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Kathryn Asher’s Venus inspired kitchen creations and cyclical femme powered storytime.

This is where the fun begins. What a journey I have been on. If you would like to listen to how this VENUS SECRET began please click on VENUS IN AN OYSTER SHELL, and I suggest you do in order to really grasp the magic behind how this started and the dots that were connected to bring Venus in to this timeline with all of us. The Femme rising is now! Let the magic begin

There is something wonderful about bringing people together and serving them nourishing food, talking and sharing ideas and wisdom and providing them a safe space and creative energy to help nurture them as deeply as possible.

Here in Paphos, there is a story about how Venus was birthed here on these very shores. The great battle in the sky where Cronus, King of the Titans overthrew his Father, Uranus, King of the Sky in the ultimate battle for the rule and in castrating his father, his penis fell in to the shores of Paphos and mixed with the seafoam created our beautiful Venus, Aphrodite, Motherless daughter of the primordial God Uranus. The story of Venus, of which throughout this site and any gathering you might attend will be explained and discussed as we open the lid on a very complex, illusive and highly seductive parable that embodies us all in some way and through her, we become Venus personified. She isn’t what you might think. She has many layers and secrets and just as you as a woman might do, the best way to discover your own is to discover hers and along the way awaken the goddess within you

SUPPER CLUB #1 OF 2023 – WINTER! Feb 24th – Venue to be decided

This Feb we will be hosting a mini supper before our main event on March 21st for our equinox feast!

We will be looking to further deepen the experience of our inner winter ‘flow’ during the evening with an ice and fire theme and a deep look at why supporting our kidneys throughout this season is the number 1 focus point. How maintaining our kidney function helps to balance and strengthen the inner ‘flow’ and our water works so that come the Spring, we are fighting fit and have released all that needs to be eliminated that will not be brought forward in to the new season.

We will look at how to blood build throughout the rest of winter based on both a veggie diet and a meat based diet and what alternatives can be offered as replacements for blood building food suggestions and how to cycle them in to our diet at the right times based on our own femme cycles.

We will look at winter immune supporting essential oils and herbs that can help you throughout the remainder of this cold time and how to really focus on a good sleep pattern to help you maximise your rest so that come the equinox, you’ve done all the shedding and releasing you need to enter in to the real NEW YEAR 2023.

We will have a round table open table where anyone and everyone has the freedom to discuss the things they have struggled with throughout the winter season and together we can talk SOLUTIONS! And after everyone has eaten, we will have a cup of Venus Yin herbal tea and listen to some deep rest sound healing frequencies before we complete the evening. There will be some samples and treats to take home also and a FREE copy of the recipe book on the VENUS CYCLE MEAL PLANNER for the winter cycle to see you through to the end of the season.

If you wish to come join us here in Peyia, CY please book below to secure your spot for the Feb 24th 7-10pm supper club. Spaces are limited to max 15 people so if you wish to book as a group or with a certain someone please bare in mind. I will announce when sold out. Venue to be announced mid Feb. Cancellation policy applies see Ts+Cs

This Feb Supper club is the warm up to our main EQUINOX SPRING MARCH 21ST WELLNESS AFTERNOON where we will have a full afternoon and early evening collection of

  • Spring energy Yoga to start with a good release of the winter blues and a focus on breathing in the new air and opening up to the new dynamics of the Spring season
  • A wonderful mind body spirit sound bath and drum meditation to evoke the senses and connect the dots – Embodiment heaven
  • An intro in to your Venus birth chart placements (even more accurate if you know your exact time for birth) and their transits for throughout this Spring season. A look in to what your Venus is telling you and how you can apply it in to your life this season (Next season we will be looking at your Human Design based on your chart as well so this is just the warm up!)
  • A pre-Supper collection of floral inspired cocktails, floral / citrus oil rollers and facial spritzer samples while we sit and discuss the energetic themes of the new season and what to consider
  • A fantastic 3 course SPRING FEAST SUPPER of locally sourced ingredients (You can select your menu preferences at booking) and some beautiful Spring inspired music and conversation to complete the evening
  • And to take you home, you will receive your FREE copy of the VENUS CYCLES SPRING WELLNESS MAGAZINE, A complementary spring face balm and roller bottle, a complementary box of VENUS chocolates and 20% off the Spring 2023 VENUS LIFE LAB program and the SPRING 2023 CYCLE DIET PLANNER




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