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Begs the question – What to believe?

Quick post – one of my morning thought bubbles before I went for our morning swim….

Everyone has their own theory about what’s going on in the world right now. Or what has always been and always will be, right? And were are all different so those it seems that judge those that hold different beliefs to you is such an easy thing to do. Take for instance, I have been married to my husband for 15 years. Only in the last 4 years of those 15 have I discovered in myself that I hold rather psychic tendencies and throughout this journey of discovery I have seen clear insights and received strong intuitive guidance from myself that the way the world works is not how I always considered. I had always been ‘led to believe’ (what a cracking saying) that God and Jesus christ were real. Then all of a sudden, my own voice in my head whispered one day ‘don’t give your power away’ and I started to see that those leading the church, establishment, society, laws etc were as corrupt as the day is long and I no longer ‘felt comfortable’ dedicating my mind space, heart space or time to something that not only did I not believe in, I felt it was designed purposefully to lead us astray from something more divine and holy. What could that be and why would we be lead astray were the questions I had in my mind at the time I was beginning this journey? 

I shared a lot with my husband who isn’t always the easiest to talk to as he is quite black and white on an emotional level and is more of a practical doer than a talker and feeler. That said, I’m not judging im just saying we’re different and although we are and at times I’m sure he thinks I’m stark raving mad because of how out there and open I am, he is my best friend and most trusted person to talk to and I know he has my back. However, when I discuss certain things of this nature with him, I can see he gets uncomfortable. Perhaps because he isn’t quite as ready as me to open the lid on a rabbit hole full of life altering theories and perhaps because he doesn’t understand in the same way I am coming to. But when I say to him, I have seen the future through a thought in my mind, he might say to me ‘don’t be ridiculous how on earth can you be sure?’ And ill say ‘because I believe’ and he’ll say ‘and on what grounds can you lay this belief? Where are the facts? Wheres the evidence?’ And ill say ‘oh much like the facts and evidence of the god and person that died for us on a cross some place that we have zero proof of, yet we all fell hook line and sinker for the story line created for us by someone else and we were told YOU JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE! and hey, we all did!’ Until now where I’m tired of believing someone else’s fictional story that given what I’ve seen in my minds eye and I trust my mind more than anything else, I’m not believing for a second more.

So I ask him, how can you believe blindly in something someone else is selling you without any proof or fact? That apparently you can only see and experience after death. How are you suspicious about what it is that my mind sees but you’re totally comfortable with this highly nefarious fairy tale? Is it because you’re afraid to admit you’ve been lied to? Is it because you are afraid that you’ll go to hell for not believing (I mean that blackmail attached to their story is pure evil its a huge red flag for me) or is it because whats in my minds eye could possibly be true but it means that you have to leave behind all attachments, notions, comforts etc in order to become sovereign, which of course is the ultimate but is of course the most terrifying. 

But you see, we are all asked to ‘believe’ . And our level of belief varies according to our level of awareness of the internal and external world. The deeper we go inside ourselves, the more we see the lies we’ve been told that keep us trapped in a false reality. I can no longer believe in these things. I don’t know what reality is anymore. I’m creating it as I go along in a world that is stripped bare. I won’t judge those that still believe in fairy tales. I will hold space for them to find out their own truth and will shine the torch for them when they lift that lid and likewise I hope that others don’t judge me for having walked away from a word filled with lies and deceit. 

What is belief? It is the faith we all hold in each other. Regardless of anything else. There is no saviour or guy on a cloud or gods from times before coming back to save us. WE are our own saviours and I believe in that 100% so even when you don’t and until you do, I have faith IN YOU! YOU are real. You are why I am here. You are me and I am you, guiding you home 

Anyway, a little video on insta from our morning swim today! As stated in the caption, a reminder of the importance to balance all the elements and ground barefoot on the rock and soil, swim in the sea like the mermaid you are, breathe in the air and move your arms like a bird that can fly and exhale the fire within you so that one day you might be able to reach the stars in heaven


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