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When I launched my instagram page @bearandluna back in 2014, EVERYONE asked me, ‘But Kat, why do you always photograph your dinner?’ or ‘Why do you always photograph food?’

In case you don’t want to read through the reasons as to why and would prefer to listen to my story, click HERE

It took me 9 years to really understand the answer to that! Firstly, I needed to go on the journey. I needed to document it and learn the lessons so that I could be old enough and wise enough to say I truly understand what I’m talking about as I’m not the kind of person to claim to be an expert on matters that I simply don’t understand and secondly, I needed to really FEEL the journey. I needed to know that what I was searching for would work and in knowing that, I could FEEL the results. What do I mean?

Well, I had a breakdown and wanted to heal myself. So I embarked on a decade long journey of studying various modules in Naturopathy, Holistic nutrition and TCM practice, not to mention experiment and experience the functions of certain protocols such as GAPS and the Paleo diet, Whole30 etc and only having done this can I look back with measured understanding and a deeper sense of value and wisdom that yes, the journey I’ve been on has worked because it has healed me and I am now a completely transformed person because of the magic of various ingredients, herbs, remedies and so on that I have studied, crafted and created that have given me the answers to the questions, ‘Why do you always photograph your food?’ It was to document my journey to wellness and the completion of putting myself back together again. To witness the progress and to look back on times that we’re harder so I could see how I have grown and what I did to get there and I am so proud of my dedication and my journey. Now, I’m here to help you do the same!

Here is a collection of many of my posts and stories from the beginning of my journey to date! Some will be included in my BODY MAGIC book but please feel free to use it as a creative guide or hit me up for recipes! Always happy to share x

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