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I am writing this post as a curious passenger of life, as a professional that has studied the realms of philosophy, mind, consciousness, as a professional that has studied the realms of healthcare and the philosophies and sciences within, as a friend that likes to share insightful knowledge and a keen historian than likes to remote view our mythological past and connect it somehow to our present and future, as a mystic that holds a deep intuitive connection to this realm and its hidden secrets and revealing’s, and as revolutionary with a fire in my belly and a vision of our future to come but more than anything I am writing this to my children and to your children so that if we do not shape up in time to make a difference in this life, hopefully the insight shared here can be put to use by them, because during this time we are in, I am not standing on the side lines burying my head in the sand, I am fighting for a place for my children’s future that will prove to them how much I loved them and believed in a world where they could be free

This post is going to be detailed and as it is multi-layered, it is also going to contain a lot of back and forth so you will need to try go with the flow. I will try to structure this in a format that is easy to follow so I guess I will just start off by indexing the contexts 1 by 1 and in order of discussion but again, they will all link in so you will have some circling back to do to fully conceptualise what the BIG PICTURE is with this entire post. This post is a big one. Probably my most detailed post to date and will be one to consider moving forward and to come back to as a goal post at some point in the future should you need to reflect over what is taking place and occurring in the world.

OK, so let’s detail and discuss

  1. A glance at Empires, Monarchies and Elite dominions
  2. The rise and fall of empires based on historical and cyclical data
  3. A briefing on the Solar cycles and the roles they play in our ages
  4. A look in to the Vedic cycles and how they correlate to the western cycles
  5. A look at Astrological cycles and our point in current and modern history
  6. A touch on the book of revelation and the astronomical mapping of events detailed
  7. How all the above tie together and where we are now in terms of Solar cycles and astrological events
  8. Current events unfolding in the collective and how this impacts our movements going forwards – A look at Solar minima details and what this looks like a decade from now
  9. Why we need to take control of our lives, health, wealth, community and economy in a localised manner rather than centralised
  10. Effects on our health according to Solar activity – Symptoms of Solar minima changes – What we need to do and not do to make sure we can adapt to the forthcoming changes
  11. Technology and the future of healthcare
  12. Cyclical living and how we can implement changes to work with the changes – The importance of getting back to nature and enhance connections with the elements to stand strong during these times
  13. A detailed scientific breakdown of various hormones, antioxidants and minerals the body need to function and how we can activate them through lifestyle amendments and cyclical diet mapping
  14. How all of this is designed to bring us closer to our God source connection – THE GREAT AWAKENING – And how connecting to nature and the Solar shifts changes our minds, bodies and spirit – Consciousness rising
  15. The conclusion of all of the above
  16. A fun consideration – A glance back over the last 2 episodes of the final season of Game of Thrones and how it connects to where we are now in our historical place on the dial of ages
  17.  A big thanks from me to you and may you share this insight and add or expand to it as you see fit. I send this with love and the deepest heartfelt vibration to you all and hope it is well received. A keeper of our realm

I don’t intend on this being a History lesson at all so I don’t want to bore you on the offset but, I just wanted to briefly mention the main Empires over our Historical timelines so that you have a fair idea of where I am going with the next crucial piece of information and you can see how it fits in to our timeline right now. So, let’s start with the obvious ones. The Babylonian Empire, the Phoenicians, the Persian Empire, Alexander the Great, The Moors, The Mongols, The Roman Empire, The Aztecs, The Ottomans, The Dutch, Napoleon, The British Empire, The rise of Europe, The WW’s, The Cold wars, The Russians, The USA, The Gulf wars ETC ETC ETC. You see how the Empires power play their way through our History books. How much of what we’re taught is true who knows but that is the timeline perhaps not in order of the movements from East to West and how the West have for the last few hundred years been the strong hold empire responsible for all that has been influenced that has shaped our lives to this day. The British Empire mainly the figure heads for the last 100 years of global dominance and Management whether behind the scenes or otherwise.

When we look back at how these huge Empires experienced their rise and fall, there is a lot written in Mythology that has captivated the sacred essences of these moments in time and kept them stored historically in our stars and skies and detailed them through poetry, literature, art and gnostic wisdom for us to hold on to and pass down ancestor to ancestor so that we can witness our human lineage through the veils of time in a way that brings beauty and meaning to moments beyond battle scenes and the ideologies of leaders and rulers. Our connection to our people and the magic of the realms that inspire us to this day to hold tight and remain in high spirits to our sacred connection to the very reasons we are here. You could say, there is nothing new under the sun, and that would be true because as we see, with the rise and falls, they are all cyclical and depending on the movements of the sun, we can predict and measure where we have come from and where we are heading to next. The Roman Empire for example was at its strongest when the Sun was experiencing its Solar Maxima. The Empire flourished, the crops were plentiful, the energy was high. When the Solar cycles changed and the grand Minima commenced, the Great Empire fell and the power structure was no longer. As with everything we see in the natural world, there are seasons that rise and fall in accordance to the sun cycles and out of our control they are. In effect, they control us and whether you believe in God or not, it is naïve to think that the Universe that hosts us and all that moves above and below us are not the greater powers that influence our very existence. You can think of God as one person or many persons or you can think of God as the grand universe or you cannot even put God in the equation at all but at the end of the day and the beginning of the next, the Sun always rises and will always fall. On Earth, that is the way the cookie crumbles. You can argue a lot of in-betweens. Is the Earth flat, spherical, simulation, illusion, whatever, but, while we are here and from the beginning of time to right now, our Solar cycles have controlled every rise and fall and that is well documented throughout History.

