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I work with Clients that come from ALL fields professionally, socially and culturally. I am a trained NLP and talk therapist however, I prefer to call my specific work ‘guidance’ as while I am offering services that are a combination of traditional and holistically intuitive therapy techniques, in reality all I am doing is helping guide you back to you!

I work in both functional diagnostic consulting and also as a guide to help combine various physical, emotional and mental areas together as a whole (holistic therapy) so depending on what it is you’re looking to work on, you may find something below or you may find a tailor made package more desirable.

Often, clients may come because they are stuck in a rut and are simply looking for a way out and need a short mini package that involves some deep diving in to lifestyle, foods, medications, physical activities and so on and after a brief and non- invasive diagnosis and a few mini guide sessions, might be happy to go their own way after our short time together (This would be our FLIP THE SWITCH package)

Others may have more of a need to go deeper in to their health history and would benefit from suggested testing for related health issues, specific customized diet plans and wellness protocols, a look into their Qi balance and their emotional wellbeing as well as their overall lifestyle, mental health and and could perhaps benefit from more regular guided talk sessions with a detailed plan to help pull all these areas together comfortably and with a slower, steady pace that focuses on seeing end results are met. Remember, steady wins the race! (This would be our ‘THE ALL IN PACKAGE)

We do also have a ‘TAKE THE LEAP’ package that looks in to helping women that may be struggling with relationship issues, all and any type of anxiety related issues, trauma, blockages and stagnation, childhood trauma, unbreakable habit patterns, low confidence or self-worth, identity, shame and guilt trauma, you name it, there are many reasons why you may be reaching out and asking for help. The good news is that whatever the problem is, our open minded approach to guiding you to find solutions and ultimately to FIND YOURSELF is what we are here for.

You might want to have a read and / or a listen in to our full conspectus regarding our key guiding insights here:

The best kept secret of medicine is that the body heals itself if we create the right conditions and stop doing the things that caused the sickness in the first place

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