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Sun and Moon in Leo, in the sign of love. Heart energy pouring out heat, passion, romance and joy strongly incoming throughout Leo season.

Did you know, that Queen Elizabeth’s Moon sign in in Leo. Strong feelings of Sovereignty and developing the sovereign self – Learn to be independent. Do it yourself. Stop relying on others to do things for you and step up and take accountability. Create your own life based on autonomous purpose and sovereign charge. Explore your own ways using your own resources. If you get stuck, ask for help with grace and gratitude, like a Queen.

Only when you have done the best you can with the resources available can you lay any dissatisfaction on the outcome because only you can be accountable for your own disappointment. It is never anyone else’s fault if you have tried your best!



Taurus – Body, Resources, Earth, Abundance, Pleasure, Currency

Uranus – Transformation, Tech, Electricity, Rebellion, Future

Mars – War, Action, Construction / Destruction, Independence, Initiation, Commencement

Nature has been surely amplifying recently. Slowly but surely and for those that have been following my bearandluna personal insta where I upload family stuff, you might know that my poor husband has been driven mad by the cicadas here in our back garden to the point he has taken to some very creative measures ie launching of milk bottles via a fishing rod in to tree tops to get them to shut up…Nature is making herself heard and is becoming louder, stronger and much more noticeable. This upgrading of the earths system and resources are next level, to the point that our own bodies are also upgrading to adjust to these shifts, so we may feel uncomfortable as we navigate some necessary changes physically. With Leo represented by the Sun however, there is so much strength and light coming in to power us up. Taurus is grounding, healing and soft whereas Leo is relentless and will push hard to make power shifts complete in as much a loving way as possible. One interesting thing to consider with Taurus, Uranus and the North node conjunction is the possible focus on our energetic resources. The North node currently in Taurus and will be until July 2023 and since it entered in to this position in January 2022 we have had a huge focus as predicted on our resources, food, oil, electricity, gas prices trade and commerce etc. These fall under Taurus as she represents the bread basket, the growth of crop, use of earthly materials and how we supply and trade resources. On the South Node in Scorpio we see the other side of that focus being highlighted on the cost of these resources, where our money is going and how it is being spent as Scorpio represents finance, currency and power and the light is being shone on the underworld and all the unjust dealings that are occurring with our gains and earthly possession’s. Again, since this nodal shift in January, all of what I have mentioned above has been the entire theme on the world stage / political Media stage etc and don’t we know it.  Quite possibly however, with the Taurus North node Uranus conjunction, we might get to see the possible swift effects of new tech, quick changing solutions and energetic upgrades regarding these resource systems as Uranus is electric. It is shock response, transformational, lightening speed revolutionary action and can blast off in the blink of an eye. I rather love Uranus and have a big connection to the energy that it beings. This yr has seen a a lot of Uranian effects with the planes grounding, GPS crashes and so on. I have spoken about this more end of last yr beginning of this yr in fact it was my first ever podcast called, obviously and aptly, PILOT and the earthquakes that kicked off during heavy Uranian transits here (we have had 4, 1 pretty big one) so yes, these 3 in conjunction can cause some dynamite especially under the influence of fiery Leo that is fixed and insistent and won’t take no for an answer! Could be interesting!

Tech is also going to be a big focus! Incoming….Uranus is going to be square to Mercury, the planet of communication and the messenger between worlds. Given the incoming energies of the grand trine conjunction above as mentioned, please note that they will be creating the path for the future tech advances and altering systems for us and although we may not notice yet on a conscious level the direct understanding of those energies as they pass though, we will feel the effects on a subconscious level and once those energies grow stronger throughout next year, especially from March onwards when Pluto moves direct into Aquarius, we will then be much clearer about what those energies mean and so with mercury, this gives us the chance to start to think about what it is that we will accept from these new technological advancements because although there will be wonderful developments, there will also be some scary stuff that we will need to be able to understand and identify so our ability to decipher information, talk about and research these topics wisely and listen carefully to those that can guide you if you are not sure what they might mean because with tech and multiverse energies coming in from places we have not ever been used to vibing with, it can be misleading and quite frankly quite terrifying if you do not know what we’re dealing with. A lot of these energies require you to have quite an open mind and a mind that is controlled by YOU otherwise you might find someone or something else jumping in to do the steering for you FYI….PAY CLOSE ATTENTION but don’t be afraid, there are lots of beautiful energies if you can filter through the vibrations cleverly enough!

The beauty of Taurus is that being the most stubborn sign of the zodiac, she will dig her heels in and get her own way without giving up or exhausting herself. She will power through without allowing anyone to bully her in to submission. And with the support of the loyal, fiery energy of Leo to assist, this is power to the people while Uranus helps us to collapse the central systems and create new ones of our own.

Now is the time to stand together and unite. We are building the future. Connect with community. Recreate your networks and help each other through tough times as tough they may be indeed. Possible food shortages, power outages and resource crisis reaching climax chaos can be a scary place to be but, we must embrace the chaos and work together though it all with optimism, gratitude and the vision for what our world might look like at the end of the rainbow because

No rain – No rainbows!

Also, Just a quick glance over something that has hit the headlines this week.



Let’s have a look at what Centaurus is and why do they always focus their variants on Greek Mythology and etymology? If you don’t know that this is the case, please research Omega and Omicron for further understanding


Centaurus is a constellation located in the southern hemisphere. It is one of the largest constellations and represents the centaur half man half horse in Greek mythology. It represents Chiron (my Chiron is in Taurus and is the wounded healer) and it belongs to the Hercules family of constellations. Cen means 100, cent and centum. 100%. Taurus; The Latin word for Bull. 100% Bull. Now take this as you will. 100% Taurus could speak of the magnificently strong and undeniable Taurus energies that I speak of above or it could mean that this new variant that has apparently made headlines in order to help collapse the old as is the case and point is 100% BULL and a stark reminder from our stars with humour of course to remind us not to take the messages put out to the masses via mind control media too seriously! Discernment people! Think for yourselves!


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