It might also be an interesting consideration to look at the Yuga cycles. The Vedic texts consider that there are 4 yugas. The 4 seasons that are the seasons of the universe. Unlike the Western concept of linear time, Vedic time is cyclical. Like the four seasons of the year, the four ages of a chaturyuga, or Yuga cycle, rotate without end. They are also measured in Solar years, with the maximas and minimas playing a role in the commencement and duration of each yuga cycle and age. We are, according to the Vedic text and cycle cosmological calendar currently in the Kali yuga and depending on when you time the changes according to the Solar cycles, we will be moving from the Kali yuga in to the Satya Yuga. Otherwise known as the Golden Age. Again, as the Vedics do not measure time in a linear sense, you can view this time cycle as being like a sine wave. Considering that “as above, so below” holds true universally, it makes sense that time is represented as a sine wave and therefore it never ends, it only ascends and descends as does the sun and repeats cycles over and over infinitely. This is true also to the consideration of our Western cosmology as anything pre-bible and as far back as can be dated was merely a repetition of a sine wave, As above so below. If you would like to find out more details about the yugas and our cycles throughout history in correlation to where we have come from, where we are and where we are heading to next, here is a great video that holds a great deal of info that is not only super useful but also pretty incredible to watch and learn:

It might also be interesting to add that what I am about to discuss next is considered Western Astrology and where we are at according to those cosmological principles, correlate to the Eastern principles also. Good to know

Again, this is not a History lesson or a lesson in Cosmology but a brief unfolding of the pieces of a puzzle that help you to see where we are from a multi-dimensional multi-perspective angle. As people move away from the Media as their only news source and point of reference on ‘what is life’ and oh my word rightly so, we need to find new ways of finding truths and answers. We need to open our minds more and gain new ideas and perspectives because, as we are seeing, what we are being told and sold is not really serving us well. What can Astrology tell us about where we are? And when I ask that, I am not suggesting love horoscopes or vague weekly predictions in a cheap magazine, I am talking about the actual planetary movements, transits and alignments much like the yugas but looking at our main planetary bodies and how they map out our past present and future. Without going too far backwards and more focus on the forwards, I will just point out that we have, since the beginning of Christ, been in a astrological period of Pisces. Carl Jung, Psychologist and philosopher made reference to the end of the era of Ram in Aires when Christ was born and the beginning of the era of fish in Pisces as the era where Christ reigned (The Roman Empire and the reign of Christianity) ie, Emperors and popes and the 12 disciples represented the 12 constellations, the 12 months of the year, the 12 that created their 12 that created the 144,000 written in the book of revelation and highlighted the end times. The end times being the times we are in right now where we move in to the new age. And what follows the age of Pisces but the age of Aquarius. The age of air with the representation of the water bearer. It is an entirely new dynamic, one that is revolutionary, technological and radical. Aquarius is the sign of the dissemination of information – that is not physical water. The Aquarian Man is pouring out of his urn – it is waves of energy. Aquarius is an air sign,was ruled by the ‘reality making’ planet SATURN and now in modern times ruled by the doorway to URANUS the liberator. What the Aquarian Man is pouring his energy into are progressive ideas; he is seeding the minds of the future. The planet of transformation and this will begin a whole new chapter. On December 21st 2020, the date of the winter solstice, this was a huge date on the astrological calendar and had been long spoken about by many in the spiritual and cosmological community. It was the moment where Saturn and Jupiter met at exactly 0 degrees in the sign of Aquarius. Many say this marks the start of the new age however there are some that still suggest we have a way to go yet and that the new age won’t commence until 2025-2030 and there are some that say it has already started and did so upon the mark of the new millennium and at the time when the internet was born. Now, if you consider as the Vedics do that time is not linear, you will see that measuring cycles of ages that are so grand in a linear sense and expect a fixed date out of it is not realistic. It had also been mentioned by many scholars, and this is something to pay close consideration to, that when the end times come, the Anti-Christ will rise. The Empire that has been long embedded in our society, in our minds, principles and consciousness has been one of a structure representing a one god one son theory. The representation of Aquarius on a spiritual level is the complete opposite of the representation of Pisces. Pisces marking the age of spirituality in a Christian sense, presented to you by an Empire. Now when Aquarius comes in to the equation, it is a complete game changer. If you remember in the movie Zeitgeist and as referenced in the Bible Luke 22:10, when Jesus is asked by his disciples where the next passover will be after he is gone, Jesus replied: “Behold, when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you bearing a pitcher of water… follow him into the house where he entereth in.” This scripture is by far one of the most revealing of all the astrological references. The man bearing a pitcher of water is Aquarius, the water-bearer, who is always pictured as a man pouring out a pitcher of water. He represents the age after Pisces, and when the Sun (God’s Sun) leaves the Age of Pisces (Jesus), it will go into the House of Aquarius, as Aquarius follows Pisces in the precession of the equinoxes. Also Jesus is saying is that after the Age of Pisces will come the Age of Aquarius. By Zeitgeist.

What does Aquarius look like in relation to the Christian feels in Pisces? The Archetypal image of the Aquarian Age symbolizes the advancement of technology. The “computer age” as it is commonly called, will commence and be characterized by mankind at his most intelligent, marked by an age of Science. The heavy reliance on religious faith is disappearing as the leftover residue of the Piscean Age – fades away. In The Aquarian Age, Science and spirituality answers most of our questions, dissecting every part of man’s existence in an intellectual framework. The main problem is that we are saturated with digital media, and our many blessings appear through the window in light of such attributes as freedom, political revolution, and the ability to reason. The unisex symbol has made its appearance, humanitarianism, group consciousness, Oneness, and large numbers of people taking responsibility for the state of the planet. An evolutionary aim of a utopian society is currently in play. The age of space travel has arrived, along with scientific breakthroughs indicating the most progressive, accelerating and forward-looking zodiacal area of the time is arriving.  Marcia Moore and Mark Douglas claim that the lighting up of the earth by electricity is a sign of the Age of Aquarius. And as you can see by where we are right now and compare it to the beginning of the millennium 2000, you can see how it has unfolded and it gives you an idea of where we’re headed. Christ was the representation of one man put across by one empire. Now we are turning Christ in to an electrical energetic force manifested by us the people and are moving him in to a new era with us. Is this ‘Anti-Christ’? Only according to the empire itself as I guess it goes against their representation and their authority and control over our beliefs. When we start to make our own beliefs and flip the script, the game changes. We don’t have to go metaverse, but we can go quantum

