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Isn’t it funny when, THEY TRY TO DRAG YOU DOWN but that only rises you up even higher!

               What do you stand for? I did a podcast where I ask exactly this. And in that podcast you will hear me state very clearly, that in order to really know what you stand for, you have to know WHO YOU ARE. You have to be VERY clear on WHO YOU ARE!

Back in 2020, I went on a self-discovery mission. It started when I was in the phase of my degree modules looking at ‘THE SELF’ from a philosophical and psychological perspective and in breaking down the attributes that determine the self, it made me really see things from a multi-angular perspective. It really made me tap in to parts of myself I never knew existed. This, my friends, is growth. Evolution of our interpersonal and intrapersonal selves and how we help shift our collective.

I went through this thing where song lyrics started to have a deeper impact on me and I really started having AHA moments where the meanings behind a lot of things I had never clicked with before started to really hold new weight and make sense to me in a way they never had before. One in particular, was the song the pretender, Foo Fighters, where please, go listen yourself but, in a nutshell, WHO ARE YOU? And are you going to stand up for the truth, your worth, your authenticity?

In order to do that, you have to peel back all the layers and go inside and underneath to find out WHO YOU ARE! This my friends, is what is otherwise known as ‘the dark night of the soul’. The beginning of your self discovery journey and it is painful, brutal and will shake your world so wildly you won’t be the same person on the other side that you were when you first went in. The alchemist is the one who transforms their pain in to wisdom. Now thyself!

One thing on that, is the difference between your ROLE and your identity. If you label yourself as ‘Mum, Wife, Friend, Accountant, Teacher etc etc’ then you are limiting yourself because those roles are ever evolving and when they shift and change, our only constant, you will be left with ZERO SELF WORTH and you will not be able to form authentic relationships or fulfilling life possibilities because you are not putting any essence of YOU in to the parts of your life that require more. Those parts require YOU and you can never get what you want out of life if you’re coming from a place of unknowing, inauthentic pretence, superficial understanding and limited belief. This is the problem with most of the world. We are too afraid to BE who we truly are. The real I AM that comes from identity and not role. That part of you that is soul based and goes deeper than the role. I AM an introvert / extrovert. I AM quiet / reflective. I AM a person that dreams almost every night or that gets deeply affected when I listen to Chopin. I love walks in the rain because it makes me feel…..I love swims in the sea though I AM afraid of deep water. I LOVE psychology. I DO NOT LOVE maths. I LOVE to star gaze. I AM an empath….you see, its far deeper than I AM a mum. I LOVE being a mum but I am more than just my role. It does not define who I truly am. In honesty, nor does the above either on a grander scale because if we look further a field in to other energetics (story for another time) then we are even more than that too. This again, is evolution but, right now, we’re at the birthing stages of a new understanding so baby steps are required. Let’s not go too fast but, lets at least start somewhere…And that somewhere is exactly what I AM talking about! WHO ARE YOU? Dare to question it please!

ACCOUNTABILITY – The only way you can be true to your SELF is by being accountable for the things you have done wrong, said wrong and perceived wrong so that you can say ‘Ah, ok, I see it now. That was not right. I was wrong and I AM sorry.’ I have come to learn as mentioned in the podcast, that I cannot lie any more. It destroys ME and my light to lie. I have to come from a place of truth otherwise I will have to repeat repeat repeat the same lessons over and over until I have figured it out, and I don’t want to continue in these lower energies where the pain is held because I want to be free from those parts of me that I have held to account. But, on the other side of this is, if I see someone else also needing to be held accountable that’s energy or consequence is entering in to my life and embedding its effects there, I will say so and I will hold them accountable too, for I cannot do the work on me and my life and surroundings for someone else to come by and shatter it all through their fault and soulless destruction. No! And this is what we all must do, for we only ever rise up when we are shown that we are at fault and that fault needs correcting. As adults, we seem to have this misinformed notion that we must discipline and rule over children. That we are the authority over them and that they must do as we say. I would argue that most adults are in need of strong re-correctional behavioural and mental awareness themselves and that they’re in no position to set the standards for our youth until they’ve done that work themselves. I would also go as far as to say that the youth that present problems of self-worth and who display temperaments of bad ego, bullying, rudeness, bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression stem from adults who are harbouring trauma, do not take accountability and do not know themselves. These are trauma cycles that, as I have said time and time again, unless we cut the cords, bonds and shackles and break free from these learned behavioural loops that are embedded in our generational lineage, we will be doomed to repeat repeat repeat until we do.

Well, I am done! That’s why, this little black sheep is no longer afraid to speak her truth or show up in her own way any more. You may say whatever you like. You may not understand but….I DO! Those that judge others don’t even know themselves so what does it matter, right?

I went through some old twitter posts last night after a friends daughter came over and they found me online haha and I am historically very private about my twitter with my closest, nearest and dearest as that’s my place to get weird and be me, as she called it ‘unhinged’. It’s been one of the greatest learning platforms for growth and development and I have embraced the far outness that has come from many of those I network with there but I never wanted anyone in my daily life to know it was me or see what I was saying in case it could be used against me, except how can it? I am all clear, because I’ve done the work! And given certain recent events on a personal scale where I have been abused by a poor, sad narcissist that refused my light and their own, it has only confirmed my calling to me and made me rise up even higher, so, I reject my own doubts and fears and I am out there, ME, MYSELF AND I and I don’t care who knows it or sees it because I have nothing to hide and my messages are ALL to help others rise up and hold themselves to account so that they can also do the same.


I have spent years now, studying various degree fields in philosophy, psychology, theology and so on and so on, and all because I have a deep, intrinsic need to know why we’re here and who we are so that with that knowledge, I can change the world. Sounds a big job right? I can’t do it alone though….In the last few years, I’ve found my army. I am armed to the hills with the highest forces and some of the most incredible souls I’ve ever met! The universe, once you understand how it all works and understand the part you play (role) Who you are (soul) and why we’re here (Goal) all comes together to assist. I lost all my anxiety and fear 2 years ago. It melted away like butter in a pan. Ask my husband, the difference between the person I was before I found myself to the person I am now…..And you can do it to! SO, WHO ARE YOU? Don’t be a pretender!

I’m the voice inside your head

You refuse to hear

I’m the face that you have to face

Mirroring your stare

I’m what’s left, I’m what’s right

I’m the enemy

I’m the hand that’ll take you down

Bring you to your knees

So who are you?

Yeah, who are you?

Yeah, who are you?

Yeah, who are you?

Keep you in the dark, you know they all pretend


(Check my LIGHT AND SOUND podcast for more info about how we’re all just light triggering rays and reflectors. Either you’re awake or you’re not)


I am in the throws of writing my works that are compiled parts of my ‘ALL THE SCATTERED PIECES’  podcast and they are designed in 3 parts

  1. Embodiment – Learning to hear what your physical body is trying to tell you
  2. Mind control – Connecting the body and mind to create a unified balanced state of neutrality
  3. Respiratory – Respirar – To breath – Learning to Re spirit yourself through the power of breath and how that alters you on a physical and mental level

All of these body, mind, soul works help you put the pieces back together. That is why we are all here. We are all just guiding each other home!


Ooooh a biggie. Not just my work but POV from a few others. Open your mind for this one. It’s next level….

Thanks for reading. If you resonate, please share!


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