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Well would you know? True and false light? Is that really a thing?

I ended up on a twitter thread challenging the damages of the vax the other day. Not that I am saying the vax don’t cause issues or that they do, the point I was trying to make is that the issue is bigger than that. Deeper than that. On a superficial level, sure, we can look at anything that presents a problem and cast the blame somewhere. Our diets, too much coffee, too much sugar, too much alcohol etc and of course life would be far cleaner and leaner if we didn’t inject these things or anything into our bodies but the point I was trying to make is that it is all, as far as I am concerned, a huge distraction.


The person I was challenging came back and said that there was no way to transmute the damage caused by these killer jabs and I do agree that there is a lot out there that gets into our system that is seemingly impossible to heal, transmute, cure etc but we all made our choices for reasons far deeper than the answers that seemingly shine on the blade of the healers knife. We can all look at our lives and say ‘I should have done this or I should have done that’ or not if the case may be but this person in particular was throwing shade at those within the spiritual community for their mislead beliefs that the vaxxes doesn’t cause harm as there is more to it than what it seems. I am neither for or against those arguments as I simply believe, as I have said above, that we all make our decisions, and we did so well before we even arrived here at this time, for this time so it is pointless to fight over who is right or wrong as there is simply no such thing. Again, please see my previous post on NEUTRALITY to understand why swinging from side to side on things is more of a problem than any vax could ever be….

So on that, it made me look at the one thing that truly is so important to understand when it comes to our healing. The one thing that is essential to our upgrades, organic states and ascension and that, if we can connect to it and become it WE CAN TRANSMUTE far and above the density and that my friends, is the LIGHT!

Just to be clear also, if you have experienced or might experience anyone that has suffered from what you believe to be a vax injury please understand that there are again deeper reasons for everything that is evolving and unfolding right now. Death will come for us all but, is death really what we even think it is? Is this place even real? We need to rise above the fears of what we think anything harmful has caused us because very honestly, we have all lived our lives far from cleansed and pure. We could blame a million things for the million problems that have caused us density, trauma and neglect. We fell far and hard. But now we heal and rise up. How?

By following the true light…..

Please take a listen and if you would like to share, discuss or give feedback I would love to hear from you for here I am in neutrality I do not judge from either side.

Sending love

light codes below x


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