 The book of revelation – The 1000 year reign of Christ – The end times. What does all of this mean? Is text literal or does it have an allegoric meaning? I became super inspired to read the Book of revelation in late 2020 when I noticed the line up of what was going on and started trying to piece it all together. It sure is revelational! One thing however, is that I noticed that according to astronomical events and mentions in the book of revelation is that what they are suggesting is to come, has actually already occurred. If you want to find truth, it’s all there for you. ‘Seek and ye shall find’ – So a lot of decoding has taken place by various people to decipher this as truth, but the general consensus is that what the book of revelation is indicating has already occurred as above so below. Allegorically, you will find that the literal meanings and representations in the book have come to pass based on a number of astronomical alignments and transits, also as mentioned in Zeitgeist but by many others. Yes, these surely are the end times but not for us. These are the end times for the Empire. The fall is happening right in front of our eyes. The veil is lifting. The illusion is fading. The future is manifesting. What does this mean? I might start by saying that pre-christ and way before Christ there was Krishna. The story of Krishna was almost identical to the story of Christ. Both Krishna and Christ meaning the anointed one in Greek. So the stories repeat, the representations mirror and reflect the same story and where we are heading is also as mentioned above, carrying Christ within us in a new way. (More on that later) but these allegories have followed a pattern. To understand more of this pattern, have a watch of Miki Klann decoding the book of revelation and showing how tribulation is over so that you can see it in astrological format and play out:

So with all of the above information, we can conclude that, much against our Western outlook and principles, everything points to everything being cyclical. A very Eastern way of looking at things overall. And that regardless to whether you base that on Eastern Vedic Text or Western Christian doctrine, Astrology, Astronomy, the simple movements of the sun and moon, we can point blank see that there is method in the madness that is nature and cyclical processions. The procession of the equinox as mentioned in the book of revelation and the Bible is exactly stating that proceeding the equinox starts a new ear. The Equinox being the solar and lunar cycles. Our entire system is governed principally by the sun and moon and the stories are influenced and portrayed by the planets and the stars. The force electromagnetically is quite literally the solar lunar connection. The yin and yang. The night and day. The left and right. As above so below. So, where are we heading? Confirmed by NASA in 2017, we are heading for a period of Grand Solar Minima. In fact, this commenced slowly in around 2015 and it was officially noted as in the official stages as of 2020. 2020 marking the 1st year of Grand Solar minima. What does this mean?


This is a solar cycle the sun enters approximately every 11 years with a “grand” maximum phase approximately every 200 years.

The peak low period for the potential of solar minimum phase is forecast to enter between 2019-2020 with ignition of the potential grand solar minimum phase.

This basically means the sun’s activity is reduced to its lowest level and the sunspots and solar storms have quieted down a bit.  It is the “calm” phase of the sun.

Research shows that the last “Grand” solar minimum was believed to have occurred sometime between 1645 and 1715.

There are four major shifts that are affecting all life on earth right now known as space weather:

  1. Solar flare activity
  2. Solar wind storms from coronal holes
  3. Cosmic rays
  4. Geomagnetic storms

All these shifts with the sun weaken the earth’s magnetic fields. Since this cycle began, we have experienced an approximate 30% reduction of the earth’s magnetic fields and the acceleration of the shifting of the poles.

The strength of these magnetic fields is needed to shield all life on earth from harmful space weather particles. So understanding how this affects us is important so we know how to navigate.

Also, during this solar phase, earth will gradually cool with potentially colder, more eventful winters and has been likened to a mini-Ice Age.

A fairly recent study predicts that the next grand solar minimum could see the sun with almost a 7% reduction in light and heat – and this is 7% below the normal solar minimum.

Valentina Zharkova, a professor of mathematics at Northumbria University in the UK, states  “… solar activity will fall by 60 percent during the 2030s to conditions last seen during the ‘mini ice age’ that began in 1645…”

Don’t panic.  All in all, what is important to remember is that the sun-earth relationship is always in a constantly state of flux doing their magnificent dance in our solar system. This is nothing new. We’ve been here before and we will again just this time we’re doing it in a new age, with new tech and will new radical energy. What this could mean could be pretty impressive, if we could get over the initial panic and fear of ‘what it all means’

I guess figuring out what it all means, means having a deep dive on what are the impacts of Solar flares, cosmic rays and solar storms. So, let’s have a look:


Solar flares are magnetic explosions that happen on areas of the sun called sun spots. The emit flashes of X-rays and extreme ultraviolet radiation.

During a grand solar minimum phase, there are fewer sun spots emitting solar flares which means there is less CME’s bombarding the earth.

Because the solar flare activity is quieting down on the sun, we are experiencing another interesting phenomenon… coronal hole storms.

The Coronal Hole Storms

 “Coronal holes are vast regions in the sun’s atmosphere where the sun’s magnetic field opens up and allows streams of solar particles to escape the sun as the fast solar wind.” 

We have been experiencing over the past few months more coronal hole activity that spews massive streams of solar wind that can affect the earth’s magnetic field causing what is called a geomagnetic storm.

These solar wind storms can cause disruptions to communication systems like cell phones as well as GPS systems because of the friction satellites experience at the time.

Now, this part is interesting as, take the year 2020 as the marker for the commencement of the Grand Solar minima and then also look at the Coronal holes and put the pieces together. What does this sound like to you? Corona virus ring a bell? See, seek and ye shall find. And all of this will be coming out in the narrative at some point soon as eventually, this information won’t be able to be contained and we will have to be very aware of this next stage of the cycle en masse if we want to progress or merely exist. This is why it’s very crucial and why many are urging others to wake up because all is not as it seems and the rulers of the crumbling empire are keeping those in the dark about where this is leading. Why would they do that? Because they aren’t coming with. (Revelation – End times for them) The days of empires and rulers according to solar minimas are over. More on that below.

Cosmic Rays

According to NASA: “There are unique space weather effects that get stronger during solar minimum. For example, the number of galactic cosmic rays that reach Earth’s upper atmosphere increases during solar minimum. Galactic cosmic rays are high energy particles accelerated toward the solar system by distant supernova explosions and other violent events in the galaxy.”

