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There is a lot to say about this. It’s not just because of one thing and it’s not often that straight forward but, in its simplest sense, we give our power away far too often and this truly limits out capacity for growth and understanding of ourselves in a deeper way.

I’m going to start with something that I am sure we can all connect with.


How often have you thought, ‘I wish I had her hair’ or ‘I wish I had her legs, abs, clothes, job, boyfriend, kitchen, car, smile’…WHATEVER the thing may be, we always look at the parts we admire from other people and wish we could re-create ourselves with all of those parts, so discontented with the parts of ourselves that perhaps others see and wish they could add to them.

We don’t like ourselves. We’re our own worst enemies and harshest critiques. I get it, we have to live with ourselves and there’s a lot about life that’s strange and odd so often we notice the oddities about ourselves and have a deeper view of those things or the ugly things, annoying things etc that more so than anyone else does, we pick on ourselves and put ourselves down not realizing that EVERYONE has the odd things and ugly things, we just don’t see it in them because people chose to highlight what they want others to see about them. It’s the great facade, The show and tell, the X-factor.

That pretty girl with the gorgeous boyfriend and great hair, sat dangling over her fancy chairs in her fancy kitchen is miles away from where you are. An unreachable reality that you can’t match because your kitchen is still splashed with 80’s decor and you haven’t washed your hair in 6 days, you can’t get a boyfriend and you might not like your looks much but, they are all small limiting projections that you falsely believe in because you’re constantly comparing yourself to others.


And that girl might be sat in her kitchen thinking ‘Fuck I am in a ton of debt just so that I could pay for all of this. My extensions hurt my scalp, my boyfriends a shit that’s full of ego and is sleeping with my best friend and I hope he doesn’t get too close because I had onions for lunch and my breath stinks to high heaven’ – See, we all have a view. A perspective that shapes our reality and often we chose to dis-empower ourselves falsely believing we are not good enough because we spend too much time comparing ourselves to others and reaching for goals that aren’t aligned with integrity and meaning.


Hands up if you’re guilty of spending time reading gossip mags or celebrity columns to check out who’s wearing what, going where, doing all the things? Everyone wants Jennifer Anistons hair and tiny figure, Isn’t Gwyneth such a healthy inspiration? Everyone wants their family to be just like Jessica Albas and how about all the WAGS and sports star arm candy, perfect at all times…Aagggh isn’t it exhausting having all these perfect people constantly shoved in our faces and down our throats. Everywhere you go there are these shining examples of these winning people that have it all and spend their time in constant demonstration of their success so that we may all aspire to be like them, and then isn’t it so sad when we realize that we’re nowhere close to owning a $17m mansion or having private jets and boat houses attached to holiday homes on Caribbean islands.

The thing is, they dangle these fake realities and seemingly unattainable lifestyles and most people hang their tongues out wishing that could be their life but if they really think about it and ask the bigger and more important questions such as,

  • How did they get the money to pay for this lifestyle?
  • What did they have to do to achieve this life?
  • Did it come from a place or integrity and honesty?
  • What do they look like without all the product, effort and money thrown at their style? ie, if they lived like the average Joe would you still want to look like them?
  • Are they nice people?
  • Do they have anything credible or honourable to offer that doesn’t come from EGO?
  • Who really are they?

Well, would they still want it? Knowing the price that’s often required to pay in return for such a life? Or might they see past the illusion and realize it’s all a trap. A way of keeping you dissatisfied and always seeking more. The perfect life. Or the perfect lie?


We CELEBRATE these people! Aren’t they wonderful?Aren’t they perfect? Aren’t I SHIT! Aaaagh except no you’re not shit you’re just focusing on the WRONG THING. By celebrating them, you’re giving your power away.

STARS – SHINING CELEBRITY STARS. They must have fallen from the heavens they’re so perfect. Ever heard of Lucifer? The morning star, the light of Venus, all things beautiful and desirable. The side of our light that tricks us in to dark ways.

We are ALL STARS! We come from the cosmos. We come from the universe. We are made of start dust. NOT JUST THEM but ALL of us. WE SHOULD ALL BE CELEBRATED and WE SHOULD ALL CELEBRATE OURSELVES.

The only time however, that we can celebrate ourselves is when we LOSE OUR EGO and FIND OURSELVES. The true version of ourselves that isn’t wrapped up in false pretenses or narratives. The true version of ourselves that comes from a higher place and that understands whats actually important in life. It isn’t what handbag someones sporting or what dress Meghan wore. Its deeper than that. And when you connect to that deeper side of yourself, you start to see that their shining light is FALSE LIGHT and that actually, you like yourself better and you’re quite happy being you with what little or lot you might have.

Sure, you can like someones hair, outfit, smile, stance, dig the way they walk but don’t let it put you down as they pedestal above you. NO!

This whole thing with INFLUENCERS has got to stop. INFLUENCING someone is such a derogatory term. Its persuasive, manipulative and is a form of trickery made to encourage the so called meek and mild to look up to the shining stars and worship them from below. Except, as above so below as spoken in the bible and in many books of prophecy and wisdom explain that the stars above mirror the stars below and below us exists another world reflective of the one we stand our ground on. So seeing the above and below puts YOU in a state of balance and neutrality. You become the shining star from above and the shining star from below right here on this plane and you are EQUAL to all things around you. When you know this, YOU ARE EMPOWERED!


