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A peek behind the curtain of the Emerald City

Corona Borealis


I am taking this moment to firstly say 2 things:

  1. These PodRambles are unscripted, unstructured and are just me living in the moment saying whatever unfiltered feeling comes in to my head and out of my mouth. In discussing theories and scenarios of illusion and fantasy / fiction etc I want to make pertinent the need to not take life too seriously. We are here to have fun right? So while the topic may seem somewhat heavy at times and might invoke feelings of wtf or confusion, I am sending them out in to the world with the lightest of heart and the deepest of love so pls, save your judgement for yourself if you feel the need to cast any here…
  2. I am officially, as of today, on path to creating my WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Self discovery series where I am going to deep dive in to all areas of the soul, psyche, underworld, overworld and all the angles in between. This is going to be crafted to be made available to anyone and everyone so will be written in a way that will hopefully be comprehensible for a mere coconut cracking beginner but also expansive and vast enough to be enjoyed by those who are well underway on their journey of self discovery. The content will include a lot to do with Spiritual Psychology, depth and transpersonal Psychology, Neuropsychology and Biology, Quantum Physics, Philosophy, Theology and also Astrological / Astronomical reference so there is a very wide range of topic to consider…You see, you are more than the limited self you think you are!

MORE ON THAT TO FOLLOW and it is very exciting so as I go in the construct of the work I hope to present to you shortly, please take a listen to some of the pods I am sharing that will hopefully provide you with some triggering insight in to what the WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE series will discuss and if anything will provide you with some thought provoking entertainment from yours truly.

With anything and pretty much everything I post, take what you like, leave what you don’t. I at no point claim to have the answers and am not sharing opinion, I am sharing insight. Make of it what you will…

Love always with a hint of crazy, a layer of darkness and a beaming of corona light (The sun kind not the drink)


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