Cosmic rays can “trigger larger flash floods, hailstorms and – due to jet stream disturbance and mixing of atmospheric layers – local long-duration precipitation events (e.g. atmospheric rivers)” as we have been witnessing over the plain states this year.

It can also trigger earthquakes, lightening, and volcanoes and other tectonic anomalies. As I write this, I am sat watching day 3 of a cyclone that has hit our Cyprus shores and I have never heard thunder like that in my life. I actually went to check if an earthquake had been listed as it felt and sounded like the house had been split in half! And all over we can see the effects of flooding, fire storms and weird weather all over the globe. It isn’t going to stop any time soon either so we need to know how to move forward with this.

The below is written by Laura Healing with Spirit:

To me it is validating and interesting to see what science is beginning to say to substantiate what many of us empaths, healers, and others in the spiritual community have been saying using different terminologies.

The effects from this recent sun cycle began to amplify how we are experiencing things after the solar eclipse of August 2017.

We can anticipate more earthquakes, volcanoes, lightning, and other electric events and an enhanced risk for a solar flare that can disrupt our power grid.

There is even some discussion in the scientific communities about the biologic effects of space weather on humans.  There is more space radiation entering the earth’s atmosphere due to the earth’s weakened magnetic field. This means humans are more susceptible to the influx of cosmic rays, harmful electromagnetic radiation and space particles.

Some of you have heard me talk about the science behind the space weather and earth’s weakening magnetic fields and how it may impact our health.

What might you personally experience? All are deemed unexplainable or amplified for those with existing current medical conditions.

  • Bouts of inability to sleep
  • Bouts of serious fatigue or mega sluggishness
  • Cardiac arrythmias
  • Chest pressures
  • Mood shifts
  • Time warps or feeling as if you are. May feel as if time is speeding up and then slowing down.
  • Emergence of unresolved old wounds or traumas
  • Spiritual awakening and growth
  • Heightened sensitivities or empathic abilities

Those who are at greatest risks? Those with cardiovascular disease, mood disorders, and sleep disorders as well as those who fly. You can read about this from the research conducted about space weather from the University of NH.

Please do not go into panic mode. I do not write this to create chaos and doom and gloom. The intention is to make you more aware and awake to the effects space weather might have on your human body and mind.


We forget we are made up of mostly water that conducts electricity and the heart and brain are centres for electrical conduction. As mentioned in many of my posts about my health issues and concerns and how I dug about to find solutions, this is how I have come to find all of this information and I have spent the best part of a decade trying to  map it all out. Why? So that it can help you. So that it can help all of us moving forwards. So that we can be informed on what is to come and stand strong as communities and create a revolutionary empire of our own that can benefit all of us moving forward. How very Uranian and aquarian of me to say so…

The point of writing this is to help you navigate some of what you might experience and better explain some of the symptoms especially when the medical community cannot explain or help you and let me tell you first hand, they haven’t a clue. Or if they do, they’re not telling you! I have learned over the years that the “not knowing” factor can be quite debilitating to our very being. So education, understanding, and doing the self-care work are key.

As humans, we are evolving and experiencing some mass spiritual awakening that is coinciding with all of this. We are healing generational traumas, old belief systems and patterns.

It is important moving forward if you are sensitive to the space weather and learn tools to manage these effects.

So, how can we do that?

Firstly, it is widely spoken about in the spiritual community and the science community, both of which should bever have been separated one from the other as they literally go hand in hand together, but the word on the streets is that new technologies will become widely available to assist in the management of our health in ways we have not yet experienced. The problem with Solar minima is that it can lead to health complications that if we do not practice proper WHOLEISTIC healthcare management and preventative solutions can manifest in to problematic issues such as vitamin D deficiencies, heart problems, Skin cancers, bone diseases, immune function decline and brain function defects. It is said that the tech that is available will be based on quantum healing solutions. I have done a couple of posts on Quantum and I work with people in the fields of quantum engineering and physics throughout our FORTIS ONE HEALTH platform and from what they have concluded, there is a huge energy of quantum force fields that is literally taking over our old empirical structure as it crumbles and is replacing it with an etherical based solution. We can see that already in the multi-platform digital currencies, digital education introductions and all of our communication networks, soon to be all linked to starlink and various other satellites to monster size what is coming. As far as healing technologies go, sonar and light healing frequencies that can help in the matching and balancing of our internal frequencies via tech solutions are being set up as the way forward and has already commenced in many fields. Full body scanners, UV light therapy treatments and sound healing is absolutely nothing new and is absolutely effective but we have never had anything on quite this scale before and what is coming, as mentioned above, is pure Uranus Aquarius – The new way of tech solutions and AI connections that given the solar minima concerns, will come in very useful. There are many that resist this and that fear it is the ushering in of the New World Order. A concept pushed in to your consciousness by the very people that have controlled us and that we are liberating ourselves from and the reason they have done this is to keep you trapped in a paradigm of fear. If you are held in fear it perpetuated their cycle. The only problem is, that this energy that is coming through right now is creating something so forceful and unstoppable and it is tearing holes in their agenda because NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING. (More on that below) Lets now just focus on what we need to consider in terms of our health moving forwards

