Functional diagnostic nutritionist, Functional Medicine advocate, Herbal medicine, TCM practitioner, Veterinary manager, Veterinary CPD mentor and ONE HEALTH activist. Mama and friend.

Founded by Kathryn Asher

Kathryn is trained in functional diagnostic nutrition and has undergone training in holistic nutrition, herbal medicine, TCM and Qi-Gong practice and has particularly focused on functional testing for adrenal stress, sex hormone assessment, digestive health and all areas of testing that can round up to combat female hormonal health in its entirety. Additional to this field, she has also studied research psychology and philosophy which, over the years has been such an incredible awakening blend of subjects that link to the topics of female health, physiology and psyche together in a much more unified way as it allows for a deeper understanding of the connections between the worlds and workings of the mind, heart and spirit, a combination she believes is necessary to better understanding the concepts and realities of our health and deeper intrinsic connections to our bodies and how they not only function outside of the norm of general medical practice but really teach us things we wouldn’t comprehend if we only followed mainstream insights. A whole new realm based on intuitive understanding of energy and universal psyche that allows us to form a bigger picture of our beings from ground level up. A real way of exploring the divine feminine and understanding, there are no limits.

She works mainstream in Veterinary where she practices along side a strong team of practitioners, support workers and researchers in a Universal ONE HEALTH project to unite health issues across all 3 sectors of Human, Animal and Environmental health.

Working in the animal health sector has provided insight into the familiarity and unity between animal, human and ecological understandings of all our health needs and we wish to promote these concepts and findings and explain more about the interconnection with our environment and how our relationship with our animal friends and the world around us is far deeper than we currently comprehend. By harmonizing in togetherness as one, you can learn to truly heal yourself, thus healing us all.

Kathryn is based in both the UK and Europe as she has spent most her adult life between Spain and North England and as of 2021 is now also Cyprus based, a decision to move closer to her husbands family that originate from Cyprus and Zimbabwe so she is expanding horizons and is operating workshops both online and across the Med / UK

Humanology, in its simplest form is a way to promote and prioritise high vibrational, simplistic living in as much balance as possible. Women in particular have suffered a knock down both culturally, socially, economically and without turning this into a feminist page as we actually believe that feminist culture is actually a masculine driven practice, we wish to embrace, educate and enforce the strength of the female in all its forms and reconnect women back to understanding their bodies, the divine design and the many natural and functional ways that we can look after our health and thrive as the amazing beings that we are. We do however, also look at the masculine, and how as women, we can help balance our partners, sons and male counterparts so that we can be more unified as a collective

This site is a dedication to all of us. It is a portal for exploration, sovereignty, support and growth. Our belief in collective health and energy in all its aspects is our main goal. The purpose is to heal and evolve humanity so that it can progress with strength and unity. United we stand!

This is a portal that shares coursework, video tutorials, research, books, podcasts and so much more via the wonderful world of our experts and visionaries! Our courses are varies to include something for everyone that is willing to learn about dynamic, sovereign healthcare for your use as an individual and also in a professional capacity. Our mantra is ‘Learn / Grow / Share’ and this is what we hope to achieve in the Humanology Hub!

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