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What is fact and what is fiction?

What is real if anything at all?


This PODCAST is an intro look in to my theories that all that we SEE in this realm is illusory and that the line between fact and fiction is, if not almost invisible, it is incredibly blurred

In an age where we are blasted information left, right and I would like to say centre but that I don’t feel is truth, we are fed so much mistruth and deceit it is almost impossible to know what is real. The beauty of this however, is that when there is so many lies, whispered or screamed, the only voice you tend to start to hear that speaks the truth is your own. If you can stand in the centre of all the noise and madness and be the calm within the storm, you will find peace

So this rambling by yours truly is a 2 parter that I have combined together as it follows suit and gives a detailed introduction in to the world of fiction, how it has been created, who rules it and why it is SO important (contrary to what everyone else is saying) to LOVE the fiction. Listen to it if you like, read it, soak in all the vibes and feels and let your imagination wander but……Understand that it is all part of this grand illusion so whatever pieces of it you take as fact that will mould your basis of reality, your ethics, your purpose, your soul fulfilment, have them be the pieces that resonate with your heart and soul and that help you create YOU and your kingdom in the deepest, dreamiest and most meaningful ways possible


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