So, we can confirm that we are entering in to a phase of Grand Solar minima. This means that the control mechanisms that have been in place will be no longer. The shift in to a new cycle is to commence if it has not already and with that, comes a whole new way of living, a way that is governed by us the people together and with the use of new technologies to assist us moving forwards. This is the dawning of the quantum period where the focus on energy will take centre stage over church based religions, one way governed structures and authoritarian leaders and regimes. Energy will replace the structures and the energy will be manifested by us the people in a very etheric sense. This has started to manifest by the return of the Eastern healing philosophies and principles that have become popular of late. The popularity of yoga and ayurvedic principles, traditional Chinese medicine, yin yang balancing, meditation, herbal medicine and so on. So as everything is cyclical, now we move West back to East. It was prophesised not long ago that the Western woman would revive Eastern principles and based on this very work, I can confirm I believe that to be true. Western medicine has a huge place and a major role in our lives and so it should but there needs to be a balance with the availability of other methods and ones that focus on the whole wellbeing of an individual and not a one pill for all solution. We are growing in to an age where we are taking control of our health in sovereign ways and as we do that, the old ways become outdated and no longer useful. What we are seeing play out in front of us right now in a huge way, is the pushing of medical tyranny in such a force that has the contra effect en masse to what they are hoping to achieve and is in fact driving people to find alternative healthcare solutions based on ethics and principles that suit them. Foraging has become popular. People are wanting to learn about how they can manage their health through diet and lifestyle management and we are hearing about effective solutions for our health based on cyclical and elemental principles such as the four seasons diet plan (One especially useful to women), the benefits of Ice bathing by Wim Hoff, the benefits of Binaural beats to regulate brain waves and things like alternate nostril breathing, grow your own projects, essential oils, homeopathy and so much more has come to the forefront to replace the old and dying systems that have failed us. They are however screaming on their way out and of course trying to keep us in that perpetuated state of fear by claiming WE NEED THEM OR ELSE WE’LL ALL DIE but, humans are resilient and from the ashes the phoenix rises. From the fire, new creation is birthed. I can say for certain that intuitive health and intuitive mindset are very prominent right now and the ability to feel ones way forward in the future is also something that is greatly on the rise

I want to spend a moment however, going over some of the crucial scientific and medical based considerations in terms of our health and what is important to look at.


So, as someone that works with hormones and cyclical principles, the hormone melatonin. This next segment will be the scientific reveals of what melatonin is and the part it plays alongside various other antioxidants and hormones that make us US. Please pay particular attention to the mention of the pineal gland and its value in a spiritual sense also.

Melatonin, known chemically as N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine, is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland located at the base of the brain that helps regulate sleep and wake cycles. This hormone is a derivative of the neurotransmitter serotonin and the amino acid tryptophan. (Tryptophan, for example present in food such as turkey and potatoes, sends you off to sleep better after eating them as they help trigger the hormone in to secretion – Why people enjoy a snooze after a Christmas day lunch) The pineal gland is also what is responsible for our awakening state of consciousness. Often referred to as the third eye, the seat of the soul, or the epicentre of enlightenment; the pineal gland has been something of a mystery when it come to science, yet this small gland in the brain has earned high praise amongst many esoteric / mystical  schools of thought as being quintessential to spiritual development.

What’s even more fascinating is that the pineal gland is not just an important concept to one or two cultural traditions, but is applauded for extraordinary abilities to raise consciousness among a variety of cultures all over the world.

Not only is the pineal gland a praised tool for spiritual enlightenment, but scientifically it has many special properties that make it quite unique when it comes to the human physiology. Roughly just the size of a pea, the pineal gland not only receives the most blood flow of any organ in the body, minus the kidneys, but it is one of the largest producers in the body of the all important chemical serotonin. So you see how when we speak of how the solar flares and cosmic rays have a vital impact on our health and the effects that that has on our spiritual connection and universal frequency, it is a pretty big deal that we focus on maintaining a healthy connection to this gland and its secretion. It is also worth noting and I will do an entirely separate post about this as it’s a very deep topic but, the secretion of fluid is also what activates what is known as your Christ consciousness, so as we move in to Aquarius and away from structured doctrine and towards self-governed spirituality, your body will change to become more Christ – Aligned. It is said by the highly spiritual that we will live in Crystalline bodies to match the less dense frequencies that can also work better with the sound light tech and solar minima inevitability. Crystalline – Christ Align….The anointed one via a secreted serum in the brain. WOAH! Carry on please about why brain hormone production is crucial…


Our bodies have their own internal clocks that help regulate the natural cycle of sleeping and waking hours (circadian rhythm) by controlling the production of melatonin. Usually, the levels of this hormone begin to rise in the mid- to late evening, remain high for most of the night, and then decline in the early morning hours. According to the Society for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms, approximately 5-25 mcg of melatonin are secreted into the blood stream of healthy young and middle-aged men at night time.

Natural production is greatly affected by light. That is why during the shorter days of the fall and winter months, melatonin production may start earlier in the day. This change can lead to symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), or winter depression, when some people feel more tired and they need more sleep. Natural melatonin levels decline gradually after the age of thirty. Some elderly people produce very small amounts of it or none at all.


Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant that can cross cell membranes, cross the blood-brain barrier, and it plays a role in stimulating other antioxidants – this makes it a truly unique antioxidant. It is considered more powerful than vitamins C, E and A, because it is soluble in both fat and water and can enter cells that vitamins cannot. Unlike other antioxidants, it does not undergo redox cycling, which is the ability of a molecule to undergo repeated reduction and oxidation and regain its antioxidant properties (in other words, it cannot be recycled). That is why it is referred to as a terminal antioxidant.

So, we see that in order to activate this hormone and produce this powerful antioxidant, it can only be possible at night time. Hence then, why sleep is so crucial to our lives and a decent bedtime routine is an absolute must.

Melatonin has been shown to effectively raise glutathione levels in many tissues, such as the brain, liver, blood serum and muscles.

Read the abstracts of clinical trials linking melatonin to Glutathione production.

Each antioxidant plays specific roles within our bodies. One of the roles melatonin plays is in the protection of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA. Of course this requires some explanation first. DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. It is found in the nucleus and in the mitochondria of the cell. DNA is the genetic material that is responsible for determining who and what we are. Nuclear DNA is the DNA found in the nucleus of the cell. Mitochondrial DNA is found within the cell; mitochondria are structures within cells that convert the energy from food into a form that cells can use. Click here for more information on Mitochondrial DNA. This is a lot of in-depth information about melatonin, but it is presented to stress how important of a role it plays in protecting our health.

DNA repair is a vital role in our health. The oxidative stress producing free radicals damages our DNA. The DNA is surprisingly resilient but it can function properly when damaged only to a certain degree. At some point, the damage becomes too severe and the cell starts duplicating itself uncontrollably. Our body recognizes this as a foreign cell (cancer or tumor) and attacks it. If our body’s attack is successful we are never aware it occurred. But if it is not successful we develop cancer. So, melatonin protecting DNA before the damage gets to this severe point is vitally important to the success of immune system in keeping our bodies cancer and tumour free.

