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I recorded a mini podcast that looks at the significance of emotional neutrality and how and why it is important.

The podcast was a brief reflection only and by no means offers much specific insight but it is an eye opener that pays attention to some of the areas pertaining to the overview of emotions but I thought that it was interesting that right now, so many of us are experiencing this strange period of being in the neutral space – The void it feels like. Somewhat like a waiting room where we’re looking from the inside out at the chaos that surrounds, witnessing the madness of everyone else’s extremes.

For the last few years, I have spent so much time saying GO WITHIN and I’m not sure the force of that has really hit as hard as it should have to many. The force of extremes hit hard for myself and I’ve always been open and honest about my journey and how I have hit rock bottoms and sky highs and only when we go within, do we ever find neutrality as that is the only place you can start to slow down the pendulum of extremes and seek to find the peace and quiet that can help you get there.

So please take a listen and if any of what I point on resonates then great! It is just a quick blurb and I finished it off by explaining another audio I recorded that takes a look at the energy of our children and how their excessive behaviour at the moment is a direct reflection of our external emotional chaos as adults and they are signalling us to take a look at the things that need to change. It’s a bit far out one but much like anything I talk about, my energy always looks at things from every angle, and again, only when you have circled the full 360 can you ever come to a neutral point, so it is important to consider different perspectives and opinions. Where are children are right now is a place that will push us to the edge and force us to see things for how they’re seeing them.

Only then can we really make any change!

Here is the full episode link for NEUTRALITY and I hope you enjoy!


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