so that when everything moves direct on Feb 3rd, you can put yourself out in to the world with conscious clarity. When you do this, you MANIFEST your place in the world and you become the higher version of yourself. That is what the last 18 months has been all about! All that pain, uncertainty, fear…Was it worth it? Look back and ask?



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