As an antioxidant melatonin is a potent scavenger of free radicals. It has been studied extensively for the treatment of cancer, immune system disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, cardiovascular disease, and depression.


Most of us know that we heal the fastest when we sleep: why? The answer to this question is not a straightforward answer. But a big part of the answer has to do with glutathione, antioxidants and melatonin.

Antioxidants eliminate free radicals and in cases like melatonin and glutathione, antioxidants can also repair DNA. So what is the relationship of these three things and how do they affect the healing process when we sleep?

To start, when we lack an antioxidant or are low on specific antioxidants, glutathione takes on their role (job, so to say) of eliminating free radicals. This tends to deplete glutathione supplies in the body, which then inhibits or slows down all the other roles that glutathione plays in our body – detoxification, DNA repair, recycling other antioxidants, transfer of energy from mitochondria to the cell, food for the immune system and as an immune system regulator.

When melatonin is produced, as an antioxidant it frees up glutathione (this is proven clinically). With the freeing up of glutathione, glutathione is then free to perform its other roles. Two of the most important roles are food for the immune system and toxin removal. The healing process is greatly inhibited by the presence of pathogens and toxins. So while this answer is not direct, by following the path of antioxidants, melatonin and glutathione, and understanding the interactive role they have with one another, we can see how melatonin production increases glutathione and in turn speeds the healing process.


Of great interest are the studies about the effect of light pollution on the production of melatonin and as a result, the impact on the metabolism, immune function, endocrine balances and the development of cancers.

Light pollution is the brightening of the sky at night by artificial lightning of highways, streets, malls, stadiums, homes, etc., also called urban sky glow. Retinal ganglion cells responsible for detecting light and suppressing melatonin production are most sensitive to blue/violet light.

The 2007 review published in the Journal of Pineal Research states that human exposure to low-level incandescent lightning for only 39 minutes suppresses melatonin levels upto 50%. As we stated above, melatonin stimulates Glutathione synthesis. Constant light exposure leads to melatonin deficiency which leads to decreased tissue Glutathione peroxidase activity and the promotion of oxidative stress.

Current evidence suggests, as noted in the review The dark side of light, exposure to the high levels of artificial light at night may play a role in cancer risk. Studies have indicated that melatonin exerts a direct effect on tumour growth and proliferation, and the increased risk of cancer was observed in patients with the brightest bedrooms. Multiple studies have documented a link between night shift work and an increased incidence of breast cancer.

Read the full text of this review here: “The dark side of light at night: physiological, epidemiological, and ecological consequences” by Kristen J. Navara and Randy J. Nelson. The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH.

Another factor that reduces melatonin production is certain drugs: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil) or naproxen (Naprosyn, Aleve); beta-blocker blood pressure medications such as atenolol (Tenormin) or metoprolol (Lopressor, Toprol); and medications that reduce levels of vitamin B6 in the body (such as birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy, loop diuretics, hydralazine, or theophylline). Time to ditch this and bring in new ways that are way healthier. As we ditch the anti-biotics and the pain killers, lets reach for the tinctures and the herbs instead. They worked for thousands of years before our empirical dictators took the reins. Time to rise and bring it back.


By removing technology from the bedroom and having the bedroom be for rest and relaxation only (Consider sexual pleasure rest and relaxation and also look to implement more of that J) but work and tech should not cross the threshold. Value your dark hours. Close the blinds and curtains. Take a salt bath, a magnesium supplement, a massage, use essential oils (They are so high vibe they help you to connect deeper to nature), light a candle, get under the sheets, close your eyes and listen to some binaural beats, read a few pages of a book (fiction is great, don’t overlook it, it helps to stir imagination – Book not kindle) and make sure to be asleep early enough to get a decent 8 hours. Why? Because then your pineal gland can produce a melatonin and help your body, mind and spirit function as optimally as possible.

Do not sleep with your head below a window. Do not use oppressive or bold colours in your décor. Keep under your bed clear to allow Qi to flow. Allow air to enter throughout the day to circulate energy and refresh throughout the room.

That’s a lot of science and data pertaining our hormone health regarding melatonin and why it’s important. The other crucial factor is our diet and how we plan our lifestyles around our consumption of food and drink. This also going forward will be super important. Eating a glutathione-supported diet could involve the inclusion of these foods daily, especially the green foods, asparagus, avocado, cucumber, green beans, and spinach and meat foods that are high in zinc and selenium such as beef, lamb and organ meat.

Protein-rich foods have known to also be helpful with GSH levels. The three amino acids associated with GSH are not considered essential because the body naturally produces it. However, cysteine and glycine are VERY necessary to consume especially when the body is over-stressed, injured or ill because the body because it needs more of these amino acids to fight off toxins or heal/repair from injury. 

​Other research has shown that the reduction of alcohol, getting enough sleep, and increasing physical activity helps glutathione levels. Glutathione depletion occurs from many factors, such as aging, a poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Whole grains have all three amino acids and plant-based sources like sunflower seeds and lentils (cysteine), tempeh and organic tofu (glycine) and Kombu (glutamic acid) (6). Walnuts have been noted to have higher amounts of GSH. 

Glutathione as well as the other nutrients and vitamins in all of these foods  is another reason to switch to a healthier diet because of its immune function boosting capabilities.  

On February 3rd 2022, I am launching my cyclical eating 28 hormone reset program. It is specifically aimed at women though honestly anyone can follow it and it is based on TCM principles according to yin yan cycles and seasonal cycles throughout your cycle itself. Very cyclic. And it is all based on WHOLE foods that trigger glutathione and protect and regulate all your body’s hormones. In addition to the menu planner and recipe guides, there will also be guides on what is best to supplement when and why, essential oils and herbs you can incorporate throughout and various lifestyle techniques that can boost you during each different stage of your cycle. These are all principles that are based on ancient traditions with a modern twist so some recipes will be of Asian inspiration, others with a European focus to make it more accessible, also based o blood types, meat diets and vegetarian options and all with a focus on how to protect ourselves moving in to the future based on ALL THE INFORMATION PROVIDED ABOVE!