Can we start to inspire and encourage others rather than influence them? All these celebrity influencers with 30M+ followers. Very much like the banks, those who CONTROL the control systems can easily punch in the digits they want. Kylie jenner, followers currently standing at 307 MILLION PEOPLE. Call me negative but to me that’s highly unrealistic and anyone believing these figures is insanely naive. The most followed woman on instagram because of wealth, status and erm….make up? But the message that is sends is that followers are what’s important. The views, likes and subscribes are what make the difference. And most people will follow celebrities because everyone else does and you don’t want to be the one that doesn’t follow the biggest account right? Don’t get me wrong, I publish work online so the more views it gets the better but I am not doing this for popularity, I am sending out my creative work in the hope to inspire and plant a seed that offers a different perspective to anyone that might come across it. If no one ever does then that’s all good because it came from me and that’s all I need. If no one ever followed me, that’s completely cool but be careful who you do follow. Most of the large accounts are owned and handled and you’re a slave for following them.

There is a huge difference between being a CREATOR and being an INFLUENCER. Anyone that believes themselves to be an ‘INFLUENCER’ is operating purely out of EGO and there is nothing beneficial or inspiring that can come from this energy field. Even if you are influencing someone to be healthy or fit, using this title is misaligned and sends the signal of superiority not equality. You should never try to be above someone else especially when offering them a service that deems to help them. Instead, those that are out there offering service to others should see themselves as inspirational encouragers or motivators. Results can only be successfully achieved from both sides (giver and receiver) if we come from a place of neutrality and equality. If you put yourself above someone else, you will make them feel weak and not want to work with you and if someone see’s themselves as weak they will not believe they can achieve the goals of those seemingly above them. It is ALL a mindset based on perspectives. You have to understand this and understand that EVERYTHING IS ENERGY in order to find a balance within yourself and with others. When you do this, you become the shining star that is happy with oneself and you have no need, want or desire to look to another to idolize with envy or desire. YOU need to be the person that is empowered enough. You are all that you need!

There are people I know that are physically stunning. They are what is collectively known to be great to look at but, their energy is so off and when you can master reading energy, that in itself is so off-putting that I could no longer see that person in the ‘same light’ Our Sexual energy is often so misrepresented and misused. We consider sex to be something ‘physical’ and therefore we consider physically attractive people to be the ones worthy of our sexual energies but that is so far from the truth. Often, they are energy vampires that harness our sexual energy for their own gratification (That I am sure might seem far out but if you want to find out more about this please look it up, it is truly a thing) and many people with these so-called good looks are placed here to tempt us away from our sacred energy. Our sexual energy is our most crucial life force energy. It is so sacred it is not to be given away and must be spared to be exchanged ONLY with those that match our energy on a spiritual level NOT just a physical level. If you only have sex for physical pleasure you are giving away your life force energy and depleting yourself of Qi or Vril. You need to learn to harness this energy in your root chakra then you will see how empowered you can be and one day, this power will give you full vision to look at those you once saw as ‘shining stars’ and see them for the soul sold vampires they really are. When you have those eyes to see, these people don’t look the same. You can see straight through them.

The movie STARDUST is a great example of this story. It represents firstly the embodiment that WE ARE STARS and that those portraying themselves as the ones that reign above us to be nothing but occult witchcraft tricksters that steal our energy force because without the pure light energy of the stars, they cannot exist. They have no creativity because they are so full of dense matter that they rely on energy from others to feed themselves.

Now, I am not claiming it to be absolute truth, but there is a lot of noise in the celebrity world that suggests they are in fact tied to dark forces and that they work for the ungodly overlords and there are a lot of disgraceful accusations said to have occured that link the majority of that network to networks operating child trafficing groups, drug gangs, porn industries, transgender societies and other occult underground activities that most would lose their minds about. Most, however don’t have a clue about these tales told and still look up to these stars with a gleam in their eyes unaware of the horrors and the fact they are giving away their essence in admiration of these soul demons. Take that as you will. I am merely passing on observations but to me, these claims hold some weight. You only need to look at the Epstein scandals and the Weinstein sagas to see that they’re all in bed together and it isn’t saintly or clean, it is full of repulsion and a clear sign they sold their soul to get to where they are today. Nothing shiny or pure about that yet most people still get wrapped up in the whole illusion thinking it is real. No, it’s not real. The truth is stranger than reality but that’s for you to figure out.

It is also represented heavily throughout our mythological backgrounds and our occult history that unless you take the time to investigate you may not know that a lot of our background individually and as a collective has been hijacked by these dark forces to keep us trapped in their lower density fields where their can circulate this perpetual cycle of dis-empowered soul destroying horror. Now, we don’t even just use stars and celebrities to spend our time in idolatry. We idolize each other. So unhappy with loving ourselves, anyone that has a supposed following or life worth acknowledging through filtered grids or glitz and glamour gets our attention, but please lets remember and I say this with the most grounded outlook and sense of good humor, even they fart, shit, pee, vomit, have morning breath, burp and sport bed hair from time to time. Perfection is a lie. It’s all a show! So you might as well be the best character on that stage and win the awards yourself because, as Shakespeare said, ‘The world is but a stage, and the people merely players’ DON’T BE PLAYED. BE EMPOWERED!

And on that I shall close

It is Feb 1st 2022. The 1st day of the new Lunar year in the Chinese zodiac. The year of the Tiger. The year where we all take our power back and turn the tables, flip the script and stand strong and united. Say no to the things we don’t believe are true or intended for the greater good. Call out the bullshit and the fake narratives, the false light and the trickster influencers. Be true to who YOU are! Authenticity is the best quality in a person and makes you a thousand times more beautiful that any pretty liar smiling sweet nothings and winking twinkling lies in your direction. Cast them out and send them back to where they came from.




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