Ok, let’s have a look at the spiritual side of this GREAT AWAKENING:

Every once in a while, one of us wakes up to the shenanigans behind the curtain, starts saying something, and is then silenced by the majority who don’t want to wake up from their comfortable survival dream. The “woke” are then minimized, belittled and accused of spouting “conspiracy theories” by this slumbering majority who refuse to listen, as they spew accusations of “no factual evidence”, when they themselves have never done any real fact-finding, wanting the “facts” to reflect the comfort of their box. The box being the very structure we are liberating ourselves from. ‘Think outside the box’ actually means exactly this.

Meanwhile, wars are waged, economies fail, crimes are committed against humanity, all without a modicum of justice, because it’s all just “out of our hands”.

The elephant in the room is that the mere act of awakening to these dark agendas reduces their power and makes it more difficult for these Dark Forces to gleefully continue their exploits.

As humanity’s Great Awakening unfolds, the Dark Forces begin to lash out in a frenzied attempt to distract and confuse–blatantly propagandizing, cheating and stealing to do “whatever it takes” to regain their safety behind the curtain.

The problem for the Dark is that once people “wake up” they are not so easily put back to sleep, and soon, the awareness dawns that the collective has been being exploited and abused for the benefit of those with the Dark agendas. This shortly leads to righteous demands for truth and justice.

The ancient axiom, “As without, so it is within” is the clarion call of awakening. As the awakening process proceeds, it exposes how we are complicit in the Dark agenda, and how we minimized our own light to “fit in”, and “be nice” despite circumstances that should have inspired us to break out and shatter the social norms. We instead defended our comfortable positions, looked away from the Dark manipulations, and ignored our societal and personal accountability.

DENIAL is one of the first steps of awakening. You get a glimpse of the sheer magnitude of the Darkness and what that might mean to your existence, and it’s natural to knee jerk into denial. Yet, the door has been cracked open, and even the smallest opening cannot be closed.

When courage returns, the door opens more, and soon, the Light that is your essence fills those Dark spaces, and transforms the world. There is nothing to be “aghast” about, nothing to be outraged about. It is simply the Truth standing there for all to see.

When Truth becomes self-evident, our light is unfettered, and the building blocks of a new creation start to organize. Whatever was in the Darkness can now join the light of creation, and the illusion’s created by the darkness fall away to reveal the unconditional love that was always there.

The Great Awakening is indeed upon us, with many in various stages of acceptance. The priority is to respect where others are in the process, and to hold fast to our steady gaze at Truth, despite the “gnashing of teeth” that may come at us from out of the Darkness as it dissolves in the Light. There is great potential for love within the Darkness that is released in the light of Truth. Hold steady, know we are witnessing a transformation of the world, and a transformation of ourselves–The Greater Life we have always known is our destiny. – This stunning piece was written by The Elephant Journal – and is an incredible description of the uncovering’s and moments of awakening and why it is perhaps happening now in accordance to all that is written above.

We must remember, that as souls we are here following in the footsteps of our ancestors and guided by the stars above. Our dualistic society and belief structures either fit us in the box of Christian or other mainstream religion dogma or what the Christians call New Age Luciferian false light. One side off plays the other all the time but what we need to realise is that it does so to perpetuate division, fear, uncertainty and prevent a spiritual awakening or self discovery to happen from within. It is perfectly possible to believe in Christ and follow astrology even though the bible condemns us as sinners for doing so. It does so to keep us in fear and prohibit us from wandering too far from the word. There are those that believed that Jesus Christ as a real person was in fact an astrologer that performed alchemy based on his own awakening and that he was trying hard to rebel against the empire and free the people. A revolutionary of his own age. There are those that believe that Christ is a secreted oil within us that if self health is practiced wisely you can achieve your own state of anointment within. There are those that believe that Christ was nothing more than an astrological alignment in the sky and the dates are all wrong and what we celebrate in accordance to Christ is in fact an inverted satanic ritual manipulated and distorted by the very establishment itself to prevent us from developing our own spiritual insight and connection to source. And there are those that consider the period we are moving in to as purely satanic. The rise of the anti-Christ is the age of Aquarius. Who am I to say whether or not that is true, but I can say that if NOTHING CAN STOP WHATS COMING then either we embrace the change and make the most of it and hope that it all unfolds with good intention and also consider that those proclaiming it to be the anti-Christ are in fear of change and are not ready to leave behind what they’ve been so accustomed to know and believe. You can still be faithful to God and move with the times. There are twists and turns everywhere and you could spend a lifetime trying to decipher the truth. What I do know to be true is that the 10 commandments were Gods basic rule book. The common law. Do no harm to others, do not cheat, do not steal, honour your father and mother, honour your neighbour, do not lie. When we live by these simple guides / rules then life doesn’t seem so hard or cruel, unfortunately though, the system rigs us for inequality that make achieving these simple standards really hard. If we can’t earn enough to eat, we steal. If we have to work ourselves to the ground to live, we are taken away from our natural rhythm and god source connection as we are serving the beast in his plan of greed and imbalance. Ah, how to find balance in a spinning world of madness. I believe the Anti-Christ has already existed and it is what we are dismantling. There is nothing natural about our system and how it is managed. The beast feeds off our insecurities, our fears, our accepting the olds ways that were all lower frequency traps to keep us from moving up in to our higher senses. That system and its handlers were the anti-Christ and not wanting to let go of this system is submitting to the beast while you stay in your box. Aren’t you ready to shift?

A huge part of our spiritual awakening and how it coincides with where we are positioned galactically and how the Solar flares and cosmic rays influence our spiritual connection to universal source, we find that we become more highly attuned to vibrations and frequencies that previously were unachievable due to density and lower frequencies. When the planetary frequencies rise, so do we. Our bodies change, as mentioned before, we become more crystalline. This lighter version of ourselves allows us to adapt and withhold a different light frequency based on all of these changes, Our diets change, our thoughts, feelings, perceptions, senses. We become more ‘Christed’. The bible may teach you that Christ is the son that paid for all of our sins. We are not Gods. We are not Christ, but, as Genesis says, we were created in Gods image. And I am certain that God is not a human man or woman. I am also fairly certain that I was not born a sinner. If we can see how fundamentally immense the influence of the Sun has over us, and we know that God created the firmament,

‘And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:

And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so.

And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.

Then I doubt that a Man or Woman created this phenomenon. An energy as God is that created all that is above us and below us did not manifest all of this from a human form of that I am certain. I find God to be far more than we could ever comprehend but the closest I would get to trying to describe it could be quantum. Something so etheric and unhackable and based on universal laws and principles. Did you know that we are made up of stars. The very things that God placed in the firmament to guide us are the very elements that compose the human body. So you could say, we guide ourselves. You could say then that if that be true we don’t need an establishment to set rules and guides before us. And as the guiding light we are to ourselves in universal matter, again why it is so crucial so form a healthy balance with oneself and connect to nature. Leave behind the cities that never sleep and the fast paced grind that only serves the masters and not the soul. Those days are over. Now we need to step up and look after ourselves and our people and work together as one to form a united balance of progression and forward thinking innovation that serves us well. Again, a very Uranian Aquarian way of looking at things. But if this is the way we are going and things need to change, then this needs to be shared. It’s ok, you can still believe in Christ and the Church, You don’t have to if you don’t want to. But what we do need to start to believe in is ourselves. This is why sovereignty and self-governance now moving forward is so crucial. It won’t be for everyone. Some are not ready to leave their comfortable existences. Others have no interest in finding out who they really are. Some are holding too much trauma to try to figure it out. I truly feel the next year in particular, 2022 will be the year of self-healing and community. These solar flashes will continue to blast us, the great awakening will continue to unfold. All the stories that are being put out to us now are being done so for a reason. As the breakdown almost reaches completion if it has not already, there will be no choice but to rise up from ones internal ashes and dig deep to find out who we really are and why it is we’re here. Is it to serve as a lesson to you or to someone you are here to trigger? For we are all here to trigger the living day lights out of each other until the moment where we will all have risen from the ashes and have met each other on the other side. How long that takes, who knows? But it is well underway. You need to choose, will you let go of all you ever knew, close your eyes and fall in to the unknown and trust that God, Universe will guide you, or will it all be too much? Government literally means Govern mind. It means mind control. For centuries we have been programmed and manipulated to serve an agenda whereas mentioned above, few profit off the unconscious proceeds of others. The mind control has been so severe that is why we are now experiencing an absolute epidemic of anxiety, depression and mental health crisis. We are at our wits end and as our consciousness shifts in to higher states, we are breaking out of old mental constructs that no longer serve us. We are breaking free. This next chapter will involve our hearts more and with that inflicts a huge spiritual uprise because love is the highest frequency of all. Once we all break out of the mind control and transmute our own traumas on an individual level and a collective level, on the other side of that work we will find each other. Ready to tackle the aftermath and put the pieces back together with a while new fabric of togetherness and peace.

I watch the workings of a South African guy called Michael Tellinger who has documented a lot about Gods past and our ancestral Histories and he is advocating a principle I also agree with and have done since studying Minimal Government policies since my degree and Tellinger goes on to explain his ONE SMALL TOWN method that brings power back to small communities but with minimal gov managed within and where small towns can become places of abundance and prosperity. Please watch his intro about creating our new reality:

On a really fun side note and to finish off, I would almost use it as the conclusion to all of the above and please, I do know that it was fiction however, I also know that things are not designed on such a blockbuster budget for nothing and everything dropped in to human consciousness is for a reason, but my daughter started watching Game of Thrones towards the end of last summer. Yesterday, she watched the last 2 finale episodes and although I had already seen it I sat and watched it with her. Do yourself a favour, even if you have already watched GOT, please watch the last 2 episodes again. With new eyes after these last few years and based on all that I have written from start to finish of this post let us talk about the unfolding conclusions of the series. What happens at the end of GOT? The empire collapses. The tyrants lose to the people. The City burns to the ground. The rightful ‘King of the North’ (The North being reflective of our true north – North pole, conscious crown rising) takes away the power from his queen by taking her life even though he truly loved her so that he could liberate the people from the iron throne. The iron throne representing the iron age, The Monarchy, kali yuga. The age that we are closing so that we can step in to the age of freedom and transformation. The queens dragon burns the iron throne with fire, melting it in to the city so that it can never again be used to rule over the lands. Tyrian declares that it is not the right of anyone to take the life of another in the name of justice as he declares the new king to be Bran the broken, The boy who holds all the memories of all the realms together in his 3rd eye (pineal gland) and who even though he is a cripple taught himself to fly (age of Aquarius – age of air) and although he doesn’t want to rule as king with power under traditional pretences he agrees to withhold a minimal state authority as ‘keeper of the realm’ under fair and ethical principles for the benefit of the people. Sansa suggests the North remain an independent land (Brexit) and that she will be crowned queen (Divine feminine power over the independent land – The Sovereign mind) and Arya heads off on her quest to discover what is West of Westeros and find out what is beyond what is written on the maps (Antarctica and the inner earth discoveries aka the hidden realms) The end scene is the council deciding where to invest their attention for the benefit of the people. Their water supply. Their resources. All of them discussing the options with equal say so and with love, honour and integrity as the backbone principle of their decisions. Much like Tellinger suggests we do. Much like I believe we should do.

Who knows yet what the future holds. What it will look like 10, 20, 30 years from now? But one thing is for sure, if you hold on to the old as it crumbles, you will crumble with it. These are times for faith, humility and patience. Times when we need to help each other rise through the uncertainty and tragedy of what is happening around us and just know that it is happening to allow for a grander plan to unfold. There is no such thing as death, there is only transformation and on the other side of this, we can look back and hopefully breathe a sigh of relief while we write our own chapters in the book of the next era and declare how it all came to pass. But may it unfold with love, authenticity and honour.

A big thanks from me to you and may you share this insight and add or expand to it as you see fit. I send this with love and the deepest heartfelt vibration to you all and hope it is well received. A keeper of our realm



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